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Diane’s Sweet Heat Review: Jam that is Sweet, Spicy and Oh-So Delicious

Diane’s Sweet Heat Review: Jam that is Sweet, Spicy and Oh-So Delicious

A little sweet, a little spicy: two of my favorite flavors wrapped into one delicious treat! Whether you want savory or sweet, this jam fits the bill!

For Moms and Moms-to-be*


Diane’s Sweet Heat is “jam with attitude”. Made with fresh fruits, spices, pure cane sugar and a little bit of habanero peppers, you’ll be surprised at how many uses you can find for this jam!

Great for gift ideas or party platters, to spice up appetizers or snacks, or to spread on bread or slather on veggies or fish tacos, you truly can use Diane’s Sweet Heat on anything; even ice cream!

Available in Blackberry, Mango, Peach and Raspberry, Diane’s Sweet Heat even comes in adorable little containers so you don’t have to worry about choosing just one flavor – you can easily have them all!


The idea of Diane’s Sweet Heat started over 20 years ago when Diane and her best friend, Betsy, didn’t have much money to spend on holiday gifts but wanted to do something special for friends and family. They found a recipe for jalapeño jelly and decided to make it their gift. It was different, interesting and their friends loved it!

Each year they modified the recipe, using a variety of peppers and fruits, and each year they received more and more compliments and enthusiasm. It became something recipients looked forward to receiving. Then, when Diane’s daughter married, she decided to thank all the guests with small jars of fruit habanero jam. After receiving such positive response, Diane and Betsy decided to take the next step and market their delicious treat. So, in the Spring of 2007, Diane’s Sweet Heat was born.


Made in small quantities in order to control quality, integrity and flavor, Diane’s Sweet Heat is free from artificial flavors and colors, and is only made with all-natural ingredients.

Coming in at 30 calories, there are no fats in these jams, although there is 7 grams of sugar in each 1-tablespoon serving. For this reason, I’d be cautious of putting tons on my foods, but you’ll soon realize that a little goes a long way – which is great for both your budget and your waistline J.

*Yes, this jam is a bit spicy, but it’s not overwhelmingly hot. However, some kids are very sensitive to heat, so I’d be cautious in giving this to my children. With that said, my two-year old loves spicy, so I’ll let her have some when I mix it in with vegetables and she loves it!


You can purchase Diane’s Sweet Heat directly from their Online Store, or at major retailers & independent health stores nationwide. Check out their Store Locator to find the location nearest you.


The combination of sweet and spicy has always been one of my favorite go-to’s when sprucing up a recipe or trying to impress family or guests. There’s just something about that satisfying sweet followed by a warming heat that makes an ordinary dish really stand out as something great.

And those from Diane’s Sweet Heat obviously feel the same way as they have made it their business to spruce up dishes with their sweet and spicy jams! Available in multiple flavors and great on appetizers and entrees alike, Diane’s Sweet Heat jams taste good in and on pretty much everything!

Don’t believe me? Then try them for yourself!

Because, it’s those small steps that make healthy eating a lifestyle, so why not take one today?!

For more information about Diane’s Sweet Heat, please visit their website and check them out on Facebook and Instagram.

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