Pure Spoon Review: Cold-Pasteurized Organic and Allergen-free Baby and Toddler Foods that are Made from Scratch

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Pure Spoon Review: Cold-Pasteurized Organic and Allergen-free Baby and Toddler Foods that are Made from Scratch

Pure Spoon Review: Cold-Pasteurized Organic and Allergen-free Baby and Toddler Foods that are Made from Scratch

For Moms, Moms-To-Be & Babies 6 Months+*

Of course every parent wishes they had time to make their baby’s food from scratch while only using the freshest and most pure ingredients. Unfortunately, finding the time – and energy for that matter – to do this can be down right impossible! And that’s where Pure Spoon steps in! As the creator of 100% Organic and allergen-free cold-pasteurized purees, you can be sure that you are doing the absolute best for your babies’ nutritional needs – and their taste buds!

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Pure Spoon is the original creator of cold-pasteurized purees that are 100% Organic and allergen-free. Made in Austin, Texas, only raw, organic ingredients are delivered straight to their facility and then hand-made in small batches from scratch. Furthermore, all of their products either remain raw or are lightly steamed, since steaming does not deplete crucial nutrients and flavor as much as boiling them does.

Originally designed for babies, parents of older children were excited that there was a healthy, fresher option for their picky eaters and kids that refused to eat their fruits and veggies. During demos, the kids devoured the purées and had no idea they were getting a nutrient-packed snack filled with broccoli, spinach, etc. – and so now they are marketed to young kids of all ages!

Packed in 4.2 ounce containers, Pure Spoon quickly found that the standard sized 3.5 ounces simply wasn’t enough food for each serving. More food = more nutrition.

Currently, available in 11 varieties, Pure Spoon works with a licensed dietitian to make sure they packed in as many "super foods" as possible into their recipes. One of their primary concerns was the lack of iron found in the food choices for young children/infants at the grocery store and is why they carefully included ingredients such as spinach, avocados, broccoli, and gluten-free rolled oats to give you the best bang for your buck [when it comes to iron] for little tummies. They are constantly playing in their kitchen and making new recipes, so if you’re looking for something in particular, feel free to reach out – or just stay-tuned because you may be seeing it soon!


As a new mother, Alyson, the founder of Pure Spoon, felt the same pressures that most of us do: she wanted her baby to be the happiest, healthiest baby, and knew it was up to her husband and herself to make that happen.

When her daughter, Riley approached the 6 month mark and was ready to try food, they knew they wanted to continue to feed her in the most healthful way possible, and, quite frankly, didn’t think doing so would be such a big deal. However, it only took one stroll down the baby food aisle to disavow that notion.

Everywhere they turned there was nothing but synthetic junk: jars and plastic pouches filled with over-processed ingredients - some of which they couldn’t even pronounce. In addition, everything offered was shelf-stable which they learned happens after the food is cooked in the packaging and often made with pre-made/ pre-processed purees. [So, you mean, they cook this food in the plastic? Yes, they do!] They also learned that the food lost a ton of nutrition and flavor when doing this. Disgusted by what they saw there, they headed to the produce section instead and gathered up fresh, local, Organic goodies.

Back home, Alyson whipped up her very first batch of puree. As her friends and family members started to ask not only about the purees but also about how she got her daughter to be such a voraciously healthy eater, she began to realize that she wasn’t the only one who sought healthy, fresh puree options. It was just that most parents were too overwhelmed to make their own.

Soon after, Alyson learned about a process called High Pressure Pasteurization (HPP), which would allow her to pasteurize the purees without having to heat them, thereby retaining those fresh tastes and a maximum amount of nutrients. And just like that, Pure Spoon was born.

Now Welcome, Daphne Oz!:

Meet Pure Spoon's Chief Innovation Officer, Daphne Oz! She's also a chef, Emmy Award-winning television host, and New York Times-bestselling author. As co-host of ABC's The Chew for its first six seasons, Daphne engaged viewers to see wholesome eating as a way to indulge with her signature "happy and healthy" recipes. Now, she is thrilled to share this expertise to help Pure Spoon provide mamas and their little ones with the freshest and most deliciously nourishing baby food on the planet.

Daphne received her A.B.degree from Princeton University, and is a graduate of The Institute for Integrative Nutrition and the Natural Gourmet Institute. She and her husband John welcomed their third child - a baby girl - in December 2017.


At Pure Spoon, all of their recipes are hand-made using only fresh, never frozen, produce, which remains raw or is lightly steamed for maximum nutrition and flavor. Every batch is made to order. The food is 100% pure and free from preservatives, additives, color, or anything else that isn’t simply food. It isn’t over-processed, canned, jarred or pouched.

In fact, Pure Spoon uses high pressure pasteurization (HPP) to pasteurize all of their recipes. HPP uses pressure, not extreme heat, to lock in more nutrition, texture and flavor of food. Simply put, pasteurizing with pressure keeps food fresher and safer. A lot of nutrition (and flavor) can be lost when pasteurizing with heat, which is why Pure Spoon’s ingredients are never boiled. Plus, since they are refrigerated, their recipes do not have to be processed in a way to allow for extended, room-temperature shelf-life, as in a pouch.

Because a pouch isn't fresh. Their goal is to give you a fresher, more nutrient-packed option. Pure Spoon’s primary concern is not shelf-life, it’s about giving you the absolute best food possible. Moreover, they only use fresh, Organic food for great taste and nutrition. All of their nutrients are naturally occurring in fresh food, and they do not add supplements or fortify their foods in any way.

Pure Spoon is Certified Organic by Nature's International Certification Services. All of their purées are made in an allergen-free, Certified Organic commercial kitchen.

*Pure Spoon purees are great for kids and adults of all ages. Free of every allergen, all of their foods are 100% Organic and made with only pure-unaltered ingredients. Since babies are not intended to eat solids before the age of 6-months, that is when I too recommend that they can begin with Pure Spoon purees.



You can conveniently purchase Pure Spoon directly from their Online Store, or please visit their Store Locator for the location that sells them nearest you.


There’s nothing more precious than an infant, and we as parents want to do everything we can to keep them as healthy and happy as possible. From buying Organic clothing to rocking them to sleep every night, there is nothing a parent won’t do for their little bundle of joy.

However, the problem arises when we don’t realize that what we are doing isn’t “the best”. This is often the case when it comes to giving our child their first foods. We hear recommendations from our pediatricians and from the mainstream media, and then come to the conclusion that the most common jarred foods are the best. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case – with the majority of them being just plain nasty (in regards to nutrition)!

But how many of us really have the time to make our own foods and purees?! Thankfully, that’s where Pure Spoon steps in! With 11 varieties – and counting – of freshly made Organic purees for your littlest of family members, you will never have to worry about over-analyzing food labels and wondering how “healthy” the products you are giving your baby or toddler really is again! Because with Pure Spoon, you can be assured that you are giving them the best!

Whether your child prefers to eat the food straight out of the fridge, or wants their foods to be slightly warmed, Pure Spoon has something for every age and every stage!

Try any or all of Pure Spoon’s purees today (for your infant, toddler or even yourself!) and find out how delicious these pure, allergen-friendly foods can be! Because it’s those small steps that make healthy living a lifestyle – so why not take one today?!

For more information about Pure Spoon, please visit their website and check them out on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter.

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