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Sambazon: Making it Easy to Enjoy Organic and Non-GMO Acai Bowls at Home

Posted by Jessica Boscarini on Thursday, May 29, 2014 Under: Food Reviews



The first time I had ever heard of Acai was at a surf contest I attended years ago in Huntington Beach, CA with one of my Brazilian friends. “You’ve got to try this stuff! It is from Brazil and tastes amazing. It is so good for you!” I can literally still hear her accent…

Well I did try it and thought it was great – but that was the end of that. It was impossible to find anywhere and most people who I mentioned it to had never even heard of it.

Now fast-forward 10+ years later and you can find Acai Bowls, Smoothies, etc. pretty much everywhere. However, the quality and taste is definitely not all the same, and neither are the additives or other additions that are put into the various products.

Luckily, there are companies like Sambazon who were at the forefront of introducing Acai to the states and are still one of the best!

Founded in 2000, Sambazon is best known for introducing Açaí into the U.S. market, and has been making delicious blends of wild harvested Brazilian fruits and botanicals ever since. With Certified Organic and Fair Trade partnerships, Sambazon helps to protect the Amazon rainforest and benefits more than 10,000 family farmers, all while bringing consumers the next level in superfood nutrition.

Organic, and non-GMO, Sambazon believes in making healthy products that promote a better you – the kind of you that lives better, works better, feels better and inspires the world to be a better place. And just one taste of their amazing products and you will see how!

With a whole line of Amazonian Superfood-based products, Sambazon’s claim to fame was their Acai, and is still one of their best! With frozen smoothie packs of both the Original and Unsweetened varieties, enjoying acai at home is easier and more affordable than ever.

Organic and non-GMO Certified, Sambazon has made it their mission to bring the worlds finest Amazon Superfoods to the masses, all while maintaining the integrity of both their ingredients and their business model.

Having introduced Acai to the States, Sambazon still takes pride in their mainstay ingredient thanks to all of its nutrition, health benefits, and of course amazing taste! As the “king of superfruits”, açaí is a tiny purple palm fruit. A staple food for the local Amazonians, açaí is rich in antioxidants (specifically anthocyanins like those found in red wine) and healthy omega fats, like those found in salmon.

Coming it at around 70 calories per serving (in the unsweetened variety), 50 of which are from healthy fats, there is also 2 grams of fiber, a mere 2 grams of sugar (compared to the Original which has 16 grams), and 1 gram of protein. They are also vegan, gluten-free and dairy-free. Add up all of the other body-loving vitamins and minerals in each smoothie pack, and this combo makes açaí a powerhouse of satisfying nutrition and great for everyone who drinks it, no matter what their age.

Sambazon products are available directly through their website, or visit their Store Locator to find a retail location near you.

For those of you who haven’t tried an Acai Bowl, you’ve got to. And if you have tried one but never made it for yourself, than you have to try Sambazon’s Frozen Acai Smoothie Packs and make it at home! Not only can you mix-in whatever ingredients you want and then top it until your hearts content, you will be saving yourself a good deal of money too (because these things generally aren’t cheap). Plus, you’ll know exactly what the ingredients are and can monitor the amount of sugar, etc. that you do or don’t decide to put in there.

Since acai is packed with so much great nutrition, including heart (and brain) healthy Omega fats, as well as a whole plethora of antioxidants and other vitamins and minerals, this stuff is especially great for nursing moms and moms-to-be, as well as for your little ones. Just watch out for the sugar load, and opt for the Unsweetened Frozen Acai Smoothie Packs when available.

*Although I don’t like to give my toddler juices because of the high amounts of sugars and low amounts of other nutrients generally found in them, I am all for mixing up an Acai Bowl (or smoothie) with the Sambazon Unsweetened Smoothie Packs and some coconut milk or almond milk and letting him drink all he wants. Not only is there an ample amount of healthy Omega fatty acids in every serving, there is also a high amount of antioxidants and even some fiber to keep his little body and belly balanced.

To learn more about Sambazon and to try their products out for yourself, please visit their
website and check them out on Facebook.

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