Simply Chickie Review: Organic Clothes with Chickie Sayings to Keep Babies Safe while Making Adults Smile

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Simply Chickie Review: Organic Clothes with Chickie Sayings to Keep Babies Safe while Making Adults Smile

Simply Chickie Review: Organic Clothes with Chickie Sayings to Keep Babies Safe while Making Adults Smile

The more research I do, the stronger and stronger I feel about the products that we put on our skin and how it affects us internally. This is especially true for infants and is why I believe that buying organic cotton clothing for the littlest members of our families really is important!

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For Newborns to Adults


From Baby Rompers, Hats and Gift Sets to Toddler T-shirts and even Adult Shirts, Tanks, and Dresses, Simply Chickie is all about making high-quality organic clothes with fun and inventive sayings that everyone will love!

With cute little images and words along to match, you’ll find clothes with a picture of a newly hatched chick that says “Just Hatched”, a lobster and the words “Local Catch”, a picture of a whale and the saying “Little squirt, big dreams” and an Owl and the phrase “Night Owl”, among many others.

Simply Chickie


Gwendolyn Gardner is the founder and designer of Simply Chickie Clothing. Over 10 years ago, she was diagnosed with Stage 2 Breast Cancer. That same week, she broke up with her boyfriend and found out she was pregnant with her daughter, Elizabeth. As you can imagine, the juxtaposition of life and death was confusing, yet transforming. She started thinking about what she put in her body and eventually what she put on it. She paid attention to smells and food and everything coming in contact with her mouth and skin. She was eventually operated on and the cancer was excised.

However, she couldn't stop there. Gwendolyn started taking really good care of herself: exercised, ate organically grown fruits and vegetables, and practiced yoga. She needed to live because she was going to be a single mom and didn't just want to be there now, but for years to come. She paid attention to labels and discovered that the lovely soft cotton clothing she enjoyed hid a dirty secret: the cotton crop is one of the most polluting crops grown.

As Gwendolyn started making life-altering changes, she also thought about Elizabeth every step of the way---and other children just like her. She knew that she was going to do everything in her power to ensure her little girl was as safe as she could make her – which is how the idea of Simply Chickie was born.

Simply Chickie

Since baby skin is very porous, Gwendolyn created an organic cotton clothing line for babies that not only would be safe for Elizabeth and all other children who wore it, but also contained the funny stuff [about babies] that woke her up at night. She wanted to make sure she gave the parents a moment to laugh because there was a time when she couldn’t. Thankfully, laughter is now part of her every day – and she hopes to make it part of yours!

Product Inspiration:

All of Simply Chickie designs are based on inspiration that is sparked from interacting with Gwendolyn’s daughter, and sometimes her friends. Her first design “Inside Me I’ve Got” occurred when the two of them were taking a nap together. Elizabeth’s soft breath on Gwendolyn’s face made her smile and filled her with wonder, so she wrote a poem about the experience. She printed it on clothing, and “Inside Me I’ve Got” became their best seller.

Simply Chickie

To create much of the original artwork, Gwendolyn initially cut pieces of beautiful paper found on her travels around the world to form the outline. She then painted in the details as necessary. Today, the design is transposed and enhanced on the computer and ultimately printed on baby rompers, t-shirts, and hats. This entire process is done piece-by-piece in an authentic fashion – truly handmade.


Organic farming is a farming system that relies on natural inputs only. No synthetically produced pesticides or fertilizers are used. Beneficial insects are allowed to flourish to keep pest insects in check. Crop rotations with legumes help maintain fertility and soil microbiology. Weeds are controlled with precision tillage and the old-fashioned hoe. The successful organic farm requires much more intensive and innovative management – and is why organic clothing comes with a heftier price tag.


  • Rompers cost: $29.99
  • Hats cost: $19.99
  • Gift Sets (which include 2 Rompers): $59.99
  • Toddler T-shirts: $29.99
  • Adult Shirts and Dresses: $14.99 - $29.99


Simply Chickie clothes can be purchased directly through their Online Store, or you can use their Store Locator to find the retail shop nearest you.


Just like Gwendolyn, I believe that what you put on your body is just as important as what you put in it. As a Holistic Nutritionist, I’ve seen the nasty effects of what chemicals, artificial colors, synthetic ingredients, etc. can do first hand – and is why I try to live the healthiest life that I can – which means I try to avoid these things at all cost.

And while buying organic clothing for myself isn’t exactly feasible – since 1) there aren’t that many brands available and 2) I’d be throwing away way more clothing (and therefore money) than I’d like to admit, I do believe that infants, who have the most delicate skin – and brains, organs, etc. for that matter – deserve to have the very best! This is why I love companies like Simply Chickie. Not only is the story about why and how it started resonate with me, it also goes to show the quality and thought that goes into each piece of clothing. Plus, the stuff is not only ridiculously soft, it’s super adorable too!

Simply Chickie

Do you have a baby of your own, or looking for a fun and cute gift for a friend’s, then you should definitely check out the product lines by Simply Chickie. Because it’s those small steps that make healthy living a lifestyle – so why not take one today?!

For more information about Simply Chickie, please visit their website and check them out on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and YouTube.

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