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Olomomo Nuts: A Delicious Spin on Your Traditional Nuts

Olomomo Nuts: A Delicious Spin on Your Traditional Nuts


Nuts are such an easy go-to snack, but it seems like they often get pushed back and forgotten thanks to the endless amounts of energy bars and other “healthy” snack foods that are on store shelves these days. Plus, nuts can get pretty mundane after awhile, especially when we are used to eating foods that are super-infused with lots of flavors and are nothing like their simple counterparts.

Olomomo Nut Company was used to this “crunchy” nut stereotype, and is why they developed their line of uniquely delicious nuts. Eating healthy should be fun and exciting, and that’s exactly what Olomomo has set out to help you accomplish.

THE PRODUCT: Olomomo Nut Company launched in Boulder, Colorado in 2008 with a simple mission: be ‘The Good Nuts’ and create one of the first socially and environmentally conscious nut companies. Committed to developing fun, healthy products that infuse the exotic with the familiar, Olomomo makes it a point to only use simple, real, natural ingredients, including fair trade, organic, and sustainable packaging when possible.

Picked by New Hope Media as “one of the top 10 brands to watch” in 2014, Olomomo Nuts has gone from humble origins to quickly becoming a national brand.

Available in 4 oz pouches for the grocery store nut aisle, 1.5 oz grab and go 12-packs, and branded bulk on occasion, Olomomo nuts have 6 mouth-watering flavors to choose from, including: Plum Vinegar and Sea Salt Dry Roasted Almonds, Maple Garam Masala Kettle-Roasted Pecans, Cinnamon Cayenne Kettle-Roasted Almonds, Cherry Vanilla Kettle-Roasted Almonds, Mango Chipotle Kettle-Roasted Almonds, and Chai Bliss Kettle-Roasted Almonds.

NUTRITION-WISE: Gluten-free, non-GMO, Organic and Fair Trade when possible, Olomomo Nuts are high in protein, contain little to no sodium, and have less sugar than kid’s baby food squeeze packs or similar sized energy bars. Considered a healthier grab-and-go alternative to candy and energy bars, some popular establishments even use Olomomo Nuts as toppings for salads and frozen yogurt.

WHERE TO BUY: Olomomo Nuts can conveniently be purchased directly Online, or to find a Retail Location near you, please visit their Store Locator.

FINAL THOUGHTS: The more I have learned about nutrition over the years, the bigger fan of nuts I have become – and not only because of their health benefits, but their versatility as well. From nut milks, to nut flours, and everything in between, it is amazing how such a simple, little snack can pack such a powerful nutritional punch.

With that said, whipping up fancy nut-based foods can be time consuming, and it’s nice to just have a quick and delicious snack that we don’t have to put a lot of work into preparing.

And that’s why I have become such a big fan of Olomomo Nuts. Taking your typical nuts and melding both exotic and traditional flavors to create a tasty experience unlike any other, Olomomo Nuts are not only a healthy choice, but a delicious one as well! Great on salads, froyo, or straight out of the bag, you can’t go wrong with these nuts.

Try one or all of their flavors today and learn why I have become such a big fan of this company and their line of nuts.

*Nutritionally speaking, Olomomo Nuts are great for people of any age. However, nuts may be hard to chew for children who don’t yet have molars, so I would suggest waiting until your child gets at least one full set in before you introduce these snacks to him/her.

To learn more about Olomomo and to try their nuts out for yourself, please visit their website and check them out on Facebook.

And remember, Contact Healthy.Fit.Fab…Moms today to create a personalized plan so you and your family can live a healthy, fit, and fabulous life!



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