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Lily’s Sweets: Chocolate that Tastes Way Too Good to be Sugar-free!

Lily’s Sweets: Chocolate that Tastes Way Too Good to be Sugar-free!


The moment something claims to be “sugar-free”, two thoughts generally come to mind: 1) tasteless, and/or 2) filled with artificial sweeteners, preservatives, etc. and therefore, extremely unhealthy. And while I will admit that there was a time that I thought anything “sugar-free” had to be better for you, I thankfully have learned that this is not the case.

However, the first time I tried Lily’s Sweets I had no idea they were sugar-free. I just thought they were really good chocolates. Having learned about them after the fact though, made me love them even more!

THE PRODUCT: Lily’s Sweets is a line of chocolate bars that are virtually sugar-free, and instead sweetened with the plant-based, calorie-free sweetener Stevia. Born out of the desire to create a premium, mouthwatering, healthier alternative to conventional chocolate treats, Cynthia Tice and her friend and fellow chocoholic Chuck Genuardi teamed up to create Lily’s Sweets in 2011.

Named after Chuck’s niece, Lily, an inspired – and inspiring — young lady and childhood brain cancer survivor, Lily’s Sweets is not only a healthy alternative to the traditional sugar-laden chocolate bars you find on store shelves, they also support a great cause!

Since being diagnosed at age 7, Lily has been raising money for other kids battling cancer. Cynthia and Chuck wanted to honor Lily’s bravery and commitment to aiding others by contributing a percentage of all profits to non-profit organizations that provide services to children with cancer and their families. As for Lily, she is now 13, has celebrated her 5-year anniversary of diagnosis and remains cancer-free and dedicated to helping others in need.

In addition to supporting children’s cancer causes, Lily’s Sweets is further committed to operating ethically and sustainably. Its bars and baking chips are made with a smooth blend of decadent chocolate that is certified Fair Trade, and only contains ingredients that are non-GMO. They are also certified gluten free, and take pride in using only the finest natural ingredients and sweeteners available today.

NUTRITION-WISE: Lily’s Sweets’ products offer 20-25% fewer calories than conventional chocolates (thanks to the Stevia used), but still contain 100% of the indulgence. Using only the finest all-natural and organic ingredients to create their unique products, all their ingredients are also non-GMO.

Lily’s chocolate bars are also considered vegetarian. However, because they use milk fat to make their chocolate creamy, as well as whole milk powder in their 40% Chocolate Bars with Milk, they are not vegan. Thankfully, all dairy products in Lily’s are rBGH Free, and their Baking Chips are considered vegan if you prefer to avoid dairy products altogether.

*Lily’s chocolate bars really are a great “sweet” alternative for adults and kids alike. With the taste, texture, and pure satisfaction that a chocolate bar will give – without all the sugar – Lily’s chocolate bars (and chips) are great for people of any age. However, I personally wouldn’t give these bars to my young toddler, purely because not all chocolates are “sugar-free” and I don’t want him to start “craving” chocolate bars. But, I will say that if he happened to sneak a piece some how, it wouldn’t be upsetting. There is milk [products] in all of Lily’s chocolate bars though, so please keep this in mind if your child is lactose-intolerant.

WHERE TO BUY: Lily’s Chocolates are conveniently available Online, or please visit their Store Locator to find the retail location nearest you.

FINAL THOUGHTS: Lily’s “Sugar-free” Chocolates are truly some of the most satisfying and delicious chocolate bars that I have had. Maybe this is because I know that they are virtually sugar-free – and I don’t like to eat things with a lot of added sugars – or maybe it’s because they really are that good. Either way, I definitely enjoy eating Lily’s Sweets and am so glad to find companies that not only take pride in making healthier alternatives for those who don’t always want to eat “healthy”, but who promote a good cause as well.

Try any or all of Lily’s Chocolate Bars today and see for yourself how delicious a “sugar-free” chocolate bar can be!

To learn more about Lily’s Sweets, please visit their website and check them out on Facebook.

And remember, Contact Healthy.Fit.Fab…Moms today to create a personalized plan so you and your family can live a healthy, fit, and fabulous life!



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