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Moms, it’s Time to Drink Your Way Svelte (by CalNaturale)

Moms, it’s Time to Drink Your Way Svelte (by CalNaturale)


No matter how busy and hectic your life was before, once you have children you realize that the saying is true, “no job is harder than being a Mom.” There is no longer “sick days” or time for an hour lunch, your job is to always be “on” and there is no time to “take time”.

Because of this, us Moms often feel neglected or that we have to “let ourselves go” since our children are our first priorities. Exercising becomes a thing of the past and eating our children’s leftovers becomes our unglamorous reality.

However, this doesn’t have to be the case! While there are many ways to “sneak” exercise in (contact me and I will help teach you how!), there are also many grab-and-go snacks and meals that will help you get the nutrition that you need without all the unnecessary calories and fillers that you don’t.

Take Svelte by Cal-Naturale. Not only are these protein shakes delicious, with Svelte, you can help drink yourself thin.

THE PRODUCT: Svelte, brought to you by CalNaturale, is an organic protein shake that not only gives you the nutrition that your body needs, but is a great way to satisfy your taste buds as well. With 5 rich and creamy flavors to choose from, including Chocolate, French Vanilla, Spiced Chai, Cappuccino, and their newest, Banana Crème, these beverages are sure to deliver whatever it is you crave.

Dairy and gluten-free, and available in both 11 fl. oz and 15.9 fl. oz sizes, Svelte gives you a well-rounded nutritional boost whether it be first thing in the morning, pre or post-workout, or as an anytime on-the-go snack.

NUTRITION-WISE: Certified Organic, Svelte packs a healthy nutritional punch thanks to its 11g of protein and 5g of fiber (per 11 oz serving). Made with organic complex carbohydrates for sustained energy, and non-GMO soy, these vegan beverages are also certified gluten and dairy-free, and contain only 6g of sugar, thanks to the addition of naturally sweet Stevia. Plus, at a mere 180 calories, 60 of which are from healthy fats, you will get the nutrition that you need minus the calories that you don’t.

*100% Organic, and packed with fiber, protein, and very little sugar, I think these drinks are a great way to get extra nutrition into your little ones. Especially if you have a picky-eater on your hands. And while I wouldn’t suggest this being given instead of breast milk, if your child is still of the “nursing age”, if you are trying to wean them off, but still looking for some extra nutrition, these shakes wouldn’t be a bad choice at all!

WHERE TO BUY: Svelte can be conveniently purchased Online (click the Browse Online Retailers tab), or you can use their Store Locator to find a retail location near you.

FINAL THOUGHTS: As a Mom myself, I know first-hand how hard it can be to make sure that I am getting all of my necessary nutrients throughout my day. And while I would love to create a full, well-rounded meal for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, that is not always feasible. Instead, I often have to rely on the grab-and-go method, hoping that I get enough sustenance to help steer me through my day.

Thankfully I have discovered Svelte. Not only are these protein shakes phenomenally delicious, they are packed full of nutrients and help me feel like I am doing something good for my body without even trying.

However, since they are only 180 calories, I [personally] wouldn’t consider them a “meal replacement” since our bodies need a lot more energy than that to keep us going throughout the day. But as a meal supplement or as a snack, these shakes are absolutely perfect! In fact, I pretty much always have an open one in the fridge that I can spontaneously sip-on if I’m in the need for a quick pick-me-up or something to tide over my cravings.

From their Spiced Chai and Cappuccino flavors – that make it easy to forego my morning coffee fix – to their Vanilla, Chocolate and Banana Crème flavors that are great as an afternoon treat, I find both the nutritional profile and taste of these drinks to be far superior to many of the other protein drinks on the market. And coming from a person who much rather eat their calories than drink them, that’s saying a lot!

Try one today and see for yourself how delicious it can be to drink your way Svelte!

For more information on Svelte and their line of protein shakes, please visit their website and check them out on Facebook.

And remember, Contact Healthy.Fit.Fab…Moms today to create a personalized plan so you and your family can live a healthy, fit, and fabulous life!



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