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Go Raw. Live Well. Delightfully Simple and Tasty Snacks and Treats for You and Your Little Ones.

Posted by Jessica Boscarini on Thursday, June 5, 2014 Under: Food Reviews


In a technology driven world, one where microwaves can cook a meal in minutes and processed snacks are made to stay shelf-stable for years, it’s nice to see companies that take pride in keeping their products as close to nature as possible. One where foods are still considered “raw” but yet are conveniently packaged for our hectic lives – the best of both worlds.

This is what Go Raw is all about. Minimally processed and yet made to be convenient, these snacks will make it easier for you to Go Raw too.

THE PRODUCT: Go Raw’s products are all made from Organic, top-grade ingredients that are live sprouted to up their nutritional value. All their products are also considered Vegan, Gluten-free, nut-free and minimally processed. Furthermore, they are Certified Kosher, non-GMO, Soy-free, and Cholesterol-free.

Go Raw even goes so far as to refrigerate their ingredients and stock, even though it’s not absolutely necessary, to ensure that they stay as fresh as possible. They also control all of their own processing and packing to ensure that every product remains up to the highest quality standards.

Seed-based (seeds are one of the most nutritionally dense foods in the world) and sourced from local growers (whenever possible), the seeds are then optimally sorted for maximum quality, rinsed 3 times in filtered water, and then soaked until sprouted. After this process is complete, the highest quality organic ingredients are mixed into the seeds which are then carefully hand-spread on trays and put in custom-built dehydrators (at an average temp of 98 degrees). Finally, the finished products are packaged in-house on dedicated equipment so there is no cross contamination of any other foods.

From Bars and “Flax Snax”, to Super Cookies and Chips, Granola, Sprouts, and even Chocolate, Go Raw has a product for every age*, taste, and food preference.

As previously stated, all of Go Raw’s products are made from Organic, top-grade ingredients that are live sprouted to up their nutritional value. They are also Vegan, Gluten-free, Certified Kosher, non-GMO, Soy-free, Cholesterol-free, nut-free and minimally processed. They are also [as their name states] “raw”.

What does "raw" mean? When food is labeled as raw, it means that none of the ingredients have been heated to a temperature above 118°F. This is said to be the max temperature foods should be heated to in order to preserve all of the enzymes contained in the plant that may otherwise be destroyed by the extreme heat of cooking. Since heat can change the molecular structure of food and, depending on the type of food, destroy many of its beneficial enzymes, this will render many of the nutrients unusable – which is why so many people are proponents of eating “raw”.

Enzymes help the body to properly digest and assimilate food for optimal nutritional value. Although the body is capable of making enzymes it is believed to have a finite amount, and over time, the amount of available enzymes diminishes. Studies show that consuming living enzymes (i.e. raw food) can help conserve the body’s energy, reduce disease-causing stress, and support a healthier digestive system.

WHERE TO BUY: Go Raw products can either be purchased directly through their Online Store, or to find the retail store nearest you please check out their Store Locator.

FINAL THOUGHTS: While many people are either totally for, or against, eating a raw diet, I can see the benefits of both sides. Without getting into it too much, I believe that many foods are best eaten raw so that our bodies can properly utilize their enzymes and nutrients. However, there are many other foods, tomatoes and carrots for example, that are best if heated so that their particular enzymes are broken down a bit so our bodies can access their nutrients to the fullest – not to say that I don’t enjoy raw tomatoes and carrots though ;)

For these reasons I choose to eat a diet that consists of both cooked and raw foods. I do try to eat foods as close to their natural state as possible though, and eating raw definitely helps to accomplish this. However, eating “raw” is not always the most convenient (or tasty thing for that matter) and is probably one of the reasons that many people don’t choose to take on this sort of diet.

Thankfully there are companies like Go Raw who has made it their mission to make healthy and tasty raw treats for every taste and every age, no matter if you are in the mood for something sweet, savory, or halfway in between.

Try Go Raw for yourself and see how easy it is to add a little more raw into your life!

To learn more about Go Raw and to try their products out for yourself, please visit their website and check them out on Facebook.

And remember, Contact Healthy.Fit.Fab…Moms today to create a personalized plan so you and your family can live a healthy, fit, and fabulous life!


*Nutritionally speaking, Go Raw products are great for people of any age. However, many of their snacks may be hard to chew for children who don’t yet have molars, so I would suggest waiting until your child gets at least one full set in before you introduce these snacks to him/her.

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