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We know being pregnant is tough and takes a lot out of you. But we also know that it can be one of the most rewarding times of your life, as you are literally growing a little human inside of you – someone who will forever call you “mommy”!

Everything you do, eat, etc. will directly affect your growing baby and is why now, more than ever, it is SO important to take care of yourself and get the best nutrition you can! Plus, labor is like running a freakin’ marathon (or 2!), so you also need to physically be prepared to make it as easy as possible – read: eat healthy and workout throughout your pregnancy!!!


With our various programs and services, we will help you throughout your pregnancy (and beyond)! Don’t see your needs listed? Just ask!
Our services* include:

Pregnancy Advice:

  • Creating baby registries for every budget
  • Staying fit while pregnant
  • Fixing nutritious meals [that still taste great]
  • Creating a “green” nursery
  • Using “green” cleaning products
  • Baby-prep courses
  • Creating a customized birth-plan

Need advice on where to begin? We are here to help!

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