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Raw Food Central: Raw Chips & Crackers that are Simply Delicious

Raw Food Central: Raw Chips & Crackers that are Simply Delicious


It seems like everywhere you turn there is a new brand of kale chips, flax seed crackers, or some other healthy, raw snack that you “must try”, promising to convert you from your fried-snack-food-loving self, to someone who only eats foods cooked below a certain temperature, doesn’t drink anything but water, and exercises 5-6x per week.

Well frankly, no matter what a company “claims” about their products, there really is no “miracle food” that is going to turn you from a self-proclaimed snackaholic to someone who loves eating “bird food” and running for fun. However, there are snacks that can work to replace some of those unhealthy ones that you like to store at the bottom of your purse “in case of an emergency”. And there are also companies that don’t just try to ‘scare’ you into not eating the junk, but actually work on educating you about why making simple and subtle changes in your daily routine will help to make your health – and life in general – a whole lot better.

Raw Food Central is one of these companies.

THE PRODUCT: Starting out as a little storefront in Windsor, Connecticut, where locals could go and discover great-tasting raw, vegan recipes and be coached on how to adopt this type of healthy lifestyle, Raw Food Central has branched out into a line of snacks all their own.

As more than just a “product company”, those at Raw Food Central have really set out to teach everyone that comes through their doors that their greatest gift is Good Health and about all the benefits that come with it.

With 4 different snacks to choose from, all of which are USDA Certified Organic, their line of Kale Chips, Onion Rings, Flax Crackers, and Snack Mix (which includes kale, peas, and corn) are all simply seasoned and yet oh-so-tasty.

NUTRITION-WISE: The complete product line at Raw Food Central is USDA Certified Organic, Non-Gmo Verified, Certified Gluten-Free, Certified Vegan, and is Kosher Certified as well.

Furthermore, all of their foods are truly considered “raw” as they have not been heated above 118 F degrees. Instead they are slowly baked with low-heat, keeping some of the more fragile nutrients, including vitamins C, B1, B5, B6, and B9 (to mention a few), in their most usable form.

With their Kale Chips coming in at around 95 calories per serving, the Onion Rings around 77, and the Flax Crackers hovering around 140, you will also find a healthy dose of nutritious fats, fiber, and protein every time you snack. They are also low in sodium and sugar, especially compared to other chip and chip-like products, so you can be confident that you are really doing something good for your body when you eat these snacks.

*Since the snacks from Raw Food Central are a bit on the crunchy side, I’d recommend waiting to feed them to your baby until they have being “chewing” for a while. However, the kale chips can be broken up in very small pieces, and almost melt in your mouth, so they really don’t need molars to be able to eat them. The other snacks can be broken up very small too, so feel free to “experiment” to see what ones your little ones like to munch on.

WHERE TO BUY: To buy Raw Food Central products, please visit their Online Store.

FINAL THOUGHTS: As a small, family-run business, you can truly see all of the love and dedication that those at Raw Food Central have put into making it what it is today. With snacks that are simple and delicious, and with lots of knowledge to help educate consumers about the “how’s and why’s” of living a healthy lifestyle (and how it can play wonders on your whole outlook and feeling about life in general), Raw Food Central is different from other “kale chip brands” on market shelves.

Yes, they do sell your ‘stereotypical’ kale chips that are lightly seasoned and crisped to perfection, as well as onion rings, flaxseed crackers, and a kale snack mix, but they are more than that. They honestly do care about consumers and in helping to make their lives better, and I feel by supporting them [by purchasing their products], I am helping the greater good.

[Ok yes, they’ve pulled at my heart-strings a little bit with their story of struggle and small family business, but I do really enjoy the taste of their products, as well as the fact that they are Organic, Raw, Gluten-free, and super simple – and that my little 2 year old loves them too!]

To learn more about Raw Food Central and to try them out for yourself, please visit their website and check them out on Facebook.

And remember, Contact Healthy.Fit.Fab…Moms today to learn more about helping you and your family live a healthy, fit, and fabulous life!



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