MommySteps Review: Maternity Insoles

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MommySteps Review: Maternity Insoles

MommySteps Review: Maternity Insoles

Maternity Insoles Made to Protect Your Feet and Back During Pregnancy and Beyond

Being pregnant can be a pain in the back… literally! And the feet for that matter! Thanks to the Relaxin hormone, feet can widen, lengthen and/or collapse – none of which feel great! All of these things can also cause sore knees, hips, backs, etc. and help to make pregnancy pains a common complaint among women.

So what’s the answer? Besides staying off your feet 24/7, or getting massages to help mask the pain, wearing supportive shoe insoles can make all of the difference! And the best ones I’ve found – and the only ones designed specifically for pregnant women: MommySteps. Try them for yourself and you’ll be a believer too!

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We all know that our bodies change a lot during pregnancy – and that many of these changes can last for months or even years after our precious baby has arrived. But besides the assumed larger stomach and [possibly] bigger backside, etc. pregnancy can truly wreak havoc on our feet! And unfortunately, these rarely ever go back!

From the added weight we tend to gain, and thanks to our good friend Relaxin, the widening, lengthening, collapsed arches, etc. that many women deal with are all too real and will often cause lasting changes that many of us rather live without!

So how can you stop this from happening and prevent further health issues post-pregnancy? One of the best ways to prevent collapsed arches is by wearing supportive footwear or insoles before, during and after your pregnancy.

And the best brand out there? Definitely MommySteps!

MommySteps is the first heat moldable insole made specifically for pregnancy to provide the needed support during each trimester! Yes, you can mold MommySteps in the oven each trimester to give your tired aching feet customized support as your body and needs change! Keeping your feet happy and your arches supported means you get to keep wearing all your cute shoes! Plus, they are sooo easy to mold to your feet! Heat them for a mere 2 – 2 ½ minutes in a warm oven, sink your foot into the warm insole, and they will perfectly form to your feet in a matter of minutes. They are even washable!

maternity insoles

MommySteps are available in 2 different styles:

Athletic & Active: For the Sporty Active You

  • Perfect for Runners, Sneakers, Hiking Boots and roomier footwear with removable factory insoles.
  • Optimal Support – the perfect balance of support and cradle
  • Luxurious comfort – cushion with a soft squishy layer of memory foam
  • Moldable for a perfect fit – wear them out of the box, or for an even more luxurious fit, Heat Mold them in your oven (it only takes 2 ½ minutes!)
  • Moldable up to 3x – so they stay perfect at every trimester

Casual & Flats: For the Beautiful Stylish You

  • Optimal Support – the perfect balance of support and cradle
  • Ultra thin – fits into all of your flats, Toms, Loafers, and generally any type of footwear that fits snug
  • Look great without sacrificing comfort – finally an insole that works in all your cute footwear without making them too tight
  • Moldable for a perfect fit – wear them out of the box, or for an even more luxurious fit, Heat Mold them in your oven (it only takes 2 minutes!)
  • Moldable up to 3x – so they stay perfect at every trimester


Did you know that one of the most common complaints among pregnant women is how much their feet grow during or after pregnancy?! One of the contributing factors to this “growth” is the hormone Relaxin, which loosens up ligaments in your body to prepare your pelvis and hips for childbirth. Unfortunately, this hormone affects all ligaments, including those in your feet.

Relaxin, combined with the extra weight gained during pregnancy can cause your arches to collapse significantly, resulting in your feet becoming longer and wider (anywhere from 2 to 10mm!). This can also lead to plantar fasciitis and increased risk of pain or arthritis in your feet, knees, hips, and spine.

Unfortunately, there’s not a whole lot you can do to prevent this from happening – besides staying off of your feet! That is unless you use supportive insoles like MommySteps!


MommySteps was created with one single purpose and goal in mind: to provide the best Maternity Insole possible to help keep you healthy and keep your feet properly supported during pregnancy.  There is nothing else like MommySteps Insoles. They even offer a 60 Day Fit Guarantee, so you literally have nothing to lose!


Both the Athletic & Active and the Casual & Flats insoles cost $39.99/pair. The best part: they can be remolded up to 3 times, so it’s like you’re getting 3 pairs for the price of 1!

As previously mentioned, they also offer a 60 Day Fit Guarantee, so you literally have nothing to lose!


You can purchase MommySteps Insoles directly from their Online Store.

Use the code ~ HFFM20 ~ to receive 20% OFF your entire purchase!


I probably have the highest arches out of anyone I’ve ever met. They are actually kind-of ridiculous if I’m being honest. Over the years, I have had various issues with them – and the fact that I totally smashed one as a gymnast (causing my right arch to completely fall), doesn’t help my cause much!

Because of these issues, I’ve also tried various insoles: from the uber expensive Dr. prescribed orthotics to the super cheap (and basically useless) Dr. Scholl insoles. Now, being pregnant with my third, and still teaching Pilates at 33 weeks pregnant, I am on my feet – a lot! And while I’ll have to admit that I’m generally blessed with the fact that I don’t swell much during pregnancy and gain an absurd amount of weight, my feet still do feel the brunt of the pain – and after a long day they definitely want/need a rest!

For a long time, I thought these pains were just something I had to bear – until I discovered MommySteps! Everything I read and heard about the company I liked – but then after trying their products I’ll admit that I’m truly in love! Not only are there products extremely comfortable and supportive, with the 2 varieties making it convenient to fit in practically any shoe, they are also super reasonably priced! And the fact that they can be remolded up to 3x – they are sooo worth every penny!

I will definitely be wearing these well after I’m done having kids and am sure anyone who tries them will feel the same way! You really don’t have to be pregnant! Who doesn’t need some extra arch support – especially when running around chasing kids, or heck, even walking around the grocery store or mall?!

Are you pregnant, or just dealing with tired, achy feet?! Then you’ve got to check out the insoles by MommySteps! Because it’s those small steps (literally!) that make healthy living a lifestyle – so why not take one today?!
For more information about MommySteps, please visit their website and check them out on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.
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