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The Spice Lab: Putting a Gourmet Spin on an Every Day Spice

Posted by Jessica Boscarini on Friday, December 20, 2013 Under: Food Reviews


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As a busy mom, making a nutritious meal is often hard enough. Now try adding an “impressive” presentation to the mix, or throwing a dinner party for that matter, and things can get really stressful, really quickly.

Well thanks to The Spice Lab and their new Himalayan Salt Cooking Plate & Serving Tray, making a dramatic presentation and delectable dish can all be done at a moments notice. Plus, the fact that you aren’t adding a whole bunch of extra calories, and clean up is a breeze, makes this multi-purpose piece of mineral all the more enticing.

The Product: The Spice Lab is a company that specializes in gourmet salts and spices. Offering everything from Himalayan Rock Salts to BBQ Smoked Sea Salts and those inspired by your favorite adult beverage (ie, Hawaiian Koloa Rum Sea Salt and Chili Lime Margarita Salt), the Spice Lab truly offers something for every taste, packing a powerful punch of flavor in the smallest of pinches.

And now, The Spice Labe has come out with a new product that is sure to not only dazzle your taste buds, but impress your guests as well. It is their Himalayan Salt Cooking Plate & Serving Tray. Whether used cold to serve sushi, sashimi or carpaccio, or heated to gently sauté shrimp, sea scallops, salmon, tuna or even flank steak, this Salt Plate is the perfect addition to any entertainer’s home.

Measuring four by eight inches and weighing approximately four pounds, this two-inch thick salt plate is quite literally a ‘brick in a box’.  Cut from the finest quality, food grade salt, hand mined from salt beds deep in the Himalayan Mountains, this multi-purpose kitchen aid can be both frozen and heated so no matter what type of food you have in mind, The Spice Lab’s Salt Tray can help.

Retailing for $19.95, these plates require just a little care to last for years – simply wipe clean and dry – thanks to salts long-lasting, naturally anti-bacterial mineral qualities.

Nutrition-Wise: Once hailed as the spice of choice due to the way it enhanced a meal’s flavor profile without adding unnecessary calories, salt is now commonly known as “the enemy”, cautioned against by both the medical community and all of your health-conscious friends. Yet, salt is not the straight culprit; it’s actually your sodium vs. potassium levels that lead to heart disease and the other issues once directly associated with salt consumption. (You can read more about salt and your health, here.)

So, now that you know that a little sodium is actually required by the body in order for it to properly function, you can take even more enjoyment in knowing that your handy cooking plate is also giving your body some of the essential nutrients that it requires.

Where to Buy: To buy online, please visit their Online Store, or to find the store nearest you, check out their Store Locator 

Synopsis: No matter how much we all love to entertain, it can be pretty stressful trying to plan – and cook – a meal that not only taste amazing, but looks good and is also good for you. Now try juggling kids with all of that, and it can be downright impossible.

Well thanks to The Spice Lab’s Himalayan Salt Cooking Plate & Serving Tray, impressing your guests is much, much easier. With virtually no clean up, and only a healthy dose of sea salt [minerals] added to your dish, your meal will not only look impressive, but taste great too.

Try any (or all!) of The Spice Labs gourmet salts and see how your taste buds will be amazed by what a little salt can do!

To learn more about The Spice Lab and their gourmet salts, please visit their website or check them out on Facebook. 

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