NoJo Review: Fashion-forward Infant and Toddler Bedding and Accessories


NoJo Review: Fashion-forward Infant and Toddler Bedding and Accessories

NoJo Review: Fashion-forward Infant and Toddler Bedding and Accessories

I’ve always wanted multiple kids, in particular, two boys and a girl, and then planned on seeing what happened from there. However, after having my daughter, I knew I wanted two of each, but was certain that my last pregnancy would be another girl – not this one! What a surprise when I found out the genetic test (which stated “BOY”), was incorrect and that my 20-week ultrasound “GIRL” was what I was to be having!

And while in some ways I was [initially] disappointed, in many others I was more than thrilled (and eventually realized I wouldn’t want it any other way!), starting with the fact that my daughter was going to have a forever best-friend, as well as the notion that I get to reuse all of my cute girl clothes that I had sadly put away [when I was told it was a boy]. This also meant that I got to decorate another girl’s room – as my plan to reuse all of my daughter’s décor was out the window since she is still only three and loves her current set-up.

Thankfully, I discovered the products by Nojo to help me with this new situation - and I couldn’t be happier with the products I’ve found!

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At NoJo, their goal is to deliver fashion-forward infant and toddler bedding, blankets, and accessories designed for today's lifestyle. Their promise is "only the best for baby," which means they wrap quality, style, softness, and comfort into every product they make.

In addition to their exclusive NoJo line of products, they also offer licensed collections for infants and toddlers featuring some of the most widely recognized brands including: Disney, Nautica, Sanrio, and more.


NoJo is a brand of Crown Crafts, Inc., one of the world’s largest infant product manufacturers. NoJo products have been distributed across the United States for more than 40 years and include everything from infant & toddler bedding and blankets, accessories for babies on the go, to room decor and nursery basics.


You can purchase Nojo products at at fine specialty stores as well as nationwide retailers. Check out their Store Locator to find the location nearest you, or visit one of the following retailers, listed here: Amazon, Baby Depot, Buy Buy Baby, Curacao, J.C. Penney, Kohl’s, Macy's, Overstock, Target, Wal-Mart or Wayfair.

NoJo unicorn decor



Once finding out Baby #3 was a girl – and wrapping my head around the fact that she is “no longer” a boy – I was immediately enthralled with the idea that I get to decorate another girl’s room; plus I get to reuse all of my daughter’s adorable outfits that she’s outgrown!

And while I had originally hoped that I’d have a boy in between my two girls so my daughter would have grown out of all her current room décor (as if I could really choose!), I still wanted to use a similar color palate so that items could float back and forth between the two rooms and eventually be combined – once my daughter’s are old enough to share a room (if that’s what we decide to do). I also wanted items that I know my older daughter likes, for the same reason as stated above, which is why I decided on the unicorn theme.

Since unicorns are so popular these days, I definitely didn’t have any issues finding items that fit the mold – but once I saw the one’s by NoJo, I knew that those were the ones I had to have!

Super cute, soft and in just the right colors, I was amazed by how great the quality and craftsmanship on all of the products I received were. I’m also pleasantly surprised by the vast array of items there are to choose from! Whether looking for a specific color palate, theme, or you just want to mix and match, I have no doubt that NoJo has something that you are sure to love!

Go ahead and check them out for yourself and see how you too can design the perfect room for your soon-to-be bundle, young baby, or even toddler!

For more information about NoJo, please visit their website and check them out on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter.
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