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REVIEW: Coco Polo – Sugar-free Chocolate that Truly Tastes Amazing

REVIEW: Coco Polo – Sugar-free Chocolate that Truly Tastes Amazing

For MOMS, MOMS-TO-BE & Kids 5 Years+*

THE COMPANY: What began in 1996 as an idea of making delicious chocolate, free from processed sugars, turned into more than a decade long process for Coco Polo of making what is now some of the tastiest Stevia-sweetened chocolate on the market.

The real gamer changer happened when a chance meeting between Coco Polo Founders Diane Yamate and John Cunnell and stevia farmer Bill Francis [at the 1999 Natural Products Show] turned into a partnership that had them incorporating Bill’s patented method of extracting Reb A (the component of the Stevia plant that would finally be approved for use in food in the U.S. in 2008), with their bold, balanced and satisfying chocolate recipe.

Although it took them many frustrating trials in order to get that smooth and silky taste that chocolate lovers expect without the bitter taste that Stevia often gives out, Coco Polo officially launched in 2011, and has been developing amazing sugar-free chocolate bars ever since.

Using 70% cocoa in all of their Dark Chocolate Bars, and 39% in the Milk Chocolate, you won’t find any sharp tastes normally associated with chocolates with higher cocoa content either, but instead a smooth and silky taste - and all without any sugar!

THE PRODUCTS: Coco Polo is the maker of some of the most delicious and satisfying sugar-free chocolate bars on the market, sweetening all of their bars with non-GMO Reb A (stevia) and Non-GMO Erythritol. All of their bars also contain Inulin (a prebiotic), Cocoa Butter, Non-GMO Soy Lecithin, Vanilla, and several other high-quality ingredients, depending on the flavor you choose.

With 16 different varieties of chocolate bars to choose from, including 9 Dark Chocolate flavors boasting 70% Cocoa, and 7 Milk Chocolate Flavors, all containing 39% Cocoa, you can get your bars in Pure Chocolate or with Cocoa Nibs, Dry-Roasted Almond, Elderberry, Toasted Coconut Chia, Baobab, Tart Cherry, Ginger, Hazelnut or Mango.

NUTRITION-WISE: Made using Chocolate Liquor, Non-GMO Erythritol, Inulin (a prebiotic), Cocoa Butter, Non-GMO Soy Lecithin, Vanilla, non-GMO Reb A (extract of Stevia), as well as a number of other ingredients depending on the flavor you choose, you can be sure that each bar is made with the highest-quality foods, all of which are chosen with your health in mind.

From high antioxidant Elderberries, to Vitamin E-rich Almonds, these delicious bars not only contain loads of healthy add-ins, the true standout remains the cocoa bean thanks to its massive portfolio of beneficial compounds. And best of all, these cocoa bean attributes don’t have to compete with the detrimental effects of processed sugar or other artificial sweeteners or sugar alcohols, so you really are doing something great for your body – and your taste-buds!

All of Coco Polo bars are non-GMO, gluten free and all natural. The Reb A sweetener used in Coco Polo is a pure extract of the Stevia plant and is non-GMO, and their Erythritol is a naturally fermented, fully absorbed (meaning it won’t cause digestive issues), zero glycemic, non-insulin raising sweetener sourced from non-GMO corn. Moreover, almost all fiber in their chocolate bars is derived from the high levels of cocoa mass (chocolate liquor) and Inulin (a prebiotic from chicory), and all their Cocoa is sourced through Sustainable practices. Plus, even the dairy in the Milk Chocolate is RBST-free, so for those who prefer Milk Chocolate, you can feel good about eating Coco Polo bars too.

*I wouldn’t normally advise anyone giving their young ones chocolate, thanks to the loads of added sugars and/or other preservatives used – not to mention the caffeine that chocolate contains – but these sugar-free chocolate bars from Coco Polo really are a healthy and delicious treat for people of [almost] all ages. Again, I wouldn’t give a whole bar to my little one, but a couple bites here and there to your “well-behaved” kid definitely won’t do them any harm.

Personally, my main reason for not giving them to a young child (besides the caffeine factor), is really just because littles can’t differentiate between this sugar-free chocolate and the kind you normally see in grocery store checkout lines, and I don’t want my children to be thinking it’s all the same and begging me for some chocolate every time they see some.

WHERE TO BUY: Coco Polo Chocolate Bars can conveniently be purchased through their Online Store, or you can visit their Store Locator to find the retail location nearest you.

FINAL THOUGHTS: I’ve got to admit that I have become quite the chocolate lover over the past several years – mainly since going to Expo West in 2012 for the first time and experiencing what true, unaltered chocolate is all about. Or was it when I became pregnant with my first child?! The dates are right around the same time so I can’t be quite sure. Either way… ;)

But as I was saying, I have eaten a lot of chocolate over the past several years and finding brands with the least amount of sugar – all while still tasting fantastic – is generally my deciding factor in which brands to buy. And while I have tried several different bars that claim to be sugar-free, they all contain milk whether they are “Dark” or not (and I don’t eat dairy, so this doesn’t work so well for me). Plus, they usually have a funky aftertaste and don’t give you that satisfying feeling that you get from a true Chocolate bar. So needless to say, I rather stick with the authentic stuff and get a real bang for my buck.

That is until I was introduced to Coco Polo and their sugar-free, Stevia-sweetened Dark Chocolate bars. Since then, my chocolate eating experience has never been the same. Not only are these bars made with high quality ingredients that are smooth, rich, and oh-so-satisfying, they are also good for you – especially when taking into consideration that you are eating chocolate!

So whether you are a lover of Dark Chocolate, or Milk is more your cup, you should definitely give Coco Polo bars a try – and you would never guess that they aren’t filled with sugar because they really do taste that good!

To learn more about Coco Polo please visit their website.

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