Elementa Silver Review: Using Nano Silver to Keep Your Mouth Clean and Healthy

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Elementa Silver Review: Using Nano Silver to Keep Your Mouth Clean and Healthy

Elementa Silver Review: Using Nano Silver to Keep Your Mouth Clean and Healthy

Having a clean and healthy smile is one of the easiest ways to help boost confidence. So why do so many of us take it for granted?! Now, with Elementa Silver, a healthier mouth is just a quick rinse away!

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For Moms, Moms-to-be and Kids 4 Years+


Elementa Silver is a mouth rinse unlike any other. Dentist formulated with Nano Silver to help kill the germs at their source, this plant-based mouth solution also helps to neutralize oral acid, kill bad breath, soothe dry mouth, and whiten teeth. Furthermore, it is antibacterial, non-toxic, non-burning, fluoride free, and alcohol-free.

Available in 4 delicious flavors including, Cinnamon Clove, Cool Peppermint, Honey Sweet, and Wintermint, Elementa Silver will help your mouth feel clean and tastebuds fresh in an easy swish, rinse, and go!


So how is Elementa Silver different and why is Nano Silver so great?

When it comes to protecting your mouth, it’s critical to use products with an anti-bacterial ingredient that kills the germs causing all of your oral issues. Traditional products use antiseptics like alcohol that burn, kill surface level germs, raise oral acidity, and unfortunately don’t have a big effect where it counts, your plaque. The plaque is a tightly knit community of germs that coat your teeth and prevent crucial remineralizing ingredients, like calcium, from being absorbed into your teeth. But nano silver is different! It actually opens holes in your plaque to neutralize oral acid and deliver calcium and Xylitol directly to your tooth’s surface.

More about Nano Silver:

Most people have heard of colloidal silver, mainly as the drink that their grandma swears by. However, Nano Silver is so unique because it’s made with nanoparticle plant compounds that are a consistent, much smaller size than traditional colloidal products.

The size of most “colloidal” products usually vary drastically in their particle makeup because of the old, archaic, and non-biocompatible ways that they’re created. One of these dated methods includes putting silver wire in fluid and pumping electricity through it, forcing inconsistently sized particles to break off into the solution. When varied sized particles coexist in a single solution it provides inconsistent and lackluster results, which is why it’s important to not confuse “Colloidal Silver” with Nano Silver.

Moreover, there are a surprising number of products that claim to have Nano Silver in them. Some are blue others can also be gray in color but the color you need to look for is… gold? Yes, gold. True Nano Silver absorbs light (specifically blue light) in the range of 400-420 nanometers. This is why they appear yellow-orange or honey gold in color. If you see a solution that does not look like this, it is most likely ionic silver or silver which is so small that it no longer reflects light in this range. In order for a Nano Silver solution to be effective, it has to be the right size, so in the case of mouthwash, color does matter.


“Every single day we as dentists assist multiple patients who, despite their best efforts, cannot brush, floss and rinse enough to prevent their chronic cavities. This was hard for us because we legitimately want to help our patients but when there is nothing on the market that will help their problems, it’s defeating. Out of frustration, we came together as a team to create an actual solution to oral issues not being addressed at all by current products on the market (low pH levels, unhealthy biofilm, hard to kill bacteria).

“Our search for a change began in cutting-edge nanotechnology that has proven to be extremely effective in many other medical fields and what we discovered has changed the entire landscape of preventative oral products. Using nanoparticles of silver (a natural antibacterial that’s been used for centuries) in oral products drastically increases a solutions ability to deliver crucial ingredients like calcium and Xylitol to the tooth. On top of that, a carefully designed nano silver solution also has the unique ability to neutralize oral acids and reset the biofilm (plaque) environment in a healthy way. As a result of these findings, we founded Elementa, Revolutionary Oral Care, to share our breakthrough with the world.

“We live in a time where our modern diets are making it nearly impossible for traditional dental breakthroughs like fluoride to keep our oral health strong. This is why over 92% of American adults suffer from some kind of tooth decay. Now is the time to make the change in what you’re putting in your mouth to something that actually works.


Team Elementa”


You can purchase Elementa Silver directly from their Online Store, or at Select Stores worldwide.


Who doesn’t want a clean mouth? From minty-fresh breath to white sparkling teeth, our smile is the gateway to our personality and making a great first impression often happens here. But with our diets, our busy schedules, and whatever other excuses we may have, taking care of our teeth isn’t always a priority and will often leave our teeth looking anything but lovely.

So that’s where Elementa Silver steps in! Yes, you still need to brush and floss, but who would have thought that just a simple rinse of a product could actually help whiten teeth, kill plaque, and strengthen enamel?! Great for kids and adults alike, as long as it’s not swallowed, your whole family can benefit from this product. Plus, there are 4 delicious flavors to choose from, so you can find the one that truly suits your tastes and gives you that pretty oh-so-clean smile!

Looking for a way to keep your family’s mouths cleaner and healthier?! Then look no further than Elementa Silver! Because it’s those small steps that make healthy living a lifestyle – so why not take one today?!

For more information about Elementa Silver, please visit their website and check them out on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest today!

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