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Eli’s Earth Bars: Chocolate Candy Bars that are Amazingly Good – and Good for You

Posted by Jessica Boscarini on Tuesday, June 24, 2014 Under: Food Reviews


FOR MOMS, MOMS-TO-BE & Kids 5* +

No matter how healthy you are, and how “clean” you try to eat, everyone has some sort of “guilty pleasure” that is sure to tempt them every now and again. Whether it be a nostalgic food from childhood, or a new and delicious discovery, food is meant to spark our senses – and some do a pretty darn good job at that!

In fact, I’d say that the candy bars I used to eat as a kid always seem to grab my eye, even though I haven’t actually eaten one in more years than I care to admit. And thanks to my knowledge of all the ingredients in them, I’m sure I probably never will again… But I really did enjoy them a lot when I was a kid, and don’t want my kids to feel totally deprived of these types of treats when they grow up just because their mom is “in to nutrition”.

Thankfully, there are much more healthy alternatives out there these days that will actually make you feel good about what you are eating. Plus, you can even give them to your kids without feeling guilty that you are depriving them from the treats you once loved as a child.

Eli’s Earth Bars is one of these brands and makes amazingly delicious organic and vegan chocolate bars that will leave you wishing that you knew about them a lot sooner! Especially if you are like me and haven’t had an actual “candy bar” in forever!

Eli’s Earth Bars are a line from Sjaak’s Organic Chocolates. Starting out as a traditional chocolate business in Northern California, the two owners realized that they wanted their business to reflect their personal beliefs – as long time vegetarians (since 1970) and health conscious consumers themselves – and thus, decided to take on organics, founding Sjaak’s Organic chocolates shortly thereafter.

Having imagined an amazing chocolate candy bar that not only delights the taste buds but also stands for and does something more, Eli’s Earth Bars were born. Organic and Fair trade, 5% of every sale is given to a non-profit charitable organization that benefits children, taking their idea that childhood should embrace joy, delight, and peace one step further.

Available in 3 amazing flavors, which includes peanut butter caramel, peanut butter toffee crunch, and caramel with coconut and almonds, these bars are covered in the just the right amount of “melk” chocolate, making them divinely delicious all while being organic, vegan, and gluten-free.

All of Eli’s Earth Bars are Organic, Vegan, Dairy and Gluten-free. They are also free of soy and corn. However, they do contain tree and/or peanuts, so those with nut allergies should steer clear.

Coming it at around 200 calories per bar, 100 of which is from healthy fats (that can be found in the nuts and/or coconut used) each bar also contains around 4 grams of protein and some fiber to boot. There is also around 14 grams of sugar, which when compared to the majority of candy bars, and even “nutritional” bars for that matter, isn’t that much at all.

And while I probably wouldn’t sit down and eat a whole bar in one serving (because I like to savor these sort-of things), I wouldn’t be totally against it, nor would I feel too bad if my kids (when they were older of course), got a hold of one as an occasional treat.

* I personally don't feel like there is any reason to give a young child candy bars since they really don't know the difference between sweets and other foods unless you show them. However, once they are old enough to realize that other kids (at school, birthday parties, etc.) get them, that's when I plan on letting my children have these sort-of things [on special occasions]. For this reason I suggest Eli's Earth Bars to be for Kids 5+. However, there's really nothing in them that a much younger child couldn't have, so I suggest using your best judgment in deciding when you'd like to introduce these foods to your kids.

You can buy Eli’s Earth Bars directly from their Online Store or at

Even though I was told that Eli’s Earth Bars were vegan, I had to look at the label after trying them because I just couldn’t believe it. With a creamy “melk” chocolate coating, and caramel that could rival the best, these dairy-free candy bars are remarkably rich and satisfying, yet surprisingly healthy.

Now that I’ve discovered Eli’s Earth Bars I don’t have to feel guilty about totally depriving my family of the treats that I was able to enjoy as a child. Plus, I can enjoy these candy bars too, knowing that I can satisfy my chocolate bar cravings without filling my body with a whole bunch of unneeded sugars, dairy, and gluten that I try to stay away from.

Try one or all of Eli’s Earth Bars for yourself and see how deliciously satisfying organic, vegan chocolate candy bars can be!

For more information about Eli’s Earth Bars please visit their website.

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