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NOMVA Review: Probiotic-filled Fruit & Veggie Packs for Adults (and Kids Too)

NOMVA Review: Probiotic-filled Fruit & Veggie Packs for Adults (and Kids Too)



Super convenient and good-for-you, NOMVA’s line of Organic, probiotic-filled fruit and veggie packs were originally formulated for adults – although kids love them too!

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THE PRODUCT: Created by a pair of young, busy entrepreneurs, Caroline and Nina wanted to create a line of healthy and delicious foods that complement their happy, active and sustainable lifestyles. Believing that what they eat is a core part of who they are, they came up with the idea of NOMVA: fruit and veggie filled fruit packs that also contain 2 billion digestion-enhancing probiotics.

In 6 unique flavors, including KaleYeah, Strawnana, Tropicarrot, Applestack, Everberry and Islandtime, these pouches can all be bought individually or in 2-week, 4-week or a NOMVA Starter Kit to help your insides stay happy all month long!

NUTRITION-WISE: Organic, gluten-free, and filled with over 2 billion probiotics in every pouch, you can also rest-assured that there are no toxic pesticides, GMOs, artificial colors, preservatives, additives or even added sugars in any of NOMVA’s foods. Furthermore, NOMVA is never heated.

What does "never heated" actually mean? Heat kills nutrients. Just like you wouldn't eat an apple that's sat on a shelf for a year, NOMVA doesn't think you should eat a blended apple that can last that long. So instead of preserving with heat like all other adult pouches, they keep their packs safe AND preserve natural nutrients by using high pressure processing (like cold-pressed juices).

*Since NOMVA contains probiotics, many people are weary of drinking them if pregnant. However, pregnant mothers will greatly benefit from probiotics, since they have been shown to help protect the amniotic fluid, as well as help with the [very] unfortunate side-effect of pregnancy-induced constipation.

Once born, probiotics can help babies conquer pathogenic viruses. They also play a vital role in ensuring that babies digest breast milk, so breastfeeding moms can feel safe ingesting them as well. Furthermore, young toddlers can also benefit from a diet rich in the nutrients and good bacteria in Nomva - just be sure to keep the pouch extra cold because Nomva is never heated in order to ensure max nutrients.

WHERE TO BUY: You can purchase NOMVA directly from their Online Store, or to find the retail location nearest you, please visit their Store Locator.

FINAL THOUGHTS: If your kids are anything like mine, they are obsessed with fruit pouches! I mean, I literally bring them to Birthday parties and give them to my children instead of cupcakes – and they are just as happy! However, there are a lot of grown-ups and even teenagers out there who probably love them just as much – although they don’t want to be seen in public slurping “baby food”.

That’s one of the reasons why NOMVA’s fruit and veggie packs are so great! Created (and packaged) to appeal to adults, not only are these snacks super convenient, they’re really tasty too! Packed with fresh ingredients and then finished with billions of probiotics, both your taste buds and belly will love them!

And yes, while NOMVA is pretty expensive (compared to some other brands), you have to consider that all of the ingredients are Organic and that you are getting your daily value of probiotics too (so you are saving money on the supplement front). Take it from someone who likes to count my costs, NOMVA is definitely worth every penny – especially if you can buy them when they’re on sale!

Try one or all of NOMVA’s flavors today and see for yourself how great fruit pouches + probiotics can taste!

For more information about NOMVA, please visit their website and check them out on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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