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REVIEW: Babo Sun Products for the Littlest Ones in Your Life


We all know how harmful the sun can be, especially on our little one’s skin, but with all the misinformation out there it is hard to know what is the best way to protect them. Can sunscreen be applied to babies under 6 months? Should I reapply every 2 hours? Is SPF 30 going to be enough?

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THE COMPANY: Kate Solomon’s father was a beekeeper and shared his skill and love for bees early on. As passion for beekeeping and sustainable agriculture grew, she decided to join the Peace Corps, after graduating from Harvard, where she had the opportunity to share her knowledge of beekeeping with women in rural Paraguay as a means of financial and nutritional support for their families.

On returning to the US, she embarked on a career as a hair and skincare product developer for brands including L'Oreal, LVMH, Avon, and Redken. After becoming pregnant with her first child, she went in search of a line of products that both stood up to her professional standards and felt safe and natural enough for her new baby. She found that most baby and children's products were long on chemical names and did not address particular hair and skin problems like adult products do. So, Kate’s entrepreneurial spirit took over, and Babo Botanicals began.

Named after her little boy's security bunny, Babo (who he always felt safe and comforted with), Babo Botanicals was originally created with babies and children in mind, although their products perform so well that Babo is quickly becoming a family brand, providing products that babies, children, teenagers, and adults all love.

THE PRODUCTS: Knowing that sun care can be complicated, with all the dos and don'ts out there, Babo Botanicals has worked hard to create a line of sunscreens that are safe, effective, great for the skin, and perfect for babies and adults alike. Made on a certified organic farm in Upstate New York, Babo’s sunscreens are made to be simple, focusing on the most essential, pure ingredients. Rated safest by Parents Magazine in 2013, all Babo Botanicals sunscreens are:

  • SPF 30+ zinc-oxide based non-nano broad spectrum

Mineral-based and safe for even the youngest of babies, Babo’s Sun Care line includes multiple products, including a Sheer Zinc Continuous Spray that is SPF 30, a Super Shield Sport Stick that SPF 50, and a Nutri-Soothe™ SPF 15 Lip Treatment, among others.

HEALTH-WISE: Babo Botanicals Sun Products were created with the youngest of kids in mind, meaning that they are safe on even the most sensitive of skins and are free of any harmful chemicals or formulations. They are also gluten, soy, and tree nut free.

With various SPFs, and available in both a light apple scent or completely scent-free, Babo Sun Products will protect against UVA and UVB rays (and even UVC rays), thanks to the use of zinc oxide: the leading filter for all types of sun rays, and proven to be the most safe and effective active ingredient available as it sits on top of the skin to form a formidable barrier (as opposed to being absorbed by the skin). Zinc is an expensive ingredient so it is often combined with other UV blockers, but in Babo products, they pack in a full 22%.

Moreover, Babo’s Sun products are non-greasy and go on clear, unlike the mast majority of other mineral-based sunscreens. They are also packed with organic ingredients that are great for your skin, and thanks to their unique botanical moisturizing formula, are one of the few products that offers protection from both sun and wind.

*Since children are at far higher risk for sun exposure than adults, due to their sparse pigmentation cells and less effective immune systems (that are more sensitive to UV light), the best sun care is a hat and protective clothing. It is also important to try to plan around the sun, and to avoid being outside when the sun is directly overhead. However, staying out of the sun is not always feasible, so if you plan on using sunscreen on a newborn, layer up with Babo, and reapply at least every two hours (after checking with your pediatrician, of course).

WHERE TO BUY: Babo’s Sun products are available on their Online Store, or to find the retail location nearest you please visit their Store Locator.

PRICE: Babo’s Sun Products start at $9.95 for their Lip Treatment, and go up to $22.00 for their Sheer Zinc Continuous Spray Sunscreen SPF 30.

FINAL THOUGHTS: We all know how harmful the sun can be, especially on our little one’s skin, but with all the misinformation out there it is hard to know what is the best way to protect them. Can sunscreen be applied to babies under 6 months? Should I reapply every 2 hours? Is SPF 30 going to be enough?

While it all can seem daunting, especially when it’s our first baby and we want to be as protective as possible – even if it means never going outside – Babo Botanicals was developed to keep you safely covered!

From their Sheer Zinc Continuous Spray Sunscreen SPF 30 to their Super Shield Sport Stick Sunscreen SPF 50, Babo Sun Products are not only safe for the most sensitive of skins – including a newborn’s – but are easy to apply and go on clear, so even the most fussiest of toddlers (or teenagers for that matter), will not mind using them.

Try any or all of Babo Botanicals Sun Products today so both you and your littles can enjoy the sun worry-free!

For more information on Babo Botanicals, please visit their website and check them out on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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