Kohana Coffee Review: Seriously the Best Coffee. Cold-Brew and Roasted. EVER.

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Kohana Coffee Review: Seriously the Best Coffee. Cold-Brew and Roasted. EVER.

Kohana Coffee Review: Seriously the Best Coffee. Cold-Brew and Roasted. EVER.

I’ve done a lot of coffee reviews lately. Don’t ask me why, maybe the universe knows I’m ridiculously tired as of late?! Haha. To be perfectly honest though, I think I’ve found my favorite. Actually, I know I have!

Keep reading to learn more…

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Kohana Coffee is the producer of both single origin, blended, flavored, and decaffeinated coffees, as well as a whole line of “Real” Cold Brew. With their signature blend coming straight from the shores of Hawaii, they also sell coffees from other coffee growing regions all over the world.

So why is Kohana Coffee considered “the Real Cold Brew”? Kohana Coffee Concentrates are simple: Water + Coffee + Natural Flavor which is NEVER heated in the process. They are the exception to the rule since other brands are heated and refrigerated, which is not real cold brew – and is why Kohana Coffee is sooo good! Most of Kohana Cold Brew is made with an Organic/Fair trade, single origin coffee and comes in a variety of flavors including Original, Organic French Roast Cold Brew, Organic French Vanilla Cold Brew and Organic Toasted Coconut Cold Brew – personally my fave! They do have several non-Organic varieties as well.

In regards to Kohana’s Roasted Coffees, they are available as single origin, blended, flavored, and/or decaffeinated coffees. Their Single origin offerings are: Organic/Fair Trade Honduran Las Capucas, Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Misty Valley, Kohana Panama Boquete, Brazil Santa Rita and Antigua Bella Carmona. Their blended coffees are: their signature Kohana Blend, Kohana Espresso, Rockin’ Like Austin, and North Shore Blend.  Their flavored coffee is the beautiful Island Cacao – my favorite roasted variety! And finally, their decaffeinated selection is their Swiss Water Processed Decaf Kohana Blend.

Kohana also offers Ready-To-Drink Coffee flavor options, which are available in Volcanic Black, Island Latte, Tahitian Vanilla and Salted Caramel. These flavors do contain milk, which is why I haven’t personally tried them, but they are all Certified Kosher for those who do.


One of the greatest qualities of Kohana Coffee is that it is not bitter like most coffees.

This is because Kohana does not use the high-heat, quick-roast methods conventional roasters use; methods that make coffee taste over-roasted and bitter. Instead, they carefully craft roast each bean to its optimum peak of performance; seeking out utmost taste and flavor characteristics inherent in that beans origin.

Their Cold Brewed coffee is also a step above the rest because Kohana takes their carefully roasted coffees and brews them with cold water to create delicious cold brewed coffee concentrates. The chemical process of cold brewing produces about 70% fewer acids than conventional hot brewed coffee – which makes it much softer on the stomach. The result produces a deeply rich, soft and flavorful coffee so you can create beautiful hot and cold coffee drinks at home.

And while not all Kohana Coffee is Organic, Fair Trade, or Shade Grown, Kohana sources and roasts the best beans from around the world. Whenever possible, they also purchase green coffee with these certifications, signifying sustainable practices that support organic agricultural, environmental protection, and fair compensation for coffee growers and workers. If they are not buying directly from the farmer, Kohana relies upon and trusts its additional coffee suppliers to follow along these principals.

*When I was pregnant with my first, I completely stayed away from coffee – which since my late teenage years was a daily obsession. This was fine because I could pretty much nap whenever I wanted (since I worked from home and didn’t have another child to chase around), and therefore didn’t mind the lack of caffeine. However, while pregnant with my daughter, this was a much different story. Granted, I did stick with decaf 95% of the time, just the scent of my morning brew helped to jostle me awake and into my day more efficiently.  

As most Medical Professionals say, I believe that 200mg or less of caffeine a day is completely safe for both pregnant and nursing moms, which is about 2 ½ cups of home-brewed coffee (depending on how big you consider a cup). Even while nursing, I “required” a cup of coffee every morning and have never noticed it having a negative effect on my children, nor have I heard of it affecting the other children that I send milk to on a regular basis. (More on that another time.)

With all that said, please consult your healthcare provider while pregnant or nursing and ask if drinking coffee is an OK choice for you. And remember, decaf can be a safer choice – just make sure it’s not chemically processed (ie, Organic).


What started out as a moped ride through the island of Oahu during a torrential squall, turned out to be the best thing to happen to the founder, Victoria Lynden, of Kohana Coffee. Struggling to motor through the sheets of rain and unable to see the road ahead, she finally had to pull off next to the beach in Haleiwa. She could smell coffee drifting through the raindrops.  Looking for shelter, she followed the aroma to a place labeled as “Coffee Gallery”.

Although the ceilings were literally falling in, her freezing body was so enticed by the smell of coffee she couldn’t help but order one. The porcelain cup warming her hands, Victoria was stunned how rich and smooth the coffee was.

After that first cup, she went back every single day to relive that flavor, eventually meeting John, the roaster. Bright and inspired, John had a Masters Degree from University of Texas and the two soon became fast friends. Victoria couldn’t help but want to learn how to roast in this island style way, and wanted to bring this luscious coffee to the new restaurant and grocery store she had opened back in Austin, Texas.

Eventually traveling to organic coffee farms all over the world, she began to work with the finest roasters and processors, artisans large and small, who roast integrity in every careful complex step. To the final rich cup.

Kohana Coffee now hosts beans from all over the world, although it will always be born of the Islands. Where the water, the sun, the soil and the sea combine to create a unique universe of sensation and life.  And though it is now sourced from around the world, that essence of the Islands is in every delicious cup.


You can purchase Kohana Coffee directly from their website, or to find the retail location nearest you, please visit their Store Locator.


  • Organic Cold Brew 16oz: $6.99
  • Organic Cold Brew 32oz: $11.99
  • Non-Organic Cold Brew 32oz: $9.89
  • Roasted Coffees 12oz: $12.75


Hawaii is my happy place. The warmth, the sun, the smell of salt water and blooming flowers – I love it all! I also love the whiff of coffee beans that you get when driving along random roads, where coffee trees line the perimeters and random coffee huts house loads of tourists and locals alike at any given hour.

This feeling of happiness is what I felt when I first drank Kohana’s Cold Brew Coffee. Not only was the strong, but sweet scent pleasantly irresistible, it also made my mouth happy, uncontrollably smiling from ear to ear. This same feeling came over me when I first smelled their Roasted Coffee Beans. I was instantly brought to a more peaceful place – even if it was only for a moment (I do have two young kids after all J).

Having literally tried coffees from all over the world – both in my own kitchen and abroad – I truly believe that Kohana Coffee is some of, if not the, best that I’ve ever tasted! Smooth and rich, all while being easy on the stomach, I can’t say enough good things about Kohana Coffee. I am so glad that we found each other!

Want to try the best tasting cold-brew, or hot coffee for that matter, that you’ve [most likely] ever had? Then you’ve got to try one or all of Kohana Coffee’s roasts and cold-brews today and see for yourself how good coffee from the islands (and Austin, TX) can be! Because it’s those small steps that make healthy living a lifestyle – so why not take one today!

For more information about Kohana Coffee, please visit their website and check them out on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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