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Once Again Nut Butters: So Fresh they Taste Like they Were Made Just for You

Posted by Jessica Boscarini on Friday, September 5, 2014 Under: Food Reviews

For MOMS & MOMS-TO-BE and Toddlers 6 months+

It has long been said that you shouldn’t introduce your young child to [possibly] allergenic foods at a young age because they will be more likely to have and/or develop an allergy to them. Peanut butter and tree nuts are usually at the top of this list, as are eggs, shellfish, and several other foods.

Fortunately this advice has recently been altered, saying that it is no longer necessary to wait on introducing these foods as long as you do it slowly with one “trigger food” at a time (in order to be able to pinpoint what specific food causes a reaction, if any).

So now that we know that these foods are ok, it can make our lives a lot easier when trying to come up with snacks for our young ones. In fact, I think nut (or seed) butters are one of the best snacks there is (besides fresh fruit, of course ;)! Not only are they easy for young children to consume, they also provide a good amount of calories and lots of healthy fats to help give our kids the nourishment they need. Plus, they taste great, no matter what your age!

One of my favorite brands? Once Again Nut Butters. Not only do they have both traditional and organic almond and peanut butter varieties to choose from, they also have other nut and seed butters, all of which are amazingly delicious!

[I do want to mention that honey is the one food that should be postponed till after your child turns 1 year, due to the potentially fatal bacteria known as botulism.]

THE PRODUCT: Founded in 1976, Once Again Nut Butter is an employee-owned company located in a small rural community in Upstate Western New York. Priding themselves in providing health-conscious consumers with products of superior quality and integrity, they are dedicated to supporting organic and sustainable farming practices and are proud to offer a healthier alternative, where every customer matters.

With both organic and traditional varieties, Once Again Nut Butter offers raw and lightly toasted as well as smooth and crunchy almond butters, peanut butters, cashew butters, sunflower butters, and tahini (sesame seed butter).

Once Again Nut Butter uses only the finest nuts and seeds available to produce all their “butters”. Taking pride in every ingredient, they also refrain from using any additional fillers, preservatives, or artificial ingredients to ensure that you get the healthiest and tastiest nut-based butters you can buy.

With Certified Organic varieties in every flavor, the majority of their products are also certified non-GMO, as well as gluten-free, dairy-free, and Kosher.

Satisfaction and product safety is essential to Once Again Nut Butter’s quality initiatives, and they take extra precautions to make sure all of their materials and ingredients are not contaminated during any step of their process. Not only are all of their products quality tested from the moment they enter their facility to the time they are released, Salmonella testing is also part of their normal protocol, as is extra testing to make sure all of their peanut butters are aflatoxin free.

WHERE TO BUY: Once Again Nut Butter can be purchased directly through their website, or to find the retail location nearest you, please visit their Store Locator.

FINAL THOUGHTS: For the majority of us, peanut butter was a staple growing up. However, more and more families are now turning to almond butter as their go-to sandwich spread, with other nut and seed butters following closely behind. And they aren’t just for bread anymore! From dips to dressings and everything in between, nut butters are not only extremely versatile, they are really tasty! 
Just ask my son who eats Sunflower butter with a spoon like it’s going out of style!

But as many of you nut butter connoisseurs know, not all brands are the same, with some definitely tasting more fresh and “unprocessed” then others. Who knew you could really buy almond butter that actually tastes like almonds?! What a concept!

Once Again Nut Butters definitely falls into this category, with products so fresh they taste like they were just made! Plus, the fact that they take so much pride in their business and customers, as a whole, makes me all the more inclined to purchase their products and stand behind them as a company.

Try any or all of Once Again Nut Butters today and see for yourself how amazingly delicious fresh nut butters can be.

To learn more about Once Again Nut Butters and to try them out for yourself, please visit their website and check them out on Facebook.

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