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SCD Probiotics: Liquid Probiotics that Help Keep Your Gut in Check

SCD Probiotics: Liquid Probiotics that Help Keep Your Gut in Check


Supplements are a dime a dozen these days with more and more companies popping up on a weekly basis, all promising to deliver exactly what you're looking for. Whether it be a multi-vitamin, Omega-3's, or some other "answer to your health concerns", I can't imagine there being a shortage of supplemental options any time soon.

However, how do we know which companies really are as great as they claim to be and that their products actually do what they promise to? Well, since there aren't any real regulations out there regarding supplements, it's hard to say. Unfortunately a lot of it has to come through trial and error on our part, as well as reviews and word-of-mouth from those we trust.

Legally though, I would say the closest you can come to being "certified as legit" is through the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) Guidelines enforced by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, as well as to have your ingredients approved by the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) for use in certified organic production.

SCD Probiotics has all of this covered, including a trusted review by yours truly ;).

THE PRODUCT: SCD Probiotics is a life sciences company researching, developing and manufacturing natural probiotic products based on the principles of Consortia Probiotics Technology. "Consortia", is a process of co-growth that combines multiple strains during production. Ultimately, through the proprietary consortia culturing processes, the microorganisms become a small ecosystem, which are much more resilient and work together synergistically, making it the most similar environment to how microorganisms actually survive in nature.

With two types of probiotic products available for human consumption, not to mention those that they use in agriculture, industrial, home & garden, livestock, aquaculture and tannery industries, SCD's products are distributed to their licensee network and used by customers in every corner of the globe.

Having tried SCD Essential Probiotics® and SCD Herbal Probiotics® myself, I can say that their products really do satisfy your body's need for healthy bacteria by helping to restore balance in the digestive tract and by supporting a healthy immune function.

NUTRITION-WISE: So what are probiotics and why do we need them? Here's the low-down:

We all have a digestive tract populated by a microbial ecology. Unfortunately, we are not born with many intestinal "helpers" (aka, good bacteria), and instead rely on them through the food we eat and drink. While this is all good in theory, most of us don't always make the healthiest food choices, which can lead to an imbalance in our ecology - more bad bacteria than good -Â? and can cause a number of digestive issues. The use of antibiotics and certain medical conditions can also cause a reduction of healthy digestive microflora, exacerbating this problem even further.

By using probiotics and consistently flourishing our bodies with these healthy microbes, we will not only increase the ratio of good versus bad bacteria in our gut, it will make our whole bodies work more efficiently as well.

...and welcome SCD Probiotics.

Containing 11 live probiotic strains, SCD Probiotics are shelf stable and come in a pH balanced liquid which is actually able to survive stomach acid, as opposed to the majority of probiotics which are only available in pill form and get "killed off" before their benefits are even obtained. Furthermore, these products help support healthy digestion, promote regularity, support intestinal and immune health, relieve gas & bloating, and are all natural, not genetically modified, and contain zero calories.

As previously mentioned, SCD Essential Probiotics® combines state-of-the art probiotic science with artisanal manufacturing. This proprietary consortia technology delivers a probiotic unmatched in type and activity thanks to the way it combines multiple bacterial strains during production, allowing each strain to develop while simultaneously interacting with other strains. This is opposed to most microbial technologies, which are based on "pure culture" methods of manufacturing (meaning the microorganisms are grown as individual strains in a sterile environment). If a finished product does contain more than a strain, each strain is typically grown in pure culture then blended at time of packaging.

Available in a concentrated, liquid form, SCD Probiotics are available in both their Essentials formula and their Herbal Probiotics® formulation, which is a concentrated health drink that combines 19 organic herbs, giving you the power of probiotics and antioxidants all-in-one. [Please note, the Herbal formula does need to be refrigerated after opening.]

*Children as young as 2 can safely consume SCD Essential Probiotics when taken in a 1 tsp. serving. However, since there is a wide array of herbs in their Herbal formula, I would suggest waiting until your child is around 12 years of age before consuming this product, since concentrated herbs can cause issues in some young children.

WHERE TO BUY: You can conveniently purchase SCD Probiotic supplements directly from their Online Store, or to find the retail location that sells them nearest you, please visit their Store Locator.

FINAL THOUGHTS: I've been taking probiotics for quite some time now and can definitely feel the difference if I don't take my daily supplements. This is especially true if I don't get in enough fruits and/or vegetables that day, although even then I would say that my probiotics are a must. In fact, if there were just one vitamin, mineral, etc. that I would suggest everyone take it would be a probiotic. I say this for the simple reason that no one is naturally equipped with all of the "good bacteria" that their body needs - with the typical American diet being no help to this cause - and having a healthy internal "ecosystem" really can help fend off sickness, disease, etc.

Available in a concentrated, liquid form, SCD Probiotics are developed in a way that your body can easily consume and utilize. And while they don't taste all that great, taking them as a shot, or mixing them in with a smoothie or other strong beverage isn't really that bad. Especially since you can be sure that you are getting a vast amount of nutrients all in one quick gulp. Plus, they are conveniently bottled in a 1-month supply, making them an easy choice when trying to decipher which probiotic brand to purchase.

Try SCD Probiotics today and see for yourself how great taking a simple probiotic supplement can make you feel!

To learn more about SCD Probiotic supplements please visit their website and check them out on Facebook.

And remember, Contact Healthy.Fit.Fab...Moms today to learn more about helping you and your family live a healthy, fit, and fabulous life!



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