Discovering Nutritional Gaps with Mixfit


Discovering Nutritional Gaps with Mixfit

Discovering Nutritional Gaps with Mixfit

+ Mixfits Eat What You Need Challenge



Growing up as a gymnast, I was well aware of my body in regards to how it felt and performed and thought that I knew what eating healthy meant. However, as I became older, quit gymnastics, and then suffered from anorexia during my teenage years, I now know that I had no idea.

Even after dealing with this disease and realizing that starving my body was one of the most harmful things I could do, I thought that eating lots of plain carbs and pre-bottled smoothies was the way to go, as long as they were plant-based and artificial-color free. Again, I was wrong!

It’s not until I went back to school for my Master’s in Holistic Nutrition that I truly understood what being healthy was. I also began to realize how much misinformation there is out there and that even those of us who think we are doing the best for our bodies are dealing with quite a few nutritional gaps!

Even now, as a Nutritionist who eats boat-loads of veggies and never touches a processed carb, or anything artificial whatsoever, I myself still deal with deficiencies! From the lack of nutrients in the soil (where our vegetables are grown) to the fact that I am [basically] vegan and therefore don’t get tons of B-Vitamins except through foods like Nutritional Yeast, I realize that the only way to get everything my body needs is through supplementation.



I hope I’ve made it clear that no matter how healthy you eat there is always going to be a lack of nutrition in one area or another. While yes, ideally our foods would house all we need, this simply isn’t the case! Our body requires 23 essential vitamins and minerals every day and to think that it is possible to get these solely from our food supply is an unrealistic expectation. Furthermore, when you also add in your exercise regimen, environmental factors, and even your DNA, the different nutrients we require on a daily basis becomes even more magnified!



So how can we know what these nutritional gaps are, especially when our meals and routines change on a daily basis?!

This is where Mixfit steps in!

I was recently introduced to Mixfit and their nutrition app in order to help me discover what my nutritional gaps are – and have to admit I was impressed!

Unlike your traditional food app, Mixfit allows you to take pictures of your meals and/or enter them in, and then decodes the amounts of the 23 essential vitamins and minerals you may be missing. From Calcium to Selenium and everything in between, the Mixfit app is there to help you discover which nutrients you are lacking in your foods and therefore, should supplement.

[Mixfit itself is an actual nutrient delivery system that uses artificial intelligence to determine your unique nutritional gaps and then serves up a delicious drink, based on your individual needs, to help fill them. (You can learn more, below).]

The brand just launched its Eat What You Need Challenge in order to educate people about the importance of monitoring their personal nutritional gaps and taking steps to close them. To enter, you just need to download the app, log your food intake for a week and share a post on Instagram, tagging @gomixfit and #EatWhatYouNeed.

Here are the details. You have until October 31 to get started.

Mixfit Challenge


Want to discover your own nutritional gaps and figure out what you need to be a healthier version of yourself? Then check out the Mixfit Eat What You Need Challenge!

The #EatWhatYouNeed Challenge allows participants to compete for prizes including winning $2,500 just by logging meals for 7 consecutive days and sharing their progress along the way!


About the Contest

Mixfit is holding the “Eat What You Need Challenge” this fall to educate people about their individual nutritional gaps and why they should follow a personalized approach to narrowing them.


How to Enter - 4 Simple Steps

1. Download the Mixfit app (for Apple or Android)

2. Register for the Challenge*

3. Log your food for at least 7 consecutive days

4. Tag @GoMixfit and #EatWhatYouNeed on Instagram 

Contest participants will have the chance to win one of three prizes:

  1. First prize: $2,500 CASH
  2. Second prize: Mixfit Starter Pack + 3 months supply (a $600 value)
  3. Third prize: Mixfit Starter Pack + 1 month supply (a $450 value)

*Keep in mind the #EatWhatYouNeed Challenge is open to US residents only, and your registration information must match your Mixfit app info.

Link to Official Contest Rules



Mixfit is a Boston-based company focused on personalizing our approach to nutrition through science, technology, and design.

Working with nutritionists and data scientists, engineers and designers, Mixfit has created the first, at-home nutrient delivery system that analyzes your health data in real-time to dispense a personalized nutritional drink based on your daily meals, activity level, and lifestyle. Mixfit does this through MINA – the Mixfit Intelligent Nutrition Assistant, an Artificial Intelligence platform that analyzes daily inputs within Mixfit’s app to serve up a unique nutrient-rich drink, with up to 23 vitamins and minerals, to help close an individual’s nutritional gap each day.

To learn more, visit



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As the Founder of Healthy, Fit, Fab, Jessica wants to help Moms and Moms-to-be feel and look their best, from the inside, out. With her Master's in Holistic Nutrition, as well as being a Certified Personal Chef and Personal Fitness Trainer, Jessica's biggest accomplishment is being a Mom to her son Kaston (born 12.1.12) and daughter Kenzley (born 7.9.15).

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