Lotus Foods Review: Turning Rice-Based Products into an Every Meal Food

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Lotus Foods Review: Turning Rice-Based Products into an Every Meal Food

Lotus Foods Review: Turning Rice-Based Products into an Every Meal Food

We all know that rice is healthy for us, but did you realize that some rices are better for you than others? Not only are there tons of different kinds of rice, there are also different ways to harvest them, process them, and ways you can add them to foods. And this is where Lotus Foods steps in: making tons of great tasting rice products that you’ll truly enjoy at every meal and/or snack!

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At Lotus Foods, they believe that by pursuing smart product innovation, better growing practices, and delicious whole grain heirloom rice varieties they’ll lessen their environmental impact, improve nutrition for consumers and create more social and economic justice for small farmers.

In 2008 Lotus Foods committed to partnering with small-scale farmers who radically changed how they grow rice, using less to produce more.  With a set of practices that they call More Crop Per Drop™ farmers can double and even triple their yields using up to 50% less water on average and 80-90% less seed.

Available in a large variety of flavors and product lines, Lotus Foods makes everything from traditional, and some not-so-traditional, rice varieties including Organic Brown Mekong Flower Rice, Organic Volcano Rice™ Heat & Eat Bowl, noodles such as Organic Forbidden Rice® Pad Thai Noodles and Purple Potato & Brown Rice Ramen with Vegetable Broth, and even various snack products, including such things as: Sweet & Savory Thai Arare Rice Crackers and Organic Matcha Mint Rice Delights (basically a Rice Krispie-type treat).

Healthy rice krispie treats


The story of Lotus Foods began when the founders first tasted an amazing black rice during their travels in China. It was called “tribute rice”, or “longevity rice” because it was reserved for Chinese Emperors to ensure their good health and long life.

In 1995, they began importing black rice, calling it Forbidden Rice® after the Forbidden City, the Chinese Imperial palace. Little did they know that eventually they’d find themselves trying to change how the world grows rice! Lotus Foods has since built strong partnerships around the world to bring you the highest quality heirloom, organic rice, rice noodles and rice snacks. All while promoting organic agriculture, rice biodiversity and supporting producers.

Healthy rice products

Fastforward to 2016 and Lotus Foods is now a fully certified B Corp (or Benefit Corporation). B corporations are legally obligated to consider the impact of their decisions on their employees, suppliers, community, consumers, and environment.  It’s their conviction that they can change the world for the better by how they conduct their business.


What starts out looking like a blade of grass, is not only one of the most modest little grains, it’s also one of the most important! Providing half the world’s population [over 3.5 billion people!] with 60-70% of their daily calories, rice is also the main source of livelihood for over 2 billion people living in low-income countries.

  • Unfortunately however, rice production takes a toll on humans and the environment.
  • Annually it consumes one-quarter to one-third of our planet’s annual renewable fresh water.
  • Hundreds of millions of women must do back-breaking, repetitive tasks in unhygienic conditions of standing water.
  • Flooded rice fields contribute to global warming by emitting methane gas, which is approximately 30X more potent as a heat trapping gas than CO2.

Because of this, Lotus Foods supports More Crop Per Drop™ – a smart agricultural practice that protects and restores natural resources, improves incomes and quality of life for farmers, especially women, and reduces climate impact. Promoted by development agencies such as Oxfam, Africare and WWF, this process does not require specialized seeds, chemicals or inputs. All it requires is a willingness to cultivate rice in a different way, to optimize the plants’ growing conditions.

The benefits of More Crop Per Drop™ include:

  • Less work and disease risk for women due to fewer and lighter seedlings to manage, upright weeding, and no work in standing water.
  • More water available for other crops, ecosystems and communities.

Many of Lotus Foods are also Organic, and do not contain any artificial colors, sweeteners or flavors. Made with the consumer in mind, you can truly trust that you are getting great quality products when you shop with Lotus Foods.

*Although I wouldn’t recommend rice as a child’s first foods (as was once prescribed by all pediatricians), since it lacks nutrients that other foods such as veggies, and oatmeal do, for example, it is definitely a great alternative to many of the high-starch and/or gluten containing foods and is a great addition to a toddler’s diet.


You can purchase Lotus Foods directly from their website, from Vitacost (where you will receive $10 off your first order), or at select retailers nationwide.

You can also receive FREE Shipping on orders over $59 and 10% Off** Heirloom Forbidden Rice® and Organic Forbidden Rice® with Code: CNY2018

**For a limited time.


What started out as an importer of Forbidden Rice, Lotus Foods has grown into a company that not only provides tons of delicious rice-based products for practically every meal, they also care about their farmers and consumers, making sure that all of their processes are done in the most humane and environmentally conscious way as possible.

From unique heirloom rice varieties to rice-based noodles, soups, crunchy snacks and even treats, Lotus Foods truly has helped give consumers a whole new perspective on what eating rice is all about. No longer just a boring side dish, rice truly can be the star!

Looking for healthier foods to add to you dinner rotation, or just want a yummy and tasty snack? Then you should check out the products from Lotus Foods because it’s those small steps that make healthy living a lifestyle – so why not take one today?!

For more information about Lotus Foods, please visit their website and check them out on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and YouTube.

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