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Lesser Evil: Buddha Bowl Popcorn and Good Cookie Review

Lesser Evil: Buddha Bowl Popcorn and Good Cookie Review


Popcorn and cookies that taste good and are good for you (and your littles)!? Yes!!

Keep reading to find out more…

THE COMPANY: Starting back in 2005 as a concept for making iconic American snack foods better for you, LesserEvil truly took a holistic approach when new owners took the reigns in 2011. Then, in 2012, after realizing that what they were offering their customers didn’t quite fit their nutritious mindset, and that their co-packers didn’t want to embrace their new way of doing business, LesserEvil decided to start manufacturing their own products. This allowed the company to not only use better ingredients, but also to control the integrity of their products and provide local factory jobs.

Through all of these changes, LesserEvil was finally able to flourish. With a new and improved mantra that was all about what inspired customers, and their newfound belief in providing organic and natural choices that aren’t just about quality ingredients but that also offer real sustenance, LesserEvil has become what it is today.

THE PRODUCTS: At LesserEvil, they believe that every aspect of your life affects your well-being, including the food choices you make. This is why they provide nutritious snack options and encourage a healthy lifestyle, knowing that taking care of your physical health is an excellent first step to taking care of other areas of your life. This starts with being mindful of what you put in your body and getting the most out of the choices you make, and is why LesserEvil has come up with several lines of products to help consumers on their journey.

Buddha Bowl™ Popcorn:

Like in a Buddha Bowl, you will only find nutritious ingredients in this product. By using Organic popcorn, you can be sure it’s free of many of the chemical residues on conventional popping corn. Plus, they only use oils from coconut and avocado, which are cold pressed without heat or chemicals, keeping the essential nutrients intact. They then dust the kernals with Himalayan salt, which they believe is the purest form of salt available.

Moreover, new studies confirm that the crunchy hull in popcorn is packed with antioxidants similar to those found in fruits and vegetables. Combine that with the fiber and whole grains you already knew about, and popcorn really is a great healthy snack.

Good Cookie™:

Most people don't usually put the words "healthy" and "cookies" together, but at LesserEvil they do! Their nutritional cookies were created with your wellbeing in mind and include protein, fiber, probiotics and healthy fats, and are smartly sweetened with coconut sugar, helping to bring you a wholesome cookie that you can eat guilt free. Moreover, 2 [out of their 4] flavors are gluten-free, so those with gluten allergies can enjoy them too!


There isn’t a single product that LesserEvil produces that they don’t think has the best possible ingredients. To them, ingredients mean everything. Each ingredient used is carefully considered for your benefit and is non-GMO verified. And while not all of their products are Organic, because some ingredients are just not readily available or are overly cost prohibitive, they do make sure that every product is free from:

  • genetically modified ingredients
  • refined sugars
  • refined salt
  • antibiotics and or hormones
  • preservatives
  • artificial flavors or colors
  • hydrogenated oils,



  • contain only organic dairy (the eggs used in their cookies are also free range)
  • that all herbs have not been irradiated, and are Prop 65 Complaint and FDA GRAS


*LesserEvil popcorns and cookies are a great spin on traditional favorites and are good for kids and adults alike. However, do be aware that there are still sugars in some flavors of the Buddha Bowl Foods and Good Cookie products, although very minimal in comparison to what you would generally find in such foods.

Moreover, the majority of LesserEvil products are dairy-free, although their Good Cookies do contain eggs and two of their products do contain cheese: Buddha Bowl Foods Classic Cheddah Organic Popcorn and Super Bites Cheesy Nacho.

WHERE TO BUY: You can purchase LesserEvil foods directly from their website, onVitacost (where you get $10 off your first $30 purchase), or to find the retail location nearest you, please visit their Store Locator.

FINAL THOUGHTS: Healthy cookies? Good-for-you popcorn? Those aren’t usually words you see in the same phrase, nor are they generally meant to be enticing either. However, if you try the Buddha Bowl Popcorns and Good Cookies by LesserEvil, you’ll know they are on to something!

While I must admit that I’m not one to dig into bags of popcorn – because there are tons of other foods that are much more enticing to me – the Buddha Bowl Popcorn flavors really are delicious and a great light and healthy snack to help get you past your mid-afternoon cravings.

I was also pleasantly surprised when I tried LesserEvil’s Good Cookies – especially when I read the label! With a mere 7-9 grams of sugar per 3 cookie serving, as well as lots of healthy fats, fiber and protein, these “desserts” are perfect for kids and adults alike and have come to be a favorite of my 3 year old when he deserves a “special treat”.

Try any or all of LesserEvil’s Popcorn and Good Cookie flavors today and see for yourself how delicious [and nutritious] these “unhealthy” foods can be!

For more information about LesserEvil, please visit their website and check them out onFacebookInstagram and Twitter.

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