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LIVE Kombucha Soda: Traditional Soda Has Truly Met Its Match

LIVE Kombucha Soda: Traditional Soda Has Truly Met Its Match


I’ll be the first to admit that Kombucha is an “acquired taste”. Often compared to a sweetened vinegar, it’s not a drink that the majority of consumers are going to choose to sip on.

The palatability of Kombucha has definitely developed over the years though, and not all Kombucha beverages are created equal. With that being said, trying to convince someone that they should switch out their favorite soda for a healthy Kombucha drink probably isn’t going to go over very well.

That is until they’ve tried LIVE Kombucha Soda. Take it from a former soda-addict, and someone who now pretty much only drinks water, LIVE is sure to have you start craving a whole new genre of refreshments. 

THE PRODUCT: Kombucha is a sparkling probiotic tea, fermented for a length of time to produce a slightly sweet and somewhat bitter fizzy tonic. A living drink (thanks to the SCOBY – Symbiotic Colony of Bacteria and Yeast), Kombucha is considered a detoxifier (i.e., it helps clean you out).

LIVE Kombucha Soda takes the traditional kombucha and puts a whole new spin on it. With a taste reminiscent of your favorite childhood sodas but with all of the health benefits of kombucha, LIVE is a brand that helps make healthy living attainable to all.

Unlike many of the other kombuchas on the market that are an 'acquired taste' - and are diluted with anywhere from 5% to 40% fruit juice to make them palatable - LIVE Soda Kombucha is 99% raw, Organic kombucha and tastes like the popular brands of soda you grew up with.

LIVE Kombucha Soda is brewed with Organic Fair Trade Certified™ tea using Organic Fair Trade Certified™ Evaporated Cane Juice to feed the kombucha SCOBY (aka, the culture that makes kombucha a living drink). Once the fermentation process is complete, LIVE Kombucha is sweetened with organic stevia, a naturally calorie-free herbal sweetener, and flavored with blends of natural flavors created by their founder and flavor chemist, Trevor Ross, to produce the delightfully familiar taste of your favorite sodas.

With 6 delicious flavors ranging from Dreamy Orange to Pure Doctor, there is no doubt that there will be a choice that you will fall in love with, or become reacquainted with from your former soda-drinking days. 

NUTRITION-WISE: The original Kombucha has ancient Asian origins dating back 2000+ years. Recognized worldwide for its detoxifying, energizing, immune-enhancing, digestion-regulating properties, Kombucha is a live beverage made from a living blend of healthy bacteria and beneficial yeast called a SCOBY. (Kombucha is to tea as yogurt is to milk.) Filled with billions of probiotics that travel down to your digestive tract, they help keep your stomach clean and boost your immune system by promoting the health of your gut. 

Kombucha also contains tons of other balancing elements necessary for well-being, including: enzymes which help you break down sugars and process nutrients,



B-vitamins your body needs for energy, healing, and brain function, electrolytes that aid hydration, and antioxidants that reduce cell oxidation (i.e., slow down the aging process and prevent proliferation of foreign invaders like cancer cells).

This detoxifying beverage also contains a number of different organic acids, including lactic acid, which is essential for healthy digestive and liver function; malic acid, which is helpful for liver detoxification; butyric acid, which guards and protects the lining of your stomach; amino acid, the building block of muscular tissue; as well as others.

Now compare LIVE Kombucha Soda to your regular can of soda and you’ll see how much better this beverage is for you (all while tasting extremely similar!).


  • A 12 oz. can of regular soda contains 140-165 calories and 39g of sugar.
    • Study after study links soda consumption to obesity, diabetes, stroke, tooth decay, and osteoporosis. 
    • And diet sodas, with all of their artificial flavors and colorings are possibly even worse! (Read all about The Hidden Chemicals of Diet Sodas, here.)
  • A 12 oz. bottle of LIVE Soda contains only 60 calories and 14g of sugar.
  • LIVE Soda is raw kombucha which aids digestion, detoxifies the liver with organic acids & enzymes, energizes the body with organic B-vitamins and antioxidants, and realigns your digestive system with live probiotics.
  • If you replace just one regular soda with LIVE Soda every day for a year, you'll save around 30,000 calories and 6,600g of sugar!
  • LIVE Soda contains more probiotic bacteria than the vast majority of kombuchas on the market today.
  • LIVE probiotic organism content:
    • Lactobacillus spp: 3.5 billion 
    • Saccharomyces boulardii: 3.3 billion


WHERE TO BUY: To find the retail location that sells LIVE Kombucha Soda nearest you please visit their Store Locator.

FINAL THOUGHTS: Besides water, there really isn’t a drink that I want to drink every day – besides coffee or my morning cup of tea, but those are beside the point. Generally speaking, I’m not one to ‘drink my calories’ throughout the day, and I won’t drink other artificially flavored beverages either, at least since I learned how bad my habitual diet-soda drinking (read article here) was for me!

That is until I discovered Kombucha and all of the health benefits that this drink has to offer. Relatively low in calories and great for my digestive tract (which is of utmost importance!), Kombucha is a natural way for me to boost my energy – and my mood – without filling up on unneeded sugars and calories. However, I will admit that Kombucha was definitely an acquired taste for me and probably wouldn’t be my first choice in beverages if all were created equal.

…and then I tried LIVE Kombucha Soda. I was instantly taken back to my childhood years where I would sit out by my grandma’s pool and sip on my “1 soda a day” – and I was hooked.

With less sugar, and calories, than many of the other kombucha brands, and with even more probiotics, not to mention the fact that its Organic, there really isn’t a bad thing to say about LIVE – except that I can’t seem to get enough of it!

Try LIVE Kombucha Soda today and discover for yourself what all the buzz is about!

To learn more about LIVE Kombucha Soda please visit their website and check them out on Facebook and Instagram.

And remember, Contact Healthy.Fit.Fab…Moms today to learn more about helping you and your family live a healthy, fit, and fabulous life!

*If you are a Mom-to-be or are breastfeeding, please do not start drinking Kombucha. There are a random few people who have been known to have a bad reaction to it, and therefore it is best to only drink it if you know you will not have any reactions. Furthermore, you do not want to drink large amounts of Kombucha as it is a Detoxifier. To learn more, please read our article about Drinking Kombucha While Pregnant or Breastfeeding.



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