Snuggle Me™ Review: The Sleeper that Hugs Your Baby and Promotes Safety and Comfort


Snuggle Me™ Review: The Sleeper that Hugs Your Baby and Promotes Safety and Comfort

Snuggle Me™ Review: The Sleeper that Hugs Your Baby and Promotes Safety and Comfort

Raising a new baby is tough stuff. Yes, all they “technically do” is eat, sleep and poop, but getting them to do any and/or all of these things can be the difficult part – not to mention if you want to get anything else done! This is especially true in regards to the sleeping part… Babies like to be held, cuddled and made to feel like they are safe, just like they were in the womb. But carrying our little one around 24/7 isn’t feasible, and so there can be a lot of crying; with the baby just wishing for a comfy touch, a hold, a hug.

And that’s where the Snuggle Me™ steps in! Made to recreate the hug of the womb, your baby will feel safe and comforted while you too will be able to get your hands back and find some peace.

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For 0 - 6 Months+


With so many baby sleepers and loungers on the market, it’s hard to know which one is best for your baby – and therefore worth investing the money into. Well, after looking at many different options, the one by Snuggle Me™ truly stands out as exceptional.

What makes Snuggle Me™ different is the slightly raised and unpadded patented center-sling™. When you lay your baby on here, the sides of the Snuggle Me™ gently pull in against baby, giving the feeling of a hug. This is a unique, patented feature only found in the Snuggle Me™ and is why no other lounger can give this sensory experience to your baby.

Furthermore, this exclusive design creates a secure fit around baby's torso, ensuring baby is not able to roll or turn within the lounger, but instead, actively hugs him/her, recreating the womb. Designed for infants 0-6 months, as your baby grows they will begin gently draping their legs over the bottom edge and their heads will rest on the opposite edge. This is an intentional design choice. It has been found that as babies grow, supporting their spine in a neutral position is the healthiest option.

Snuggle Me™ continues to keep baby in the safer on-his-back position and ensures baby won't be able to roll out of the lounger until they are strong crawlers. Once baby starts to crawl, they are likely ready to transition out of the need for close confinement. Watch for baby's cues and listen to your intuition, being mindful to how baby acts and when they get squirmy. If you notice these signs, then it might be time to transition to more space – so go for it!

And while, yes, the Snuggle Me™ is great for sleeping, it can also be used to help you with lot of other baby-related things, including:

  • Security: Baby will feel safe while Momma’s can have their hands free.
  • Playtime: The Snuggle Me™ offers just the right amount of propping for baby's head and shoulders to keep them comfortable all while being able to keep an eye on mom, and to watch what's going on in the room.
  • Tummy Time: Because of the snuggling effect of the Snuggle Me™, infants feel secure and are more open to tummy time practice. It also keeps baby’s back properly positioned for healthy back posture.
  • Acid Reflux: Babies with acid reflux are more comfortable when their heads are elevated. When baby’s head is pulled up onto the end of the Snuggle Me™, it will provide gentle elevation.
  • Changing Station: The Snuggle Me™ is great for keeping baby on the couch for the daily diaper and outfit changes.
  • Photography: The Snuggle Me™ is the perfect shape for infant photography. It not only looks great on camera, but helps an infant stay calm and warm during a photo session!
  • Sponge Baths (or as a Bath-Time Helper): Babies do not like to be exposed! Because of the “Moro” (startle) reflex in small infants, being unbundled can be scary and somewhat stressful on both baby and parent. Use the Snuggle Me™ to keep baby feeling confined during those first few sponge baths or for those in-between bath wipe downs. It’s also the perfect place to lay baby while getting them undressed or for drying them off afterwards.
  • Day Care: If you are a daycare provider, the Snuggle Me™ can help you manage multiple infants in the classroom.  If you are a parent, you can bring your baby’s Snuggle Me™ for easier transitions between day care and home. It is easier for an infant to be away from mom and dad if they have something familiar with them that also smells like home.
  • Travel: Babies are more content in new surroundings when they have a piece of home with them. Bring your Snuggle Me™ to grandma's house, on vacations, or to baby's daycare for easier transitions.
  • Outdoors: Give baby their own space to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine while keeping them out of the dirt and bugs. Take the Snuggle Me™ outside when playing with older children, gardening, or going to the beach.
  • Multiples: This is the inspiration behind Snuggle Me™. The Snuggle Me™ can lend parents a helping hand in the day-to-day care of multiples. Because of its' snuggling effect, an infant will get the security they need while a parent is caring for other infants.

Hand crafted in the USA, the Snuggle Me™ is available in Original, Organic and Wool varieties and can also be purchased with or without a print cover.


The Snuggle Me™ uses fabrics and materials directly from the USA.  This means that the fabrics (in particular) are regulated by the CPSIA. The CPSIA has the highest standard for product safety anywhere. As for their fills, the Organic fills are both Certified Organic and are in their raw, unprocessed forms. Even the polyester fill is made in the US and doesn’t contain any added chemicals or Ethylene Glycol, Phthalates, BPAs, or flame retardants.

In terms of use, Snuggle Me™ has been produced for 10+ years and there are still no tests available that would test for use of the product; which is true for nearly ALL products produced today.  When products say they are tested for safety, what they usually mean is that they meet the basic lead and the toxic chemical tests that are required for all products.  This speaks nothing of how the product is used.

The JPMA does offer testing for more common items, (ie, strollers, high chairs, car seats etc.), but cannot help with products that fall out of those categories.  When they test these products, they are seeing what happens in a crash, what happens when you tip them over, or drop them from a high place.  But even these more mechanical tests cannot predict every single situation (which is why there are such large amounts of recalls on products that have, in fact, been tested for safety).   

However, Snuggle Me™ does have an 11 year track record of amazing safety performance.  Their product keeps babies in place, preventing them from rolling. This product is unlike other, newly emerging imitation products. They've patented this technology and have a long track record you can trust.

General Safety Advice

It is recommend that you do not use the Snuggle Me™ in a crib or leave baby unattended. The Snuggle Me™ should never be used in a separate room as an adult.  Do not place on high surfaces and do not carry baby while in the Snuggle Me™.


Mia Carr, homeschooler and mama of 7 (yes, 7), is the CEO of Snuggle Me™ for almost 10 years. She also has a wide range of birthing experiences, from hospital to her 3 more recent birth center births. Furthermore, Mia is a co-writer for Snuggle Me’s blog and has been featured as a Birth Expert on the Birth Institute and Pathways to Family Wellness.  She lives south of Duluth, MN on a 20-acre homestead, raising kiddos, chickens and veggies.

It has now been more than 10 years since Mia made the first Snuggle Me™ at her kitchen table on a used sewing machine with fabrics from the local sewing store. Simply equipped with a vision and crazy determination, Snuggle Me™ continues to employ local, Minnesota sewers to craft each and every Snuggle Me™ with care.

How it Started

As a new mom to twin babies, while also currently having a toddler at home, Mia desperately needed a way to juggle the demands that it all entailed, and is why she and her mother-in-law designed a brand new concept: a cushion that would give baby the feelings of being helped when placed inside.

Being deeply passionate about attachment parenting, Mia understood the importance of bonding and the needs babies had for close, physical contact to their mama. She also understood that she was slowly losing her mind with the constant juggling of children's needs and doing so alone the majority of the day.

“All I needed was someone to come in and simply hold one of our little babies for awhile. I could have felt much more confident and pulled together during that time. Had I felt better about my baby’s needs being met, I would have felt less guilty and more successful as a new mama. But the truth is, I felt deeply insufficient and I think a lot of mamas feel this way as they face that postpartum period. ” – Mia Carr, CEO


  • Snuggle Me Original™: $120.00 with natural cover; $136.00 with print cover
  • Snuggle Me ORGANIC™: $140.00 with natural cover; $156.00 with print cover
  • Snuggle Me WOOL™: $298.00 with merino wool cover; $258.00 with print cover


Snuggle Me™ products can be purchased directly through their Online Store, or to find the retail location nearest you, please visit their Store Locator.


The Snuggle Me™ is all about giving a baby that personal touch when a mother cannot. Not to say it is in any way to replace a mother’s love or a baby’s need for human support. However, having a portable place that gives baby the feelings of confinement that mamas know they need, can ease the stress and fears mamas often have while experiencing postpartum. Plus, we all need our hands free every now and again!

Babies spend 10 months tucked snuggly inside their mother's womb.  After they are born, all the "space" leaves them a little lost and uncomfortable. This is why swaddling is so magical. It’s also why the Snuggle Me™ is so great. It creates a boundary around them, allowing babies to feel secure even after you have laid them down.

The Snuggle Me™ feels similar to a pair of arms holding them, and when you do need to lay your baby down, the Snuggle Me™ will help your baby continue to feel snuggled and safe. It actively hugs your baby truly recreating the feeling they're used to in the womb. Having been around for 11 years now, the Snuggle Me™ is continuously said [by customers] to help baby stay content longer, allowing baby to feel snuggled and secure – something all of us mothers want for our most precious littles!

And while my baby isn’t here yet, so my “personal” experience is only of the product itself – as well as feedback from fellow momma’s – this is definitely going to be my go-to lounger for my little guy’s first 6 months of life! The fact that it will help him feel safe and secure when I can’t… that’s a life changer!

Do you have a new baby of your own, or are you looking for a must-have gift idea for a friend or family member? Then you should definitely check out Snuggle Me™ – since we all know that both babies and Mommas need their sleep and those feelings of comfort! Because it’s those small steps that make healthy living a lifestyle (and yes, peace and sleep are definitely some of them!) – so why not take one today?!

For more information about Snuggle Me™, please visit their website and check them out on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter.

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