Kudo Banz Review: a Sticker Chart for Your Child’s Wrist to Help You Positively Parent

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Kudo Banz Review: a Sticker Chart for Your Child’s Wrist to Help You Positively Parent

Kudo Banz Review: a Sticker Chart for Your Child’s Wrist to Help You Positively Parent

Have you heard of the Positive Parenting Movement? Have you tried giving rewards to help motivate your kids, instead of punishments that are meant to minimize bad behavior? Well either way, Kudo Banz truly is making a difference in my kids’ lives and hopefully will in yours too!

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For Moms & Toddlers 3+*


Kudo Banz is a parenting game changer. It’s like a sticker chart but on a child’s wrist so it’s always there when parents need it! The idea behind Kudo Banz is to positively reinforce your child’s behavior, which has been shown to build kids’ confidence and create more trust, leading to more willingness to demonstrate that behavior.

So what is Kudo Banz exactly? Your child will start off with a silicone bracelet that has 3 indentations to slip-on the Kudo of their choice when they do a designated “task” to earn it. Once they get 3 Kudos, they get to spin the Wheel (that is in the free app you will download), and they will earn a reward. These can be chosen by you, but are preset to include such things as a dance party, playing dress-up, a board game and playing outdoors.

Once they spin the wheel, they get to move up the “game board” in the app. There is also a hardcover storybook that is included with the Kudo Banz Starter Pack, which helps explain [to your kids] what Kudo Banz are all about.

HOW TO USE KUDO BANZ (according to their website):


Kudo Banz makes it easy to set up a behavior plan with your child. The aforementioned storybook, “Adventures of Drago and George” explains how their Kudo Banz work in a fun way to help get them excited to start their own good listening adventure. In the back of the book there is a spot to set Kudo Banz goals together. This provides parents a natural (and kid appropriate) way to establish a plan.

Now that you have the plan, it’s time to create rewards for achieving that plan. Kudo Banz involves your child in that process too. That’s why they created a fully customizable reward wheel so your child can choose their own rewards. Parent and child set up the reward wheel together, choosing from their own ideas or from their library of suggestions.

Experts Say:

Kids thrive on understanding expectations and schedules. They are processing so much new information every day that any structure helps children feel safe and more in control.

Discussing together ahead of time what behaviors your child is working on and the specific rewards the child is working towards gives your little one a clear understanding of “the plan.” Involving them in creating that plan helps to keep them engaged and focused on it.


This is the genius of Kudo Banz. There is a physical reminder right there on kids' wrists to provide a continuous reminder of their plan. Whether they are sitting in the grocery cart at the store or at storytime at the library, they can look down at their band and have an easy reminder of their goal.

The 1, 2, 3 on their band also makes it easy for kids to track their progress and know how close they are to receiving a reward. This encourages them to stay on task no matter where they are. Kudo Banz are always there when they (and you) need it.

Experts Say:

To successfully change a behavior, children need an ongoing awareness of the plan and desired behaviors.

Our little ones are....let's face it, little. It isn’t reasonable for us to expect that their “behavior plan” will always be on the forefront of their minds. Even adults require reminders and awareness to stay on task. Like the common phrase, when things are “out of sight" they're also "out of mind,”. Even more so than adults, kids need concrete reminders to help stay focused and on task.

Immediate Recognition:

This is what makes Kudo Banz a game changer. Kids can receive both Kudo charms for their band and spin their reward wheel no matter where they are. No waiting to get home. The rewards are earned then and there.

Kudo Banz is a real-time tool for parents that positively recognizes and rewards good behavior when it occurs. This helps kids understand the cause and effect of good behavior, which leads to lasting behavior change.

Experts Say:

Imagine if your favorite US athlete wins Olympic gold, but instead of receiving the gold medal while the American flag rises and the National Anthem plays on the Olympic podium, the officials decide to mail the medal to the athlete several weeks later. Wouldn’t that take something away from their motivation? Wouldn’t it have made more sense to reward that athlete with an immediate celebration while the winning emotions and feelings were still prevalent?

In the same way, it’s no secret that the most effective way to reinforce good behavior is to recognize and reward that behavior as soon as it occurs.

All In A Postive Manner:

Kudo Banz is serious about keeping it positive. What your child earns they keep. If kids think their Kudos or wheel rewards can be taken away, they may lose trust and interest in Kudo Banz. The more we give positive attention to good behavior, the more likely the behavior will be repeated.?

TIP: Be specific with your positive praise too so kids are clear about what behaviors to repeat.

Experts Say:

Feedback and attention should stay focused on good behavior to encourage and motivate that behavior to be repeated. Furthermore, positive reinforcement builds kids’ confidence and creates more trust, leading to more willingness to demonstrate that behavior. Negativity does the opposite. By focusing on the undesirable behavior, it keeps that behavior in the forefront of the child’s mind.

“Simply put, giving attention to undesired behaviors increases undesired behaviors, while giving attention to good behaviors increases good behaviors,” says Dr. Alan Kazdin, a Yale University psychology professor and director of the Yale Parenting Center.


Kudo Banz Starter Set: $29.95 (everything you need for up to 2 kids)

Additional Kudo’s: $10.95 (comes with 6/each)

Additional Banz set: $12.95 (comes with 6 different colors)


Kudo Banz can be purchased directly from their Online Store.


Structure, awareness, immediate recognition. And all in a positive manner. That’s why Kudo Banz really works! It involves and engages kids so they know what is expected, can keep it in mind, and are timely rewarded for exhibiting good behavior. Psychologists and parenting experts agree that this approach is one of the most effective means of creating lasting change. And as a parent of two little ones, I couldn’t agree more!

My kids will literally completely change their “bad” behavior if I mention that they need to [listen, play together nicely, etc.] to earn a Kudos. My oldest (age, 4) will also remind my 2-year old that she needs to listen so she can spin the “wheel” and get a reward. [*As a side note here, Kudo Banz were developed for kids ages 3-10, but my daughter really enjoys playing along too, and the fact that her older brother gets to "play" and is there to help encourage her makes it easier for her to understand.]

Another plus is that the Banz are super cute and the Kudos come with multiple themed packs to choose from, whether that be Pirates, Princesses, Dinosaurs, etc. which also motivates them to behave since they like to choose their next piece of “jewelry” or “Kudos” (depending on if you are asking my daughter or son).

The fact that I get to positively reinforce my children’s good behavior and not have to constantly correct their bad – but again, redirect them towards the good – has made Kudo Banz such a positive experience for me as well! And the fact that it really works makes it even better!

Wondering how to positively parent your children in a way that will actually work?! Then check out Kudo Banz, because it’s those small steps that make healthy living (and parenting) a lifestyle, so why not take one today?!

For more information about Kudo Banz, please visit their website and check them out on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and YouTube.

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