The Stork’s Warehouse: Newborn Baby Subscription Review


The Stork’s Warehouse: Newborn Baby Subscription Review

The Stork’s Warehouse: Newborn Baby Subscription Review

Preparing to be a new mom can seem just as challenging and stressful as it is to actually be a new mom – trust me, this is my 4th time going through the whole process! However, thanks to The Stork’s Warehouse, you can find products to help you get through every trimester with ease thanks to their monthly subscriptions and post-birth Boxes.



With the tagline “Quality products: doula tested – mother approved!”, you better bet that those at The Stork’s Warehouse know what they’re talking about and how to help you navigate this special time as a mom-to-be and/or new mom.

What started from two doulas meeting and realizing that their similarities expanded beyond just being moms, these advocates and birth professionals, Jennifer and Rose, decided to merge their ideas and services, and from there, The Stork’s Warehouse was born.



Trimester Subscriptions:

Every box from The Stork’s Warehouse is hand-picked for each trimester of your pregnancy. The subscription is set up so you receive 1-box per month, with the items changing as you progress throughout your pregnancy.

They also provide a Newborn Box, which are the items that you see pictured here.


From a Como Tomo baby bottle and a Newborn Swaddle to Boobie Bears Superfood Gummies and then a variety of samples including Olly Beauty Bites, Bamboobies Nursing Pads, and Amazing Grass Hydrate Effervescent Greens, to name a few, this box will have you and your baby feeling all sorts of good, and is worth much more than the price you are paying.



Speaking of: with a cost of $49.99/box if you buy them individually, a subscription will cost you $41.66/month.



All subscription boxes can be purchased directly through The Stork’s Warehouse website. Boxes arrive between the 17th and the 29th of each month, so keep your eyes out!

Oh, and they were even featured on this week, so be sure to check them out there as well!


Your pregnancy should be a time of rejoicing, not stress – and at The Stork’s Warehouse, they have created these boxes with that in mind! From teas and treats to vitamins and creams, these fun and useful subscription boxes will help you glide through your 9 months of pregnancy with a smile on your face – and fun products to enjoy!

I personally love these sort-of subscriptions because they allow me to try a variety of products and then I can pick and choose which ones I want to invest in further (ie, vitamins and lotions). This way, you’re not wasting money on products you don’t love while still enjoying a variety of goodies that you undoubtedly will look forward to month after month.

Mama, you have enough on your plate! Relax and enjoy the journey, and let The Stork’s Warehouse take care of your bundle of joy!

To learn more about The Stork’s Warehouse, please visit their website and check them out on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest too!




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