Pregnancy Advice

  • Creating baby registries for every budget
  • Staying fit while pregnant
  • Fixing nutritious meals [that still taste great]
  • Creating a “green” nursery
  • Using “green” cleaning products
  • Baby-prep courses
  • Creating a customized birth-plan

Breastfeeding Help & Consultations

  • Eating plans to increase your breast milk supply
  • Making sure your newborn is getting the right kinds of nutrition
  • When and how to pump, nurse, etc. to get the most milk every time

Post-Pregnancy How-To’s

  • Learning to make your own organic baby food
  • Losing your lingering baby-bump
    • Meal Plans
    • Exercise Plans
  • Learning to find a baby/life balance

Being a Healthy. Fit. Fab… Mom

  • Learning to make healthy meals for your entire family
  • Finding the best “snacks” on-the-go
  • Choosing the best “green” products for your household
  • Finding the best workout plan for your busy life
  • Dressing fab – no matter your age or body type

Freelance Writing

  • With a Master’s in Nutrition, Bachelor’s in Business Management & Marketing, and a Certified Personal Trainer and Nutritional Chef, we’d love to help you write your latest blog post, article, or recipe
  • Contact Us to learn more!