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REVIEW: Watusee Foods – Chickpeatos Chickpea Snacks and Breadcrumbs

REVIEW: Watusee Foods – Chickpeatos Chickpea Snacks and Breadcrumbs

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THE COMPANY: [In short] Jimmy and Greg had been friends since college and bonded over healthy eating and active living. Both were personal trainers, but were also studying to become a Real Estate Developer and Doctor, respectively. Jimmy had finished a big real estate deal and the two were brainstorming new projects for him to take on. Greg suggested that they start a business to make it easier for people to live healthy lives. That’s when Jimmy, a medical student at the time, introduced Greg to the chickpea snacks he had been roasting to help get him through his daily 4:00pm hunger pangs. Greg, like all of Jimmy’s coworkers, loved them. Agreeing that they had something special, Chickpeatos were born.

THE PRODUCTS: Watusee Foods is the company behind Chickpeatos: crunchy and flavorful chickpea snacks that have been lightly seasoned and roasted with either olive oil or coconut oil, depending on the flavor you choose. Available in 3 savory flavors and 1 sweet one, you can choose from Rosemary, Spicy Cayenne, Tomato Basil or Cinnamon Toast.

Chickpeatos has also developed one of a kind Chickpea “Breadcrumbs”, which act like breading and bake like panko. Made with only one simple ingredient, Organic Chickpeas, these gluten-free Crumbs are also full of flavor, protein, and fiber, and add the perfect amount of crunch to any recipe you choose.


NUTRITION-WISE: Made with Organic Chickpeas and roasted with either olive oil or coconut oil, Chickpeatos are also lightly seasoned with a few choice ingredients – you won’t find any artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives. Moreover, even their sweet flavor is only sweetened with Stevia – not sugar – so you truly can enjoy their sweet crunch without the guilt.

All of Chickpeatos Snacks have around 120 calories, 25 of which come from healthy fats, as well as 6 grams of protein, 5 grams of fiber and are Gluten-free, Vegan and made with all non-GMO ingredients.

WHERE TO BUY: Watusee Foods can conveniently be purchased through their Online Store, or you can visit their Store Locator to find the retail location nearest you.

FINAL THOUGHTS: Now that I have two kids, I feel like I am [literally] always on the run. Whether it be taking my kids to the park or “jumpy jump”, or just trying to get them something to eat at home, I feel like my quest for a quick snack – for both them and I – is something that I never stop needing. And I mean never!

Without even including my husband in the mix, at any given moment, 1 of the 3 of us is eating and/or I am prepping or cleaning up a snack or meal to eat. For this reason, finding quick and healthy snacks is a must for me – and I don’t always want another bar!

Thankfully, I was recently introduced to Watusee Foods’ Chickpeatos snacks. In flavors that are both savory and sweet, with just the right amount of crunch, these little beans are a great tide-me-over food that both my son and I love (my daughter is still too young).

And while I have had numerous other “crunchy chickpeas”, these really are some of my favorites thanks to their simple ingredient list and use of Stevia instead of sugar – since I really try to avoid added sugars in all of our foods as much as possible, but am a sucker for anything Cinnamon and “Sugar”. Moreover, their Chickpea Crumbs are absolutely phenomenal, giving you that Panko-like texture without the gluten, and with protein and fiber to boot.

So whether you are looking for another healthy snack to add to your list, or want to spruce up your dinner-time menu, then Watusee Foods is sure to have something that you just can’t get enough of – so check them out!

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