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Lenny & Larry’s: Protein-Packed Brownies and Vegan Cookies that Put Other Protein Bars to Shame

Posted by Jessica Boscarini on Tuesday, March 25, 2014 Under: Food Reviews

FOR MOMS & MOMS-TO-BE (and Dads too)

The majority of us know how important it is to eat healthy and how much better we can feel with a well-rounded diet. However, all of us, especially women with our changing hormones and mood-swings, don’t always want to eat this way. Some times we just want to eat a brownie or sink our teeth into a nice, fluffy cookie.

But what if those brownies that you ate and cookies that you craved were good for you? What if they actually helped your body get the nutrients that it needs? And not only that, they still tasted great!?

Well thanks to Lenny & Larry’s protein-packed brownies and “Complete” [Vegan] Cookies you can now feel good about your daily consumption of baked goods, inside and out.

THE PRODUCT: Lenny & Larry’s was founded by two friends with a passion for fitness and a desire to promote high protein muffins, cookies and other all-natural baked goods to those with a similar passion of being healthy and having fun.

With several lines of baked goods, including FIT Protein Brownies (available in Chocolate, Chocolate Raspberry and Peanut Butter Crunch) and The Complete Cookie (available in 6 scrumptious flavors including: Chocolate Chip, Double Chocolate, Lemon Poppy Seed, Pumpkin Spice, Oatmeal Raisin and Peanut Butter), whether you are watching your sugar intake, are Vegan, gluten-free, are in need of more fiber in your diet, or need another protein alternative to add to your repertoire, Lenny & Larry’s has a product for you! 

NUTRITION-WISE: Unlike your traditional brownies, or even other protein bars for that matter, Lenny & Larry’s FIT Protein Brownies are not only non-GMO and gluten-free, they are also certified low glycemic, are soy-free, are low in sugar, cholesterol and sodium, contain no artificial sweeteners or sugar alcohols, and are an excellent source of fiber, not to mention the 13 grams of protein they pack into each serving. All of that and they are still under 200 calories!

Lenny & Larry’s also makes a Vegan option, if that is more up your ally. It’s called The Complete Cookie and is made with high quality vegan protein, and is egg and dairy free. With no preservatives, sugar alcohols or anything artificial, all 6 flavors contain 16 grams of protein, 6 grams of fiber, and 0 grams of trans fat (per cookie). Moreover, all the ingredients are non-GMO verified, Kosher and all-natural. Coming in at around 200 calories per ½ cookie, breaking off a piece or two throughout the day won’t affect your waistline, but will definitely help curb your sweet cravings while adding a little nutrients to your body as well. 

WHERE TO BUY: Lenny & Larry’s products can conveniently be purchased via their Online Store, or you can use their Store Locator to find the retail location nearest you. 

FINAL THOUGHTS: Lenny & Larry’s has definitely changed the way I look at baked goods. With FIT Protein Brownies and Vegan Cookies, even my indulgences can now be considered healthy.

And although I personally don’t eat any dairy products, and therefore don’t eat the Brownies due to their containing whey protein, milk protein, etc., I’ve definitely heard great things about them. Plus, compared to traditional brownies, these gluten-free, high protein, high fiber snacks are perfect for those junk-food addicts who need to be “tricked” into eating healthy products. (I know it sounds malicious, but we all know one or two of those…)

I do eat the cookies though and am pleasantly surprised at how good they are. Soft and moist, and oh-so-addictive, it’s hard to quit at ½ the cookie (the recommended serving size), especially in the Peanut Butter flavor.

With Lenny & Larry’s mission being to continue to create and distribute healthy baked goods as well as to encourage physical fitness and a healthy diet, we at Healthy.Fit.Fab…Moms couldn’t be more on board! Try one, or all of their products today and see if you find yourself craving some baked-up protein.

To learn more about Lenny & Larry’s line of products, please visit their website and check them out onFacebook and Instagram.

And remember, Contact Healthy.Fit.Fab…Moms today to learn more about helping you and your family live a healthy, fit, and fabulous life

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