Lundberg Family Farms NEW Organic Baked Grain Bites Review: Eco-Friendly Snacks that are a Perfect Addition to Your Snack Time Routine

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Lundberg Family Farms NEW Organic Baked Grain Bites Review: Eco-Friendly Snacks that are a Perfect Addition to Your Snack Time Routine

Lundberg Family Farms NEW Organic Baked Grain Bites Review: Eco-Friendly Snacks that are a Perfect Addition to Your Snack Time Routine

With Earth Day right around the corner, there’s no better time than now to introduce these deliciously crunchy eco-friendly snacks to your snack time routine. Available in sweet, savory and spicy flavors, it will be hard not to want to bite into these puffed bites all day long!

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For Moms, Moms-To-Be & Toddlers 1 Year+*


Lundberg Family Farms has always been committed to producing the finest quality rice and rice products for your family. Since 1937, the Lundberg family has been growing healthy, great tasting rice while respecting and sustaining the earth. Today, the third and fourth generations carry on the family heritage by using eco-positive farming methods that produce wholesome, healthful rice, rice cakes, rice chips and risottos while improving and protecting the environment for generations to come.

Now, just in time for eco-friendly snacking on Earth Day, Lundberg has just introduced their NEW Organic Baked Grain Bites, an extension to their Grounded Snacks™ line-up. These puffed, crunchy bites are a light and great-tasting snack with a fun variety of flavors, each which contains 21g of whole grains per serving. They’re also USDA Organic, non-GMO, and Gluten-free Verified – providing a clean and crispy whole grain snacking experience that won’t break the calorie bank. 

Packing flavor and wholesome ingredients into every crunch, they are available in five varieties from spicy to savory to sweet: 

  • Aged Parmesan – Artisan crafted Parmesan and a hint of creamy white cheddar
  • Garlic & Herb (Vegan) – flavorful herbs paired perfectly with garlic 
  • Smoky Sweet BBQ (Vegan) – southwest kick with a bit of sweetness
  • Vanilla Chai (Vegan) – just the right amount of sweet + spice
  • White Cheddar & Jalapeño – cheesy and mildly spicy
Kenzley with her favorite Vanilla Chai flavor :)


At Lundberg Family Farms, they don’t grow typical conventional rice. All of their Certified Organic and Eco-Farmed rice is grown with a concern for the environment. They treat the soil, air, and water as important resources, respecting the delicate balances of nature. Lundberg Family Farms is also a proud participant of the Non-GMO Project.

Moreover, Lundberg Family Farms has a large selection of products for Vegan consumers, with each Vegan product being labeled as such on the package. A large selection of their products are also Kosher certified by OU Kosher and are labeled on the package with an OU or OUD symbol.

In regards to their NEW Baked Grain Bites, you can find both Vegan and non-Vegan varieties, all of which are Certified Organic and Gluten-free, and contain the following Nutritional Facts: each 22 piece serving contains approximately 130 calories, 4.5 grams of fat, 1 gram of fiber, 0-4 grams of sugar and 2 grams of protein.

More About Rice:

What is the Difference Between Brown and White Rice?

All rice is brown (or another color such as Red, Black, or Purple) at first– it is the milling process that determines whether rice is brown or white. When it comes to white rice, the husk, germ and bran are removed in the milling process. In contrast, only the husk is removed when producing brown rice– the whole grain, including the bran and germ, is left intact. Rice that is to be milled for white rice is harvested earlier than rice that is to remain brown. An earlier harvest ensures that the rice has a higher moisture content, which reduces breakage during milling.

At Lundberg Family Farms, they grow a majority of their rice for brown rice production. Because of this, they allow their rice to mature in the fields for a longer period of time to increase its flavor and improve its appearance. Brown rice is whole grain and contains significant amounts of B vitamins, fiber and antioxidants. To learn more about whole grains and the health benefits of eating brown rice, visit the Whole Grains Council website.

*Made with 100% Organic ingredients, all of which are non-GMO and Gluten-free, these snacks contain a healthy serving of whole grains and are a nice snack for both adults and kids. And while I personally believe that young toddlers should only be given foods in their natural state (as opposed to cereals, chips, bars, etc)., there’s nothing wrong with giving a young child a couple chips every now and again, especially when they don’t contain anything artificial and do contain a nice variety of healthy ingredients. J


Lundberg Family Farms traces its roots back to 1937, when Albert and Frances Lundberg moved to California from Nebraska. Albert had seen the ravages of the Dustbowl that resulted from poor soil management and short-sighted farming techniques. After moving the family to Northern California’s fertile Sacramento Valley, he impressed upon his four sons the need to care for the soil.

In the 1960’s, Albert’s four sons, Eldon, Wendell, Harlan and Homer saw the need to sell the rice they were growing directly to the public since it was being grown so differently from conventional rice. This gave consumers a choice in the rice they purchased and began the Lundberg Family Farms® brand.

Today, over 80 years later, the third and fourth generation Lundberg family members are still carrying on the family heritage by using eco-positive farming methods to produce wholesome, healthful rice products while improving and protecting the environment for generations to come.

As an early leader in organic farming, Lundberg Family Farms takes pride in their energy conservation and renewable energy, providing safe and fair working conditions, and many other practices that are environmentally and socially responsible. However, with one of their core values being continuous improvement, they know there is always more to do when it comes to sustainability and inspiring greater change beyond just themselves and is why their annual Sustainability Report chronicles their progress in reaching their sustainability goals.


SRP is $3.49


You can conveniently purchase Lundberg Family Farms snacks on a variety of Online Stores (including Amazon), or please visit their Store Locator for the location that sells them nearest you.


I’m all about healthy snacks, especially ones that are super tasty and convenient. Knowing that a snack (and the company) are eco-friendly – that’s even better! Well after recently trying the NEW skew of Baked Grain Bites by Lundberg Family Farms as part of their Grounded Snacks™ line, I can say these hit the mark!

Available in 5 fun and tasty flavors, 3 of which are Vegan, and all that contain the perfect amount of puffed, crunchy yet light goodness, I’m also loving the fact that each serving contains 21g of whole grains and is also USDA Organic, non-GMO, and Gluten-free Verified.

As a perfect snack for both me and my kiddos, whether we are wanting something sweet, savory or spicy, Lundberg’s Baked Grain Bites have it all and are definitely a new go-to for my snack list.

Looking for a fun and tasty snack for you and your littles? Then you should definitely give these Baked Grain Bites by Lundberg Family Farms a try! Because it’s those small steps that make healthy living a lifestyle – so why not take one today?!

For more information about Lundberg Family Farms, please visit their website and check them out on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter.

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