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Better Bean Company: Making Beans Even Better

Posted by Jessica Boscarini on Wednesday, February 25, 2015 Under: Food Reviews


Whether a vegan, vegetarian, or full on carnivore, beans are one of those foods that show up on most people’s plates in one form or another. They are also one of those foods that pretty much every culture has put a spin on and made their own. Whether it be black beans and rice, refried beans, baked beans, chili, or some sort-of  variation, beans are one of those foods that pretty much everyone loves.

However, not all beans are created equal, especially when you are looking for a quick side dish you can heat up at home. With so many preservatives, added sugars, colors, and God knows what else, finding a bean brand you can trust – and of course enjoy – is of utmost importance.

Well let me tell you, the Better Bean Company is one of these brands.

THE PRODUCT: The Better Bean Company initially started when Keith Kullberg visited Ensenada, Mexico, on a break from studying engineering at Oregon State University. Ensenada, just over the border from the United States, is known for their Bean Cones – like an ice cream cone, but filled with refried beans! Keith couldn’t get enough! However, as a vegetarian he was dismayed to learn that the secret to their deliciousness was lard.

He returned to OSU in Corvallis, Oregon determined to reproduce the flavor – without animal products. What emerged are the Kullberg family refried beans, a spin on what you would typically find – made with red beans rather than the classic pinto, and spiced with Pepperoncini juice.

Thirty years later Keith decided to share his recipe with the world, and founded the Better Bean Company. Made using all-natural, quality ingredients, there are now 4 additional flavors to choose from, including the original Rethought Red Beans, as well as Cuban Black Beans, Uncanny Refried Black Beans, Wholly Chipotle Bean Dip and Three Sisters Chili.

Made using all-natural, premium ingredients, the Better Bean Company’s products are all freshly-prepared and refrigerated, not canned; skillet sautéed in high oleic safflower oil for rich authentic flavor; vegan; gluten and soy-free; and do not contain any artificial ingredients, flavors or preservatives.

As one of nature’s ultimate power foods, beans are a great alternative to both dairy and beef. They are not only high in protein, they also contain a good deal of antioxidents, fiber, minerals and folate. In fact, to obtain 14 grams of protein (1/4 DV) you must eat:

  • 2 ounces of cheddar cheese which has 18 grams of fat (4 teaspoons), or
  • 2 ounces of broiled lean ground beef which has 10 grams of fat, or
  • You could eat 1 cup of beans which are almost fat free.

However, I do want to state that beans, by themselves, are not a complete protein and must be combined with grains in order to fulfill your essential protein needs. They don’t all need to be eaten in the same meal though, just make sure you get a good variety of both in a 24-hour period.

*While all of the ingredients in Better Bean Company’s beans are just fine for people and babies of all ages, I wouldn’t suggest giving them to your infant as one of their first foods. Beans can be a bit harsh on one’s digestive system, and so it is best to “ease” them into their diet.

There are also quite a bit of herbs and spices in Better Bean Company’s products. And while I do suggest giving spices to your little one and seasoning their foods – so they have a stronger and more versatile palate as they get older – some of the spices may be a bit harsh for really little ones, so again, ease your child into them with a small bite here or there until they can “stomach” them ;). (As a side-note: I ate extremely spicy food all throughout my pregnancy and while I was nursing, and my son had no issues dealing with spice as soon as I started him on solids.)

WHERE TO BUY: To find the Retail Location that sells Better Bean’s nearest you, please visit their Store Locator.

I’ve always been a big fan of beans and definitely rely on them for a great deal of my protein needs – especially since I don’t eat meat (although I do eat fish). And while I will admit that I have used my fair share of canned beans in my day (always opting for Organic when possible), and then adding my own seasonings to them, there is nothing like a good old-fashioned bowl of slow-cooked beans, fresh from the stove.

But as a busy mom of a toddler, with another one on the way, this definitely isn’t always feasible. And that is why I have come to love all of the flavors and varieties available from the Better Bean Company. Not only are their beans absolutely delicious with that “made from scratch” taste, they are also good for you! Made with just the right amount of herbs and spices, these beans are definitely my new family go-to whenever that bean craving hits.

Try any or all of the Better Bean Company’s beans today and see for yourself how delicious and versatile beans can be!

To learn more about the Better Bean Company, please visit their website and check them out on Facebook.

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