No, Your Kids Aren’t Destined to be Picky Eaters


No, Your Kids Aren’t Destined to be Picky Eaters

That is Unless You Want Them to Be!

Since it’s officially the beginning of the candy and treats season – no thanks to Halloween, Christmas, and all of the other parties in between – I thought what better time than now to revisit my post about Picky Eaters and 5 Things We Can Do About It. [You can read more about my original Picky Eaters post, HERE.]

I first wrote about Picky Eaters back in 2016, right after Kenzley (my second child) had started eating solids. Now here I am with 2020 just around the corner, and my third child is currently neck deep in [what’s remaining of] her lunch!

Eating healthy can be a very touchy subject, especially when it comes to feeding our kids. We all want to think we are doing our best and no one likes to hear someone else tell us otherwise – so that’s not what I’m going to do here!

The truth is, we all do the best we can with what we’re given and sometimes we just want our picky kids to eat – whether that be a bowl full of broccoli or a hot dog and fries! So, when we hear comments on what a parent is feeding their child it can put everyone involved in a very uncomfortable position.

As a Nutritionist and someone who has personally seen the effects that food – healthy and not – can do to both the young and old alike, it is hard not to share ways to help [when I see other families struggling in regards to their kids’ meals]. However, I hate feeling intrusive and will only share my opinion when specifically asked – even if it’s a good friend. Unless here, with all of you, of course!

Trying to get our kids to eat healthier is a subject that SO many parents deal with and I want you to know there are ways to handle it that will make meals a much less stressful experience for all involved.

Having three children of my own, and a husband (and MIL) who grew up hating vegetables, I know first-hand that kids learn by example and want to eat what their parents, and friends, do. I also know that old habits can be hard to break, and whether we are talking about an adult who always pushes their green vegetables aside, or one who asks the waitress “is there something besides veggies I can have on the side?”, our kids are watching and listening and will inevitably do the same.

As parents with increasingly busy lives, yes, it is much easier to give in to what our children ask for and what we think they will want – because that’s all they ever seem to eat. True, if your child knows that you will eventually feed him French Fries for dinner after refusing his quinoa and broccoli for long enough, then why should he even bother with trying new foods or ones that you yourself don’t seem to be enjoying?!

Moreover, it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy when our children constantly hear us talk about how they “never eat their veggies” or “will only eat carbs”. If your little one knows you feel that way already, then why try anything else?! In their minds, the battle has already been won.

But no, your kids are not destined to be picky eaters – unless you want them to be! Of course, they will have their opinions about certain foods, tastes, and textures – we all do! Fortunately, there are a million and one ways to prepare foods these days, and many times it’s all about how you present them! Getting kids to help shop for, clean, cut, and cook their dinner will go a long way in helping them get excited about what they are going to eat, as well!

There are also SO many healthy food options these days that finding convenient good-for-you foods is now easier than ever! Although don’t forget: you always need to look at those Nutrition Labels because lots of junk foods can be disguised in “healthy” or “natural” packaging!

One of my favorite new baby and [young] kids products: Serenity Kids! These Paleo-style pouches are not only filled with healthy fats and veggies, but many of the flavors also contain Organic meats too! Moreover, they don’t contain any fruit – since kids get that everywhere already, and they really don’t need all that extra sugar (whether it comes from natural areas or not), anyway!

Check out Serenity Kids, HERE, and save up to 20% OFF the products listed. Or, you can use my code HFFM15 for 15% OFF everything else at

And for you adults looking to find convenient and healthier foods and meals, there’s Hungryroot. Hungryroot provides delicious plant-based meals, sides and desserts delivered straight to your door. Plus, everything can be completely customizable! Get $30 OFF your first order with the link: and start enjoying easy and nutritious meals every day of the week!

Now stay tuned for more on Picky Eaters and 5 Things You Can Do to Help Kids Eat Healthier!

As always, I want to thank you for being part of our community! We love having you! And now, more than ever, I want to thank you all for being great Moms – because you really are a Super Hero in the eyes of those who matter most!

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