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Staying Put in Your Swimsuit – Aqua Sphere Has You Covered

Staying Put in Your Swimsuit – Aqua Sphere Has You Covered

Swimsuits are one of those things that often strike a wrong cord in a lot of us. First of all, shopping for them is never fun. The lighting is always awful, we are never tan enough, and most would say they aren’t “skinny enough” either.

Then, after we do finally decide on one, not only do we have to prance around the thing in public, we have to worry about it slipping and sliding and exposing those areas that should never see daylight.

And this was all before having kids… Add an “after baby body” in the mix and you’ve got boobs, a belly, and a butt that you may not be too fond off.

Granted, it is possible to get your pre-baby body back with lots of healthy eating, exercising and dedication (contact me to learn more), it definitely doesn’t happen overnight and is not always that easy.

So instead of holing up and hiding out during those blasted hot summer months (especially if you live some where like Texas ?), why don’t you buy a swimsuit that will not only stay in place, but help to hide those “problem areas” that are part of the baby aftermath.

The Product: Founded in Italy in 1998, Aqua Sphere is a swim-based line of eyewear, wetsuits, bathing suits, and accessories. Developed for the triathlete, active swimmer, or water enthusiast, Aqua Sphere works with elite athletes, including 4-time Olympian Amanda Beard, to make sure that their suits are suitable for even the most hard-core athletics.

With lines created especially for active women, whether it be for fitness, exercise, or for chasing your kiddos around, Aqua Sphere has both 1 and 2-piece suits that are sure to hold in the areas that you want them to – ie, your boobs, belly, and butt.

Aqua Sphere even has a suit especially designed for pregnant momma’s. With bust support, adjustable straps, expanding front seams, and a criss-cross tulle belly support pocket, this suit is made to help support and flatter when (and where) your body needs it most.

Where to Buy: To locate a Dealer near you, visit Aqua Sphere’s Homepage, or buy directly via their Online Store.

Synopsis: Being a mom has brought about a whole new modest aura about myself. Not to say that I haven’t always leaned more toward the modest side, but now that I have a kid (and my boobs are double their normal size since I’m still breastfeeding), I am a bit embarrassed to prance around in my pre-baby swimsuits. This is especially true when attending my sons swim lessons and all the other moms are well covered and I just look like a porn star. And while I will admit that I have worked hard to get my body back into pre-baby shape, I still want to keep my “lady parts” in place and not be “that mom”.

Well thanks to Aqua Sphere and their lines of 1 and 2-piece suits especially designed for active women, there is no need to worry about “popping out” while running after my son. There are even suits to hold in your belly and thighs. Plus, there is a suit especially designed for Moms-to-be and her growing belly, so no matter how big you feel like you are getting, you won’t have to worry about buying a new swimsuit every time you turn the corner.

Try Aqua Sphere today and leave your worries about staying covered behind.

For more information about Aqua Sphere and their lines of women’s swimwear, please visit their website and check them out on Facebook.



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