Milk Snob Review


Milk Snob Review

Milk Snob Review

Fashionable + Multifunctional Covers that Will Keep You and Baby Covered When You Need it Most

It’s amazing how many baby products there are these days – even compared to 6 years ago when I was pregnant with my first! From the new types of feeding accessories and sleeping gear to how babies get swaddled, it seems like “technology” is ever changing – even when it comes to our littlest family members! My favorite types of products? Those that can be multi-purposed… and Milk Snob was created for just that reason!

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For Moms and Moms-to-be


Milk Snob™ is the creator of the original drawstring, multifunctional nursing cover which provides 360 coverage and is fully adjustable. It can be used as a car seat cover, shopping cart cover, high chair cover, or more, and can be adjusted or completely closed at the top. Patent pending and made of a premium Rayon blend fabric (which is a natural-based material that is made from the cellulose of cotton), Milk Snob’s Covers are luxuriously soft, lightweight and feel cool to the touch. These American-made covers also offer 4-way stretch for the best comfort and protection, so you and baby will stay covered when you need it most!

Milk Snob Cover


Milk Snob has also developed a new addition to their line: The Original Milk Snob® Pouch. This is the easiest (and cutest!) way to keep your baby snug and secure. Designed to be a super soft, breathable and safe blanket alternative, the Pouch is available in 2 sizes: 0-6 months and 6-12 months. Furthermore these Pouches are also:

  • Breathable and appropriate for any climate
  • No zippers, snaps, or velcro allows for quiet and easy changing
  • Provides ample room in the hip area for healthy, growing joints
  • 2 layers provide added comfort and reversibility
  • Made with velour and a rayon-spandex blend
  • Parent and daycare approved

Milk Snob Pouch


Originally from Germany, Melanie Disbrow, a fun loving "foodie" and proud mother of 3, moved with her husband to the USA in 2006. Her creative, entrepreneurial spirit and her dream of building a company that offers beautiful yet practical products led to the birth of Milk Snob.

After unsuccessfully searching for a well-fitting and stylish infant car seat cover that provided both protection against the elements and proper air circulation, she designed and created her own. The versatile and breathable car seat cover can also be used on high chairs, shopping carts, infant swings, and for 360° coverage while breastfeeding.

The now iconic Milk Snob cover was born in Melanie's living room, where she sewed the covers herself and sold them on Instagram. By creating a new baby essential for parents around the world, Milk Snob became an instant success. A year later the brand aired on ABC’s Shark Tank, and today Milk Snob continues to grow and has offices in Dallas and Miami. Every day, Melanie and her team passionately pursue their vision to design new modern essentials for parents around the world.


Milk Snob Covers cost around $36/each – with FREE Standard Shipping on all U.S. orders for the entire month of August (thanks to National Breastfeeding Awareness Month)! The Milk Snob Pouch is $38.


You can purchase Milk Snob products directly from their Online Store, or to find the retail location nearest you, please visit their Store Locator.


Having nursed both my kids – a lot – I know how difficult it can be finding a cover that not only offers privacy, but plenty of air circulation as well. In fact, if your baby isn’t happy being covered – because he/she is inevitably too hot – both you and your unexpecting breasts will soon know the hard way!

Thankfully there are now products available, like those from Milk Snob, that are not only super convenient and able to be used for a multitude of purposes, they are absolutely adorable, as well! Whether you are looking for a nursing cover, carseat or shopping cart cover, Milk Snob will keep you covered! I also love the fact that they are made right here in the U.S., and come in the softest most breathable fabric to keep both you and baby happy, no matter what the weather is like!

I can’t wait to use my Milk Snob covers with my new baby, and am super excited to try the new Milk Snob Pouch as well! Be sure to check out my Instagram for pictures and updates, and visit Milk Snob’s website, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter, so you can purchase a Milk Snob cover for yourself (or loved one)! Because it’s those small steps that make healthy living a lifestyle – so why not take one today?!

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