Ultraline 1000 Fetal Doppler Review: Giving Pregnant Mom’s Peace of Mind


Ultraline 1000 Fetal Doppler Review: Giving Pregnant Mom’s Peace of Mind

Ultraline 1000 Fetal Doppler Review: Giving Pregnant Mom’s Peace of Mind

I never would have imagined how scary and nervous being a pregnant mom-to-be could be! Especially after having a miscarriage at 12 weeks, my anxiety is at an all time high (in regards to being pregnant again). I’m hoping with time this will go away, but I can’t say that for certain. Thankfully, the Ultraline 1000 Fetal Doppler is here to help give peace of mind to me – and all other expecting Mommas out there!

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For Moms-To-Be


Ultraline 1000 Fetal Doppler is the all new Patented Fetal Doppler from Baby Doppler. Its louder, sleeker, and by far the best fetal doppler on the market. There couldn't be a better time to listen to your baby's heartbeat. It also comes with an unmatched quality and price.

The Ultraline 1000 Fetal Doppler from Baby Doppler comes with a specially designed 2.5MHz probe suitable for women of all sizes. Everything you need to get started is included with an easy to understand user manual. The Authentic USA approved Fetal Doppler is used by many professionals and soon to be parents. This Fetal Doppler Baby Heart Rate Monitor can detect the heart rate of a fetus as early as the 12th week of pregnancy.

Trying to find Baby #3's heart beat


  • Advanced Fetal Dopper Heart Rate Monitor Large Display
  • Heart Rate Curve
  • Simple and Advanced Mode
  • Free Batteries Included
  • Patented 2.5MHz Doppler Probe


  • Ultraline 1000 Fetal Doppler
  • 3 x AAA Batteries
  • 1 x 60 ML Parker Aquasonic Ultrasound Gel


Please keep in mind, fetal dopplers are not used to diagnose any medical conditions and/or problems during pregnancy. You are advised to consult your doctor for any questions. Baby Doppler products are instead, used as a safe and effective way for expecting parents to feel secure and stress free while watching their baby grow.


Maria Gorobets is the visionary behind Baby Doppler. As a successful entrepreneur at the early age of 30, she is also a loving wife and a caring mother of 4. Baby Doppler USA is a result of her vision and an idea inspired from her own personal life.

In 2010 when Maria and her husband began trying to conceive for the first time, due to unfortunate circumstances, her first pregnancy resulted in miscarriage and, needless to say, was devastating. The second time they had success and she was able to be pregnant for the whole term. However there were issues with the pregnancy and at 8 months Maria had a feeling that something was wrong, but the doctors/ midwives said otherwise.

At 8 ½ months pregnant, Maria demanded an ultrasound to confirm the baby was okay. After the ultrasound results came in, it turned out that the baby’s heart beat wasn’t strong enough and kept dropping because the umbilical cord stopped working and the food was not going to the baby anymore. Had she not listened to her parental instincts the baby may not have made it. Thankfully she gave birth to a healthy baby.

This incident gave birth to Baby Doppler USA. Maria and her husband decided to promote the use of fetal dopplers to all the expecting parents so that no one has to go through their experience. Through Baby Doppler USA they not only promote and sell fetal dopplers online but also educate expecting parents about the right usage of fetal dopplers.

Baby Doppler USA ships all over the world with multiple strategic warehouses, and is looking forward to providing the best service. They strive for quick response time to people queries, faster delivery times and above all spreading smiles on expecting parent’s faces when they listen to their baby’s heartbeat.


You can purchase the Ultraline 1000 Fetal Doppler directly from their website, or at  Amazon.com, Walmart.com, Walmart.ca, eBay.com, ebay.ca and Sears.com.


I’ve never been convinced that I needed a fetal doppler in the past. I mean, both my first two pregnancies were like clockwork, and I never had a reason to worry. In fact, I chose to forego many of the routine bloodwork and tests that they do with my third, since I was so confident that I had this in the bag.

Unfortunately that wasn’t the case. The biggest shock of my life was when they did the ultrasound at my 12-week appointment to learn the baby’s gender – and instead I was told that the heart had stopped beating and the baby had stopped growing. (You can read more about my experiences, HERE).

From then, my life was forever changed. While I know everything happens for a reason and I am confident that this was for the best, it was still devastating and made me anxious and even afraid of getting pregnant in the future. I needed to know that I could find consistent reassurance that the baby was growing properly and that everything would be OK.

Thankfully, the million blood tests and multiple sonograms have helped, but the time between those have been brutal. And that’s why I am SOO excited about the new Ultraline 1000 Fetal Doppler. Not only does it give me a constant peace of mind – whenever I’m feeling doubtful – it is also super easy to use! My favorite part about this Doppler, compared to others, is that it actually shows you the beats per minute – so you can tell when you are actually hearing the babies heartbeat vs the whooshing noises of your uterus, etc. (Although I have to admit, that this can take some time to master J).

Kenzley and I hearing Baby #3's heart beat for the first time on the Ultraline 1000

Looking for a way to make those long months of pregnancy even easier on yourself – a way to stress less and know that you’re baby is doing OK?! Then you should definitely check out the Ultraline 1000 Fetal Doppler by Baby Doppler! Because it’s those small steps that make healthy living a lifestyle – so why not take one today?!

For more information about Baby Doppler and their Ultraline 1000 Fetal Doppler, please visit their website and check them out on Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter. And check out our review on Baby Doppler’s Minimax Digital Scale as well – so you know that baby is eating and growing just how he/she should!

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