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flapJacked Review: Protein and Fiber-Filled Pancakes

flapJacked Review: Protein and Fiber-Filled Pancakes

Pancakes aren’t necessarily a food that you look at and think “healthy”. That is until you’ve been introduced to flapJacked – protein-packed and fiber-rich products that are made with only the highest quality ingredients to help provide our body with the essentials to stay healthy and feel great.

For Moms, Moms-to-be and Toddlers 2-Years+*


FlapJacked foods were created to balance and fuel your body while helping to control hunger. Protein-packed and fiber-rich, whether you love Pancakes, Muffins, Cookies or Smoothies, flapJacked is sure to help fuel your body with the essentials it needs to stay healthy and feel great.

Made with whole grain oats and coconut flour, and fortified with whey protein isolate and pea protein, flapJacked foods are sweetened with real fruit and then contain veggies for added vitamins and minerals. You can also be sure that flapJacked protein-packed products are only made with pure ingredients and don’t contain any preservatives, artificial colors or flavorings.

Here is more about each of their product lines:

FlapJacked Protein Pancakes & Baking Mixes: made with quality ingredients such as whole oats and coconut flour and fortified with whey protein isolate and pea protein for a complete meal that fuels your body and keeps you feeling full. Naturally sweetened with fruits and veggies, each mix is bursting with flavor while boasting 20 grams of protein and just 200 calories per serving. Simply add water to make protein pancakes or use as a flour replacement in your favorite recipes. Great for making protein waffles, protein cookies and more!

FlapJacked Mighty Muffins: a delicious, Certified Gluten-free, protein-packed and high-fiber muffin developed with scrumptious flavor, balanced nutrition and convenience in mind. Bursting with pockets of flavor in every bite, Mighty Muffins pack 20 grams of protein and 200-240 calories in each serving (1 container). They’ve even added the benefit of the patented probiotic GanedenBC30 to help you support Immune Health as part of a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle. Simply add water, microwave for about 35 seconds and you have a delicious meal or snack on the go.

FlapJacked Protein Cookie & Baking Mixes: a delicious, nutritionally balanced alternative to traditional cookie mixes. Made with non-GMO, gluten-free and artificial-free ingredients, these delectable cookies taste like a homemade treat. Each power-packed serving (2 cookies) contains 10 grams of protein to keep you feeling fuller longer, but with less carbs than traditional cookies. Find them in Chocolate Chip, Double Chocolate and Oatmeal flavors.

FlapJacked Protein Smoothie Mix with Greek Yogurt: a delicious, portable and protein-packed alternative to the traditional breakfast shake. Made with real Greek Yogurt and fortified with a healthy dose of flax and probiotics, this power-packed instant breakfast drink won't disappoint your taste buds or your body. Each serving provides 20 grams of protein, 860mg of Omega-3s and 20% DV of calcium in just 160 calories. And the best part? No blender needed for this Greek Yogurt smoothie. Just add milk, shake it up, and enjoy a rich taste and creamy texture the whole family will love! FlapJacked Protein Smoothie Mixes are available in Vanilla Bean, Milk Chocolate and Strawberry Banana.


Jennifer and David Bacon founded flapJacked based on the premise that healthy meals should not only fuel our bodies but also taste great. As an active family, they always made it a priority to watch what they ate and to take care of themselves. However, eating nutritious foods had often become a struggle due to the fact that Jace, one of their sons, had autism and getting him to eat at all was frequently a fight.

This constant struggle with Jace encouraged them to change the eating habits of their entire family. Because they loved pancakes and couldn't find a healthy, protein-packed pancake mix on the market that they were happy with, they decided to create one themselves. The result: a healthy, easy to prepare (just add water!) pancake mix that's perfect for active people with busy lifestyles, just like theirs.


Protein-packed and fiber-filled, all of flapJacked products are made with pure ingredients and don’t contain any preservatives, artificial colors or flavorings. Furthermore, all of their products are non-GMO, and their Mighty Muffins and Protein Cookies are Certified Gluten-free.

However, all of flapJacked products do contain dairy, so if you are lactose intolerant you will need to avoid them. Personally, I’m hoping that they eventually come out with a non-dairy line because I would love to be able to try them myself since all of my other testers couldn’t stop raving about how yummy they were!

I also want to mention that some of their products do contain quite a bit of added sugars, which I’m not a huge fan of either. The Cookies, in particular, contain around 19 grams of sugars, which is comparable to your typical “unhealthy” lines. The Smoothies also contain around 14 grams of added sugars, which is still much more than I would like to consume in 1-serving.

*FlapJacked foods do contain dairy, and for this reason, I don’t recommend them for children under 2-years old. While I’m aware that many people give young toddlers dairy products, I also know that dairy-intolerance is a very common (and often undiagnosed) allergen, and prefer not to give it to young children who’s digestive systems are still developing, and therefore more sensitive, than those that are older. With that said, these products are WAY better than your traditional pancake mix, so please use at your own discretion.

WHERE TO BUY: You can purchase flapJacked products directly from their Online Store, at (where you can receive $5 off your first order), or to find the retail location nearest you, please visit their Store Locator.


I’ve always been a huge fan of breakfast foods and will often serve them for various meals throughout the day. However, all breakfast foods are not created equal, especially the ones that are the most convenient. Thankfully, flapJacked is working to change all that by creating Pancake and Baking Mixes, Muffins, Cookies and Smoothies that are all protein-packed and filled with fiber.

And while all of their products do contain dairy – which my children and I do not eat – and some of their foods do contain gluten, they also have products that are gluten-free, and all are non-GMO, as well as preservative, artificial coloring and flavoring free. Furthermore, all of flapJacked foods are filled with protein and fiber, and are [apparently] super yummy!!

So, if you are looking for a quick and healthier alternative to your typical pancake mixes, muffins, cookies and/or smoothies, than it’s definitely worth giving flapJacked a try!

Because, it’s those small steps that make healthy eating a lifestyle, so why not take one today?!

For more information about flapJacked foods please visit their website and check them out on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter.

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