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Veggie Evolution: A Unique Alternative to Getting Your Kids to Eat Their Veggies

Posted by Jessica Boscarini on Monday, May 5, 2014 Under: Food Reviews


There is no denying the amount of health benefits you can get from eating your veggies. This is why most American’s will add a few pieces of broccoli to their plates, or put carrots alongside their butter-drenched twice-baked potatoes and hefty steak. Not exactly what should be considered a “healthy” meal, but somewhat better than nothing – I guess…

However, vegetables aren’t one of those things that most people really enjoy eating, let alone crave. They just do it because they know they “have to”. And while there are more and more “vegetable” alternatives that are hitting store shelves, many of these are still loaded with unneeded oils and flavors to “mask” the true vegetable taste, or are so processed that all the real vegetable essence has gotten zapped out of them anyway.

Fortunately this isn’t the case with Veggie Evolution and their line of Kale and Vegetable Chips. Lightly seasoned and perfectly crispy, these are veggies that you and your kids will want to come back for more of. 

Veggie Evolution is a line of Organic Vegetable Crisps and Kale Chips that are not only a great alternative to regular potato chips, but a wonderful way to sneak more vegetables in your diet as well!

Raw, gluten-free, and available in a variety of flavors and options, Veggie Evolution crisps and chips are light and crispy snacks that are baked using actual slices of vegetables, not processed fried vegetables like others on the market.

With their Kale Chips available in flavors ranging from Chipotle to Lemon Parmesan, and with BBQ and World Beet taking the stage for their Vegetable Crisps, you and your family are sure to be impressed with the fact that you are “snacking” on vegetables, and actually really enjoying them! 

Since all of Veggie Evolutions chips and crisps are slowly baked with low-heat, and not fried like other vegetable snacks, these chips are considered “raw” and maintain their high levels of antioxidants and nutrients. They are also gluten-free and Organic. Many of the flavors are dairy-free and vegan as well (you just need to look for those without “Parmesan” as an ingredient).

With the vegetable snacks coming in at around 70 calories per serving, and the kale chips hovering around 130 (give or take depending on the flavor – and serving size), you will also find a healthy dose of nutritious fats, fiber, and protein every time you snack. They are also low in sodium and sugar, especially compared to other chip and chip-like products, so you can be confident that you are really doing something good for your body when you eat these snacks.

You can buy Veggie Evolution products directly Online, or to find the retail location nearest you please visit their Store Locator.

I’m personally a huge fan of veggies and truly do enjoy the taste. Thankfully, I have raised my son the same way and although he is only 1 ½, he seems to enjoy them as much as I do (even eating frozen veggies straight out of the bag – a little weird, I know ;).

However, I realize that we are not in the norm – just ask my husband – and know that it can take a lot to get your family to eat their daily serving of veggies. Luckily there are companies like Veggie Evolution that have made it their mission to create tasty and healthy vegetable snacks that everyone can enjoy. From your traditional Kale Chips to BBQ Veggies (including carrots, cabbage, and leeks), you can surely find a snack that your whole family – no matter what their age or taste preference – will enjoy!

To learn more about Veggie Evolution and to try them out for yourself, please visit their website and check them out on Facebook.

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