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POP Chips Ridges Review: a Healthy Take on an Old Favorite

POP Chips Ridges Review: a Healthy Take on an Old Favorite



Eating healthy ALL the time can be tough, I get it! Sometimes we all just need something crunchy, salty, crispy and, of course, tasty!

Yes, there are tons of options out there, but many of them really aren’t good for you, and will often make you wish that you never ate them in the first place…

THE PRODUCTS: Most people have heard of POP Chips. But do you know why they are called “pop” chips. Moreover, did you know that they now make POP Chips with ridges?!

POP Chips are called that because they are literally “popped” in a pressurized chamber, as opposed to deep fried like your typical potato chip. And unlike other chips, they are made with just a dash of the good high oleic oils and then massaged with various spices and seasonings - making a chip that has all the flavor, and half the fat.

Since growing in popularity and gaining a cult-like following, POP Chips is constantly looking to innovate what they do and come up with new flavors and ingredients to drive even more fans their direction.

What’s the latest? Their new line of Ridged POP Chips. With the same crispy and light crunch as you’ll find in the originals, but with an awesome texture that you won’t find anywhere else, their newest products are available in 4 yummy flavors, including: Cheddar & Sour Cream, Tangy Barbeque, Perfectly Salted and Chili Cheese.

NUTRITION FACTS: Completely air-popped without the use of any oils, the non-hydrogenated, non-gmo sunflower or safflower oil that you’ll find on POP Chips is only used during their seasoning process. Furthermore, all of the flavors are completely free of both trans- and saturated fats and don’t contain any preservatives, fake flavors or synthetic colors.

POP Chips are also non-GMO and are gluten-free, nut-free and many of the flavors are dairy-free as well. However, only the Perfectly Salted flavor of the Ridged POP Chips is dairy-free, so be sure to check the Nutritional Labels before digging into a bag if you are lactose intolerant.

Coming in at around 120 calories per serving, 5 grams of which are from healthy fats, you will also find around 2 grams of protein, 2 grams of sugar, depending on the flavor.

*Although POP Chips aren’t what I’d consider a “health food”, they are a great chip alternative and can be enjoyed by kids and adults of all ages. However, I wouldn’t give them to toddlers under 1, because food for that age should be as nutritious as possible – since that is when kids are building their food preferences.

THE COMPANY: POP Chips started when co-founder, Keith Belling realized that he was trying to sneak a bag of fried chips at a San Francisco deli counter. Downright embarrassed about the whole ordeal, he knew those bland, baked chips weren’t the answer either. Keith, a serial entrepreneur, knew what he had to do: he had to find a chip that was both tasty and healthier.

Keith talked with fellow snacker and co-founder, Patrick Turpin, about his mission. Patrick told him about an interesting snack manufacturer that could pop chips. Keith and Pat spent over a year, snacking, popping, and snacking some more, until they came up with POP Chips, a naturally delicious line of popped chips they loved to eat and did not have to hide. Now they are doing their best to share the bag with snackers everywhere.

WHERE TO BUY: You can purchase POP Chips directly from their Online Store, at (where you can receive $5 off your first order), or to find the retail location nearest you, please visit their Store Locator.

FINAL THOUGHTS: Ever since first trying POP Chips I was sold. The crispy, crunchy and lightness that I got in every bite was just the type of snack I was craving. Plus, the fact that I could eat the whole bag without feeling the least bit guilty was definitely a bonus!

Next came the Ridged POP Chips and my love for the brand grew even further! Ridged chips always have the best texture and the fact that these ones aren’t fried, makes them so much better than all of the others (especially since I refuse to eat anything deep fried)!

My one negative about the new line of Ridged POP Chips is that only one of the flavors is dairy-free, and since I don’t eat dairy, my picking are slim… Hopefully more options will be coming soon though!

If you’re looking for more information about POP Chips, please visit their website and check them out on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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