Swado Review: a Silent Swaddle Unlike Any Others


Swado Review: a Silent Swaddle Unlike Any Others

Swado Review: a Silent Swaddle Unlike Any Others

We’ve all heard that swaddling a newborn is the best way to get them to sleep, but isn’t that an oxymoron when it comes to the loud Velcro that swaddles often contain?!

Not with Swado! This silent swaddle – thanks to the GoodCatch fastening fabric that makes Swado Swaddles one-of-a-kind – your baby will no longer be awakened by you trying to get them to fall and/or stay asleep!

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For Moms, Moms-to-be and Infants 0+*


Swado Swaddles are not like any other swaddle you’ve encountered, but really are a step above! Thanks to their innovative GoodCatch technology – a fastening fabric that is completely silent – plus the fact that it’s ergonomically “correct” for a baby’s hips, Swado has made the idea of swaddling an even better choice for parents then they could have hoped!

Available in many fun and fashionable prints, as well as 100% cotton and/or Organic options, there really is a Swado Swaddle for every baby [up to 18 lbs].


Swado Swaddle by GoodCatch is a family company launched in 2017 by Jack and Judy (a sibling duo). Their story, however, began years earlier, in 2011 when Jack met Jason, the inventor of the innovative GoodCatch fastening fabric that makes Swado Swaddles one-of-a-kind.

Jack was awed by the boundless potential applications for this new revolutionary fastening technology. When he showed it to Judy, an enthusiastic & certified baby expert, she instinctively saw its unique traits: silent, plush & fine-adjustability. Judy realized that GoodCatch would resolve the frustration of swaddling newborns and envisioned an incredibly easy, versatile and effective swaddle for parents and caregivers.

As she began designing one, Judy realized that she wanted not only a fuss-free, easy-to-do and silent swaddle, but one that is hip-healthy, supports baby’s cognitive and emotional development and could be used through the first year of a baby’s life to save parents money. Having vision for a perfect swaddle, however, was much easier than actually designing one. Relying on her work with families since 2007 as a certified baby expert, international baby swimming trainer and instructor for infant massage and yoga she began enlisting the help of parents and babies in her classes for feedback on her various swaddle blanket designs. After various designs, feedback and hands-on collaboration – the Swado swaddle designs have evolved into what they are today.


You can purchase Swado Swaddles directly through their Online Store, or at select retailers nationwide.


$32.99 for regular, $44.99 for Organic.


We’ve all heard – and/or know first hand – how much a baby sleeps when she’s swaddled, but those loud and obnoxious Velcro openings just don’t seem to be conducive for the “quite” that we hope to get from an item that’s supposed to help baby sleep!

Which is why Swado came up with the idea of their GoodCatch closure, so opening your baby’s swaddle can be done in complete silence, so both you and baby can stay at peace!

Soft and cute, and available in 100% cotton and Organic options, you can find the perfect Swado that your baby – and you – are sure to love!

Looking for a swaddle that is a snap above the rest? (See how I did that?! ;) Then check out Swado! Because it’s those small steps that make healthy living a lifestyle – so why not take one today?!

For more information about Swado Swaddles, please visit their website and check them out on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

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