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My Coconut Kitchen: Putting a Whole New Spin on Coconut Butter & How You Eat It

Posted by Jessica Boscarini on Friday, April 17, 2015 Under: Food Reviews



Coconut Butter vs. Coconut Oil?? What’s the difference??

Well, you could say that coconut butter is similar to any other nut butter, but it’s base is coconut meat instead of peanuts or almonds, which is what makes it so versatile. Coconut butter’s relationship to coconut oil is the same as peanut butter’s relationship to peanut oil; one is used as a cooking oil, and the other is an ingredient that can be used in a whole variety of ways.

With that said, I love them both! Having “discovered” coconut oil about 6 or 7 years ago, I was instantly hooked. Like most people, I had long been told that saturated fats were “bad” and that you should steer clear of products that contain them – coconut-based products included. However, when I began to educate myself on this matter and realized that the fats in coconut meat break down in a whole different way than even the fats in olive oil do (in a good way!), not to mention the fact that this oil tastes amazing, I was addicted!

It wasn’t until several years later that I became familiar with coconut butter and let me tell you, I may love it even more…

That’s why, when I came across the products from My Coconut Kitchen, I was immediately curious as their line is based around coconut butters, with a twist. Well it just took one bite and now, I can say that I have found a whole new addiction – and I love it!

THE PRODUCT: My Coconut Kitchen has been a lifetime journey for Founder Angie Carl, as she learned the importance of weight management and exercise as a teenager, shedding nearly 50 extra pounds through healthier eating habits. Then, three days after her 29th birthday and not long after becoming pregnant with her first child, Angie suffered a serious heart attack. This shifted her perspective on nutrition and fitness from weight management to life management.

She was again tested a few years later after learning she had a rare blood cancer that would require a lifetime commitment of daily, low-dose chemotherapy. Determined as ever, Angie educated herself on using proper nutrition and fitness to combat her disease. One of her favorite “tools” became the coconut, where she not only learned about the incredible benefits of coconut, including its use as a healthy energy source, but the fact that it is so incredibly delicious!

As a sweet treat that won’t spike insulin levels and spark the sugar-addiction cycle, Angie began using coconut as the primary fuel for her healthy lifestyle and quickly discovered the delicious power food of coconut butter. After Experimenting with different combinations of healthy ingredients, My Coconut Kitchen’s yummy coconut spreads were born.

Available in 10 delicious flavors, ranging from Naked and Roasty Toasty Coconut to Sweet Lemon Kiss and Divinely Dark, My Coconut Kitchen’s coconut butters are great in smoothies, coffee, on top of granola, spread on banana bread or waffles, warmed up and used as a dip for fruit, on top of sweet potatoes, as a sauce for a stir fry, or even straight off of the spoon!

NUTRITION-WISE: Coconuts and in this case My Coconut Kitchen’s coconut butter, is a super healthy and delicious spread [dip, etc.] that not only provides long lasting energy to get you through the day, but helps control weight by satisfying hunger and increasing metabolism, is free of 7 of the 8 most common food allergens [it obviously contains coconuts, which are considered a tree nut], fights inflammation by attacking bacteria, viruses and fungi that cause illness and disease, and is a sweet treat that is low in sugar so it won’t promote fat storage, inflammation or diabetes. In fact, these butters are primarily sweetened with stevia, which they believe is the healthiest, non-sugar alternative and is therefore, their sweetener of choice.

Coming in at around 160-180 calories per serving, with 15-18 grams of those coming from healthy fats, there is also 4-5 grams of fiber, 2 grams of protein, and 2-5 grams of sugar, depending on the flavor.

And while this does seem like quite a lot of fat, the majority of the oils in coconut are a unique type of fat called medium chain triglycerides (MCT), which are very easy for your body to convert to quick energy – meaning that your body uses it immediately and does not store it like most fats, which are much more difficult for your body to break down. In the process, MCTs actually raise metabolism, which can help with weight loss, as opposed to the majority of fats that get stored as well, fat.

*My Coconut Kitchen’s coconut butters are not only the perfect Mom and Mom-to-be treat, but depending on the flavor, are great for babies and kids of all ages. In fact, [plain] coconut butter is one of the first foods that I ever gave my son, as it is full of healthy fats, fiber and even protein.

And although I wouldn’t give my little one the Espress-Oh My Love flavor due to the fact it has espresso powder in it, I would say all the other flavors are fair game, although I may save the Eat Your Oatmeal flavor for myself, since it does have 5 grams of sugar in it – which really isn’t much compared to pretty much every other food on store shelves, but still… there are other flavors that the kids can eat ;).

WHERE TO BUY: My Coconut Kitchen products are conveniently available Online, or you can visit their Store Locator to find the retail location nearest you.

FINAL THOUGHTS:  I know the word has been overused a lot lately, but coconuts truly are a “superfood”. Filled with medium-chain-fatty-acids (as well as fiber, protein and other vitamins and minerals to boot), this food actually helps speed up metabolism, breaking down in your body and being used for energy, as opposed to storing as fat. Plus, coconuts are absolutely delicious!

And while I have long been an advocate for using coconut oil in your every day cooking, I am here to tell you that once you try coconut butter, you will be upset that you hadn’t tried it sooner! And the stuff from My Coconut Kitchen takes this great tasting food and elevates it even higher!

With tons of great flavors, and therefore endless possibilities, whether you are looking for a simple way to add flair to your meal, you want to add a little something special to a favorite recipe, or you just want to eat it straight-up with a spoon, you will certainly be happy with whatever you choose from My Coconut Kitchen.

Try any or all of My Coconut Kitchen’s coconut butters today and see for yourself how delicious a jar of coconut butter can be!

To learn more about My Coconut Kitchen, please visit their website and check them out on Facebook.

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