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Simple Squares – Simple Ingredients. Simply Delicious.

Posted by Jessica Boscarini on Wednesday, April 23, 2014 Under: Food Reviews



When it comes to food, less is often more. And this isn’t just in reference to quantity, although that applies here as well. Simple food really is a healthier option, and if the ingredients are of good quality, it often tastes much better too (not to mention the way that it makes you feel).

From freshly picked fruit, to just cut herbs, to honey straight out of the comb, these natural indulgences all speak for themselves, elevating a simple meal or sweet snack to the next level.

These foods are also the core of what makes Simple Squares so delicious – and simply irresistible.

THE PRODUCT: Simple Squares are a line of Organic, whole food [square] bars that consist of only 5 simple ingredients (hence the name). Free of wheat, refined sugar, dairy, and soy, you will find nothing more than nuts, honey, vanilla, sea salt, and herbs in each delicious bar.

With 6 different flavors to choose from, including: Cinna-Clove, Coconut, Rosemary, Sage, Coffee, and Ginger, it is amazing that such a simple product can taste so incredibly delicious. 

NUTRITION-WISE: Raw and Paleo-friendly, high in protein and fiber, and low in sodium and sugar, Simple Squares are some of the simplest snacks you can eat to give your body the nutrients it needs.

Never cooked or baked, these ‘raw’ bars naturally contain beneficial vitamins and minerals that foods that are heated above a certain temperature may not. They are also free of wheat, gluten, dairy, corn, and soy (which are all known to be common allergens), and they do not contain any refined sugars, brown rice syrup, or agave (since these can be hard for your body to process).

In fact, honey is the only sweetener used in Simple Squares, as they believe in sweetening with real food (not processed stuff) – ie, honey made by bees using nectar from flowers. Honey contains essential vitamins and minerals and has a low glycemic index number, therefore providing a longer and steadier source of energy.

Not your typical “snack bar”, Simple Squares are packed with whole foods – and therefore a lot of healthy vitamins and minerals – to not only give you sustained energy, but lots of protein and fiber to boot. Plus, the addition of herbs in every bar gives you a wide variety of health promoting properties, including: 

  • Cinnamon: contains anti-inflammatory properties
  • Cloves: aid digestion
  • Coffee Beans: filled with antioxidants
  • Ginger: improves the absorption of nutrients in the body (and is great for nausea in moms-to-be!)
  • Rosemary: a natural bacteria fighter
  • Sage: reduces blood sugar levels 

WHERE TO BUY: You can buy Simple Squares directly Online, or to find the retail location nearest you please visit their Store Locator. 

FINAL THOUGHTS: With so many “nutritional bars” on the market, it seems that a lot of them start tasting the same after a while. Sweetened with dates and brown rice syrup, and plumped up with dried fruits and nuts, even the healthiest raw and organic bars begin to get a little mundane.

That’s why I was so impressed when I first came across Simple Squares. With only 5 simple ingredients in each of their bars, all of which are free of wheat, refined sugar, dairy, and soy, these bars are not only extremely healthy, they are also incredibly delicious.

Perfectly seasoned with a variety of spices (that you don’t typically find in a “bar”), including cloves, rosemary, and sage, for example, it’s hard to get bored with the choices that Simple Squares offer. And the fact that they are filled with protein, fiber, and other beneficial nutrients (thanks to the herbs and spices used), both you and your little ones will surely be impressed by how great simple [squares] can make you feel.

To learn more about Simple Squares and to try them out for yourself, please visit their website and check them out on Facebook.

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