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"Jessica's nutrition has played such a vital role in my son's life. Gavin was born with a very rare heart defect that was to affect not only his heart but also his development. He has beat all odds and is a healthy thriving 17 month old. He is off all medications, his development physically and neurologically is on target, and his immune system is incredible. I, as well as his doctors, believe the nutrition in Jessica's breast milk made the difference. 

"Unprocessed organic food from the earth can heal the body.  She gave him the best medicine! Gavin is a testament to Jessica's healthy choices. He knows no other food than what he tasted through her milk, and now he only wants to eat the same foods.  Jessica has began the path to a healthy vibrant lifestyle for Gavin. I believe with all my heart that much of where Gavin is now is due to Jessica's active, highly nutritional choices. And for that I am forever grateful."

 - Jessica P., Mooresville, NC

"Jessica, I want to thank you for helping us to make Holly‚Äôs Bachelorette party so fun, entertaining, educational and most of all delicious! Anyone who is fortunate enough to experience your culinary expertise will remember the beauty, flavors and textures of your dishes. I will be recommending you to everyone. This was the best decision we made to hire you for our party! 

"Thanks again for being so fabulous!"

 - Kristen, Laguna Beach, CA

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