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Love Grown Goods: Who Knew Beans in Cereal Would Taste So Good?!

Love Grown Goods: Who Knew Beans in Cereal Would Taste So Good?!

For MOMS, MOMS-TO-BE & BABIES 10 Months+*

THE COMPANY: What started out as a belief that everyone should have access to healthy food, along with a love for people and a contagious energy, inspired the Founders of Love Grown Foods to get their start. Take that, coupled with a passion to make true change, and Love Grown Foods has grown from a local brand into one that has inspired national change.

In addition to offering great products (“made with LOVE”) in grocery stores across the country, Love Grown Foods’ passion to be part of the bigger picture has literally taken them into classrooms (from kindergarten to high school), visiting and educating kids on the importance of eating breakfast and fueling their bodies’ right. Their hope is to change the way people think about food, eat food, and ultimately buy food, and what better way to do this then with the little people in our lives.

THE PRODUCT: Love Grown Foods is all about breakfast and prides itself on creating the highest quality of products, all of which are made with LOVE [meaning all-natural, nutritious and high-quality ingredients].

By taking all of their products to the next level of nutrition, Love Grown Foods has packed their oat-based products with superfoods (including their Super Oats and Oat Clusters), and even taken the idea of the bean and turned it into breakfast cereals (thanks to their Super O’s and Mighty Flakes).

With scrumptious flavors like Sweet Cranberry Pecan and Apple Walnut Delight Oat Clusters, Nuts & Seeds and Blueberry Super Oats, Chocolate Joy Mighty Flakes and Strawberry Power O’s, you will have your morning meals covered, no matter what your taste and flavor preference.

NUTRITION-WISE: Free of genetically modified ingredients, high fructose corn syrup and hydrogenated oils, Love Grown Foods has sought out to revolutionize your breakfast by making powerfully nutritious cereals, thanks to their addition of superfoods and beans.

With ingredients like sunflower seeds, flaxseed and quinoa flakes in their Super Oats, and their Bean Blend of navy beans, lentils and garbanzo beans in their Flakes and O’s, you will find a good amount of protein and fiber in every serving. Plus, the majority of the foods are low in sugar, although I would probably avoid several of the Mighty Flakes’ flavors since they do contain 10+ grams of sugar per serving (which is quite a lot, especially for a child).

Moreover, Love Grown Foods are all dairy, wheat and corn free, although they are produced in a facility that also uses milk, soy, wheat, and tree nuts. So, if you or your children have allergies to any of these foods, please take note.

*All of Love Grown Foods products contain a good amount of protein and fiber. They also include a nice array of whole grains and are (for the most part) low in sugar.

And while the first year of a child’s life should be all about experimenting with foods and getting the taste for them, (emphasizing purely unprocessed foods in their most natural state [ie, fruits, vegetables, quinoa, etc.]), Love Grown Foods do make some great cereal products for your littles, especially their Super Oats and Super O’s, which are great as a finger-food snack (as opposed to your traditional Cheerios).

WHERE TO BUY: Love Grown Foods can conveniently be purchased through Amazon, or you can find their products in Whole Foods, Sprouts, King Soopers (and all other Kroger stores), Natural Grocers, Hy-Vee, Lucky’s Market, Target, The Fresh Market, Fresh Thyme, Bristol Farms, Mrs. Greens, and various independent retailers.

FINAL THOUGHTS: The idea of eating beans as a cereal may not be too appealing to most, but before you turn your nose up at the idea, you’ve got to try the cereals from Love Grown Foods. Made with a mixed blend of navy beans, lentils, and garbanzo beans, along with brown rice flour and some other chosen ingredients depending on the flavor, their Super O’s and Mighty Flakes really are delicious, especially with all things considered.

And while yes, adults who have had the traditional versions of these cereals can probably taste the difference, you’re kids sure won’t – which is probably the biggest struggle anyway. Plus, Love Grown Foods also makes a delightful assortment of superfood-infused oatmeal and granola-type products, which are sure to be a hit with family members as well.

Try any or all of Love Grown products today and find out for yourself how surprisingly delicious bean-based cereals can be!

To learn more about Love Grown Foods please visit their website and check them out on Facebook.

And remember, Contact Healthy.Fit.Fab…Moms today to learn more about helping you and your family live a healthy, fit, and fabulous life!



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