Minimax Digital Scale Review: The Easiest Way to Weigh Your Baby and Know if Baby is Eating Enough


Minimax Digital Scale Review: The Easiest Way to Weigh Your Baby and Know if Baby is Eating Enough

Minimax Digital Scale Review: The Easiest Way to Weigh Your Baby and Know if Baby is Eating Enough

Being a new mom is the toughest job in the world – especially since there are so many unknowns! Two of the biggest concerns: is my baby eating enough? Is he/she gaining enough weight? Well thanks to the Minimax Digital Scale, you can easily find your answer!

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Minimax Digital Scale



The Minimax Digital Scale by Baby Doppler is the newest scale on the market and has High Precision Sensors to provide accurate and consistent measurements to measure your baby's weight. Used to weigh babies from newborn up to 40 lbs, this scale also boasts Clear Display Technology along with a backlit LCD screen to allow for increased visibility in dark environments. There is also a button that plays music so baby will feel soothed and relaxed while being weighed.

A measuring tape, batteries and growth chart are also included, and the display switches to both kilograms and pounds, so you can measure your baby how you best see fit.

Minimax Digital Scale

Set to be released March 1, 2018, the Minimax Digital Scale makes a great gift for new and veteran moms alike.

Minimax Digital Scale


A baby’s growth is generally monitored by pediatricians, health care providers and parents using a baby scale and measuring tape. This allows them to follow a child’s growth over time. The World Health Organization has constructed a growth curve chart by observing a large number of normal children over time. The height, weight and head circumference of a child can be compared to the expected parameters of children of the same age and sex to determine whether the child is growing appropriately.

When a child deviates drastically from the standard growth chart established by the WHO, investigation into the cause is generally warranted. With the Minimax Digital Baby Scale from Baby Doppler you can now track your baby's growth progress yourself – and therefore worry less about how your baby is growing.

Please keep in mind, baby scales are not used to diagnose any medical conditions and/or problems in newborns and young children. You are advised to consult your doctor for any questions. Baby Doppler products are instead, used as a safe and effective way for expecting parents to feel secure and stress free while watching their baby grow.

Minimax Digital Scale


Maria Gorobets is the visionary behind Baby Doppler. As a successful entrepreneur at the early age of 30, she is also a loving wife and a caring mother of 4. Baby Doppler USA is a result of her vision and an idea inspired from her own personal life.

In 2010 when Maria and her husband began trying to conceive for the first time, due to unfortunate circumstances, her first pregnancy resulted in miscarriage and, needless to say, was devastating. The second time they had success and she was able to be pregnant for the whole term. However there were issues with the pregnancy and at 8 months Maria had a feeling that something was wrong, but the doctors/ midwives said otherwise.

At 8 and half months pregnant Maria demanded an ultrasound to confirm the baby was okay. After the ultrasound results came in, it turned out that the baby’s heart beat wasn’t strong enough and kept dropping because the umbilical cord stopped working and the food was not going to the baby anymore. Had she not listened to her parental instincts the baby may not have made it. Thankfully she gave birth to a healthy baby.

This incident gave birth to Baby Doppler USA. Maria and her husband decided to promote the use of fetal dopplers to all the expecting parents so that no one has to go through their experience. Through Baby Doppler USA they not only promote and sell fetal dopplers online but also educate expecting parents about the right usage of fetal dopplers.

Baby Doppler USA ships all over the world with multiple strategic warehouses, and is looking forward to providing the best service. They strive for quick response time to people queries, faster delivery times and above all spreading smiles on expecting parent’s faces when they listen to their baby’s heartbeat.


You can purchase the Minimax Digital Baby Scale directly from their website, or at,,,, and


As a new mom, we all have a zillion questions – and that’s totally normal! I mean, this is completely new territory and we don’t know what it’s like until we’ve been there – no matter how many Pregnancy and Baby Books we’ve read to prepare. One of the most terrifying things is the thought that our baby isn’t eating and/or growing enough.

Minimax Digital Scale

Well thanks to the Minimax Digital Scale, this no longer has to be one of your major concerns! Perfect for newborns up to 40 lbs, this scale by Baby Doppler provides both accuracy and reliability that new moms need. With enhanced precision technology and a backlit LCD screen, the Minimax Digital Baby Scale definitely outweighs the competition.

Looking for a way to make those first few months with baby even easier on yourself – a way to stress less and know that you are doing the best you can for your newborn?! Then you should definitely check out the Minimax Digital Scale by Baby Doppler! Because it’s those small steps that make healthy living a lifestyle – so why not take one today?!

For more information about Baby Doppler and their Minimax Digital Scale, please visit their website and check them out on Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter and YouTube. And stay tuned for our review on Baby Doppler’s Ultraline 1000 Fetal Doppler, coming soon!

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