We know being pregnant is tough and takes a lot out of you. We also know that being a mom can be even more demanding, leaving little time for you and your own health and fitness goals.

With our various programs and services, we will help you achieve all of your ambitions, no matter how far fetched you think they may be!

Our services* include:

Pregnancy Advice

  • Creating baby registries for every budget
  • Staying fit while pregnant
  • Fixing nutritious meals [that still taste great]
  • Creating a "green" nursery
  • Using "green" cleaning products
  • Baby-prep courses
  • Creating a customized birth-plan

Breastfeeding Help & Consultations

  • Eating plans to increase your breast milk supply
  • Making sure your newborn is getting the right kinds of nutrition
  • When and how to pump, nurse, etc. to get the most milk every time
Breastfeeding Help & Consultations
Post-Pregnancy How-To's

Post-Pregnancy How-To's

  • Learning to make your own organic baby food
  • Losing your lingering baby-bump
    • Meal Plans
    • Exercise Plans
  • Learning to find a baby/life balance

Being a Healthy. Fit. Fab... Mom

  • Learning to make healthy meals for your entire family
  • Finding the best "snacks" on-the-go
  • Choosing the best "green" products for your household
  • Finding the best workout plan for your busy life
  • Dressing fab - no matter your age or body type
Being a Healthy. Fit. Fab... Mom
Freelance Writing

Freelance Writing

  • With a Master's in Nutrition, Bachelor's in Business Management & Marketing, and a Certified Personal Trainer and Nutritional Chef, we'd love to help you write your latest blog post, article, or recipe

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