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Bob’s Red Mill: An Easy Way to Make Your Pantry Gluten-free

Posted by Jessica Boscarini on Tuesday, November 10, 2015 Under: Food Reviews



Gluten-free products are everywhere these days, with many of the Big Box brands jumping on the [once lonely] bandwagon. However, just because a product is free of wheat does not mean that it is good for you or that you should be stocking your pantry with it. In fact, many gluten-free products contain extra amounts of sugars, preservatives and other fillers to make up for some of the texture and taste that can be lost sans gluten.

Thankfully this isn’t always the case. And with companies like Bob’s Red Mill who take pride in the quality of their foods and truly care about their consumers – and aren’t just looking to make an extra buck – it shows.

THE PRODUCT: Bob’s Red Mill journey began in the mid '60s after the founder, Bob, learned about old stone-grinding flour mills, which were becoming rarer due to the domination of high-speed steel roller mills. ‘Stumbling” across an old stone mill in 1978 and starting his venture, Bob’s determination has led him to turn his business into a true powerhouse in the industry.

Located in Milwaukie, Oregon, their current site is a 320,000 square foot facility covering some seventeen acres and producing thousands of products each day. Made with the same good old-fashioned techniques customers have come to love and trust since the beginning, Bob’s Red Mill’s use of whole grains is what truly sets them apart.

A ‘cut’ above the rest, the whole grains found in all of Bob’s Red Mill products will not only give you amazing tastes, but help you feel good from the inside, out. Furthermore, as an Employee Owned Business [thanks to Bob’s generosity in giving his employees total ownership of Bob's Red Mill through an Employee Stock Ownership Program (ESOP)], you can be sure that every Bob's Red Mill employee is committed to sourcing, milling, testing, packaging, labeling and selling the finest products available.

With over 90 varieties of products to choose from, ranging from your traditional Gluten-free Oats to more unique foods like Hazelnut Meal/Flour and Gluten-free Garbanzo Fava Flour, and even such things as Organic Textured Soy Protein, you are sure to find something for every taste and every need in one of Bob’s Red Mill Gluten-free products.

NUTRITION-WISE: Those at Bob's Red Mill take pride in the quality of their products and aren’t just doing gluten-free because it’s a fad. In fact, they’ve been making gluten-free flours, cereals, baking mixes and grains for the past 30 years. They even thoroughly batch test every Gluten Free product in their quality control laboratory upon delivery, during production and after packaging.

Furthermore, unlike the majority of gluten-free products you buy on store shelves, all of Bob's Red Mill foods contain the whole grain, not some refined by-product. Why is this important? To put it simply, a processed grain is missing some of its most nutritious parts, whereas a whole grain contains all of its nutritional health benefits – thanks to the bran and germ (which are removed during the milling process). Without the bran and germ, the flour is void of the dietary fiber, iron, B vitamins, complex carbohydrates, and other vitamins, minerals, fatty acids and antioxidants.

*All of Bob’s Red Mill Gluten-free products are guaranteed pure and delicious, free of all gluten contamination. To ensure this, they test each batch in their quality control laboratory when they arrive from the farm and once again after they are packaged in their dedicated gluten-free facility. This makes their products safe for kids and adults of all ages who are worried about their gluten intake.

Furthermore, their variety of whole grains and cereals are great foods to introduce to a baby when they are first beginning to eat solids. These can include quinoa, buckwheat flakes, and oatmeal, among others, and pack a much more nutritious punch then the once sought after first food “rice cereal”.

WHERE TO BUY: To purchase Bob’s Red Mill products: you can buy them directly from their Online Store, or please visit their Store Locator for the location that sells them nearest you.

FINAL THOUGHTS: I’ve long been a fan of Bob’s Red Mill, even before I knew what gluten-free was (and how much better my body does without eating it). However, what I didn’t know (until researching for this review) was what a great company history they have and how much pride they take in their foods and processes. This is a company that truly cares about their consumers and the products that they sell.

What I also learned was what a great variety of gluten-free foods that Bob’s Red Mill has available and how you can literally find pretty much everything you need in regards to pantry staples when shopping their line. I especially love the unique options that they have – with the Hazelnut Meal/Flour being one of my favs! They also have plenty of dessert options that are very tasty too!

So, if you or a family member is gluten-free, then there is no reason not to try one – or more – of Bob’s Red Mill products, and then you can see for yourself how delicious going gluten-free can be!

To learn more about Bob’s Red Mill products please visit their website or check them out on Facebook.

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