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gimMe Review: Seaweed Snacks

gimMe Review: Seaweed Snacks

Taking Seaweed Snacks to a Whole New Umami Level

Growing up in Southern California, the sea is in my blood. From hanging out at the beach to being an integral part of my High School Surf Team, there’s no denying that I love all things sea related. Even sushi. In fact, it’s my go-to dinner of choice (when dining out), and is also the most requested food of my two children as well! However, living in Dallas now, I don’t get to the beach nearly as often as I’d like, and we all know that sushi can get really expensive quite quickly – especially when feeding a family of 4 – so getting that “sea” fix has to be found in other ways.

Step in gimMe Snacks: making seaweed snacks tasty and convenient!

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For Moms, Moms-To-Be and Toddlers 2 Years+


Seaweed is one of nature’s most healthy snacks, although most people think it’s just that smelly stuff that often covers the seashore. In fact, seaweed has the highest density of vitamins and minerals of any vegetable on the planet, as is often referred to as “sea lettuce” in other countries. And while kids and adults in Asian cultures have been eating their sea vegetables for centuries, enjoying its taste, texture, and many health benefits, most Americans think the only way to eat it is around their sushi rolls (aka, Nori).

However, seaweed – in particular, the roasted kind – is filled with a savory and mouthwatering taste all its own, known as umami. Considered to be the fifth basic taste, umami is what takes dishes to a whole new height, and is what makes roasted seaweed so delectable.

Now enter gimMe snacks: who has taken this to a brand new level with their lines of seaweed-based snacks that my kids just can’t seem to get enough of! Plus, they are all 100% Organic and non-GMO Verified, which makes me even happier!

Their snacks include:

  • Organic Roasted Seaweed Snacks: Crispy, yummy sheets of savory deliciousness, available in 4 flavors, including: Sea Salt, Toasted Sesame, Teriyaki and Wasabi.
  • Seaweed Thins: Thin layers of roasted seaweed, delicately brushed with sauce and stacked with either Almonds, Sesame Seeds or Coconut in between.
  • Organic Seaweed Chips: These chips are made up of Organic Brown Rice, Lentils, and Sesame Seeds, packed with pieces of Roasted Seaweed, then seasoned with a pinch of Sea Salt. They are also available in Sesame Teriyaki and Sriracha.
  • Organic Sushi Nori: This 100% Organic Sushi Nori is perfect for traditional sushi & other savory healthy wraps. They are also zero-calorie and zero-carb!

*GimMe Seaweed Snacks are great for kids and adults of all ages – as long as they have teeth enough to chew. Young toddlers can also enjoy these snacks, specifically the Roasted Seaweed Snacks, although I suggest tearing them in small pieces because they can get gummy if purely sucked on.


GimMe Seaweed Snacks are USDA Organic, Vegan, Kosher, Gluten-free and non-GMO Verified. Almost all of their products (except for Teriyaki) are Soy-free as well. They also contain protein, fiber and all the micronutrients you’ll find in “traditional” seaweed. In fact, seaweed offers the broadest range of minerals of any food on the planet, containing 10-20 times the mineral concentration of land plants. That’s why a serving can be only 25-100 calories and yet still packed with flavor and nutrients. Seaweed is also an excellent source of Iodine and Vitamin K, and a very good source of Folate, Magnesium, Iron, and Calcium. Seaweed even contains measurable amounts of Vitamins C and E, which help the absorption of all the other good stuff.


GimMe Health Foods is owned and operated by Annie Chun and her husband Steve Broad. They are both food lovers, parents, experienced entrepreneurs, and roasted seaweed fanatics.

Their family is multi-cultural just like their products. Annie was born and raised in Korea, home to the best seaweed on the planet. Steve grew up in Northern California where he learned early how much better food tastes when it’s all natural and grown fresh. Annie’s knowledge of authentic Korean culture and expertise in Asian cooking feeds the soul of their company. Steve’s business experience, sales, and management skills keep it running smoothly. They both share a real passion for creating healthy Asian foods that taste great, especially to kids. Together, they’ve founded gimMe to share their passion and love of roasted seaweed with you and your family.

After starting, growing, and ultimately selling their first natural food company—Annie Chun’s, one of the leading Asian food brands in the U.S., they were inspired to do it again. One evening, their family was sitting around the dinner table brainstorming when their teenage daughter Mia had a great idea: start a company that sells the best possible roasted seaweed in delicious new flavors. They all love roasted seaweed and have been eating this healthy Asian snack for years – and so decided why not?!

They called it gimMe, also Mia’s idea, because gim means seaweed in Korean—and because it tastes so good, everyone wants more.


GimMe foods are available on their Online Store, or check out their Store Locator to find the location that sells them nearest you.


I’ve come to be a huge fan of seaweed – as have my kids! And it’s not just because it reminds me of sushi, although that’s great too! Roasted Seaweed is a simple and delicious snack that is not only super healthy to eat, it’s really convenient! Naturally filled with lots of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, the products by gimMe are definitely some of (if not the) best I’ve tried!

With multiple flavors and varieties to choose from, my kids love gimMe’s products just as much as I do – which makes me a very happy Momma! J

Looking for a healthy and more cost-efficient way to get your seaweed fix in? Then you’ve got to try the products by gimMe. Because it’s those small steps that make healthy living a lifestyle – so why not take one today?!

For more information about gimMe, please visit their website and check them out on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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