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Planet Rice: A Healthier Take on Your Traditional Rice

Posted by Jessica Boscarini on Thursday, May 8, 2014 Under: Food Reviews


Rice has long been an everyday staple for civilizations around the world. From Old World Kings to modern-day sushi enthusiasts, there is no denying the popularity of this grain. And while white used to be the rice of choice, brown has recently gained footing thanks to its extra nutritious properties, including fiber and antioxidants, compared to the “stripped down” white version.

Yet, as many have come to realize, rice can get boring. And no thanks to super-grains such as quinoa, amaranth, and the like, this pantry essential has been pushed further and further to the back of the shelf.

Rice lovers behold – thanks to Planet Rice and their sprouted rice products, traditional rice has gotten a new and nutritious boost, turning the plain grain into a super-food all its own.

Planet Rice’s sprouted rice products, which include Sprouted Brown Rice and Lightly Milled Sprouted Brown Rice, not only taste amazing, but are also more nutritious and faster to cook than your typical rice. And with the Lightly Milled version tasting similar to white rice, even the pickiest of eaters will be impressed!

They’ve also recently come out with two new products: Sprouted California Blonde, which is similar to the Lightly Milled version with a taste and texture more like white rice and all of the nutrients of brown; and Quinoa Power Blend, made with black, red, and white quinoa along with sprouted brown rice.

Family owned and operated since 1924, the LaGrande Family runs their business from the heart of California’s highly fertile rice region – a region known to produce some of the highest quality rice varietals in the world. Instead of soaking their rice, they use a sprouting process that uses humidity, resulting in a superior taste and texture, as well as extra health benefits.

Sprouted products, in general, have a higher nutritional profile than there unsprouted counterparts. And when it comes to rice, the most touted health benefit of sprouted is GABA (gamma amino butyric acid). It is an amino acid found in common everyday health foods, such as peaches, green snap beans, and rice. GABA also exists in people and works as a neurotransmitter that nutrition studies show provide a number of health benefits, including: lowering anxiety; increasing the sleep cycle, giving deeper rest; lowering blood pressure; and improving other cardiovascular functions.

The germination process that happens during sprouting adds a variety of nutrients through the activation of dormant enzymes, while also softening the bran layer. The rice kernel is germinated until the flavor and nutritional benefits are maximized. Subsequently, the germination process is interrupted and the kernel moisture is reduced to pre-germination levels, preserving the nutritional benefits. Germinated/sprouted brown rice has four times the GABA content of regular rice, and over ten times the GABA of white rice!

Besides all of the GABA benefits of Planet Rice’s products, they are also gluten-free, Whole Grain Certified via USDA, and non-GMO Certified as well.

WHERE TO BUY: Planet Rice can be purchased via their Online Store, or click here to find them at a Retail Location near you.

As a big proponent of super-foods, I have to admit that rice had fallen off my radar as a commonly used grain. That is until I discovered Planet Rice and their Sprouted Rice products. All their varieties are not only delicious, but also great for you. Add to that the fact that they cook in about 1/3 less the time, and use less cooking water, and I can’t imagine Planet Rice disappearing from my weekly menu anytime soon! Especially since the taste and texture is absolutely perfect for my little one; and it's easier for him to digest too (compared to other rice products).

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